Mizuki Nana 1st Overseas concert

First… Yes, I’m alive. ^^;; I thought things would lighten up for me by now, but if anything, it might be getting worse instead. But anyway, after reading about a certain piece of news, I felt like I should at least make a post.

I actually found out about this through ANN and immediately loaded up the latest Smile-Gang 589 in hopes to get some more additional info.

 photo MN_1st_overseas_tour.jpg

^Yes, I’m referring to the announcement of Nana-san holding her first-ever overseas (2 day) concert in Taiwan on November 23 and 24.

As expected, the reference to the news was made at the end of this week’s Smile-Gang broadcast.
There was less excitement than I expected when they announced it on Smile-Gang, but maybe it’s because much of the planning has not yet even begun.

But anyway… Congratulations Nana-san! 😀


5 comments on “Mizuki Nana 1st Overseas concert

    • Try to catch her on the streets. You know how much she loves going on trips. 😉 Even though she’s already been there, I think it’s likely she’ll go there again.

      • She’s already been to the UK?!
        I wonder if it had anything to do with the London olympics.
        I swear I heard something during the opus II MC’s but I just can’t translate anything argh!

        • She’s been to the UK for Ultimate Diamond jacket/photo shoot and personal leisure. 😉
          Can’t remember if she mentioned anything in opus II, will have to wait until I have time to re-watch the blu-ray to verify what she might have said.

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