Blog Announcement + Mishi-P interview coverage

Before anyone declares me MIA — I’m still around. ^^;;

I do have an announcement to make. Due to increasing RL demands, I need to put Smile-Gang on break for at least the next 2 months. I feel a need to announce this because the poll from way back indicates most of you come here for that. I haven’t had time to actually sit down for 20 something minutes to listen to the radio show, never mind write about it. On that note… Anyone know of any good android nicodouga app (if it exists at all) that makes listening on the phone easier?

But this blog remains active. I’ll be selectively translating/covering what I find to be interesting. 😉 And the radio interview with Mishi-P below is one of those that I found interesting.

Because as someone who grew up listening to anime songs, I thought this was relevant. “What is the future of anisongs?” The conversation switches to be about Mizuki Nana halfway through.

We start off with Mishima Akio (Producer at King Records) — hereby nicknamed Mishi-P — stating his thoughts on the world of anisong.

He mentions that good series come out every year. Anime is something that gets carried over generations, along with its songs. Yet, there hasn’t been many in the recent decade that has been able to do that.

Note: If you can’t completely catch what Mishi-P is trying to get at here… Think Kageyama Hironobu’s “Cha-la-Head Cha-la” or Matsumoto Rica’s “Pokemon Getto da ze!” or Takahashi Yoko’s “Zankoku no tenshi no Thesis“… These are songs you recognize despite the age of the anime (of course, the list goes on… like Kitadani Hiroshi’s “We Are!“, H2O’s “Omoide ga ippai“, etc.. just to name a few).

Now, regarding “big” stars like Mizuki Nana who, at the moment, has no equal… Mishi-P points out that she’s a very normal girl. She is able to take what’s been prepared and turn it into her own. That’s what all “stars” do.

However, what sets her apart is her live concerts. The power and energy when she sings and interacts with the crowd surpasses his wildest imagination.

There’s something about her live performances that leaves an impression. Mishi-P suggests that it is perhaps there can be no lies. Unlike being in a studio and doing a recording, there are no equipment to adjust for anything. As everyone else says, Nana seems almost possessed during the live performance. It’s almost scary.

I think all Nana fans have come to understand this fact. Haha.

Here’s the difficult question for Mishi-P… Does he think there will be someone who will surpass her?
Mishi-P doesn’t want to say “no” but he really doesn’t know. Maybe in 10 years? No one knows what’ll happen 10 years later after all.

Next question for him is what kind of new anime song will have an impact?

Mishi-P answers that there’s already an pre-set idea of what an anime song is supposed to be like. They take what they believe will be accepted by the audience and create it — for Nana’s songs though… regardless of what she sings, there will always be that “distinctly Mizuki Nana” feel to it.

Mishi-P isn’t sure if fans truly understand the fact that, whenever Nana tries new things, she is actually creating something new. She throws herself in a completely new world to bring that “worldview” to those who hear it.

After the interview, the hosts speak about the part where Mishi-P said “there’s already an pre-set idea of what an anime song is supposed to be like.” They’re not quite sure how to interpret that but admits that, if there’s someone who is setting something like a standard, then it’s Mizuki. And the one who set her on this path is Mishi-P.


At the very end, the hosts speak about what kind of person Mishi-P is. He’s the type of person who thinks from all perspective. When he received news that Mizuki Nana was invited to NHK Kouhaku for the first time, he had actually hesitated. It may seem weird, any producer should be jumping for joy that his/her artist made it to the biggest stage in the nation, but Mishi-P really gave thought to the consequences of letting her go there.

It’ll be a life changing and industry changing occurrence.

The following is just my own thoughts, but if there’s any of you who would wonder why Mishi-P would hesitate, never forget there are always two sides of a coin. It might seem like a no-brainer decision. Of course let her go! It’s her dream and it shows how far she has come.

But such a big occurrence is rarely all positive. Not everyone will react positively. And I’m sure not everyone did.

Anyway, the point here is that Mishi-P looks at everything from all angles before making a decision. He always has the best interests in mind — both for the artist and for the fans.


2 comments on “Blog Announcement + Mishi-P interview coverage

  1. Very interesting read 🙂 I always like it when people try to analyze Nana’s popularity.

    I do think that someone will be able to surpass her someday just like how she surpassed her predecessors. It’s just that she set the bar waaaay toooo high. Not sure if it’s going to be easier to the future anisons after that but definitely she (and many others) opened doors for general audience to somehow accept anime music.

    And definitely Nana’s greatest strength is her live concerts. I probably wouldn’t be hooked like this if it weren’t for her lives. She definitely can hold her own in her lives and it’s really impressive how she can move that massive crowd alone. Well, there’s also her Cherry boys and Team Yoda to thank for.

    LOL yeah, possessed is the right word to describe her on stage. I had the impression that she’s arrogant, rowdy etc. I dunno why. So I was horrified when I first listened to her in Smile Gang (because of this blog!^^), and found out that she’s normal. I was half expecting she’s gonna go hai! hai! for some reason lol^^;;;

    Rare to hear something about Mishi-P, the person behind Nana’s success. He sure knows how to handle his talents well. Nana is truly lucky to have him. Well, for someone to surpass her, that person should definitely need someone like Mishi-P to support him/her. ^^

    PS. Sorry for this incoherent rambling lol^^;;

    • I agree that, one day, there will be someone to surpass her. But it took time for Nana to get where she is now and whoever it is will certainly NOT be an overnight success.

      Somehow, I started laughing when you said you were “horrified” when you first listened to her on Smile-Gang. LOL.
      But as you said, Nana is a very normal person… Someone who the general public can relate to. And to be honest, it is her down-to-earth and never-give-up attitude that truly brought me in and made me stay as a fan.

      About Mishi-P… Yes, he definitely does know how to handle his talents. It’s not just Nana. While Tamura Yukari and Miyano Mamoru might not be as “big” of a “star” as Nana current is, their success is quite high too.

      PS. No need to apologize. I like to read these type of ramblings. Lol.

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