Smile-Gang 570

Just so I don’t go weeks without a post again… I’ve done a brief coverage on Smile-Gang 570. I say ‘brief’ because I didn’t go into much details (due to my own time constraints).
And…uh… I admit that Kajiura Yuki and FictionJunction has held me captive lately (and I guess by extension Kalafina as well, but not quite as much). XDD;;

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第570回

Smile-Gang 570 starts off with the question of what is considered to be a theme for femininity. The reason for this is due to Hinamatsuri.
But anyway, Nana’s answer to that is: café.
The reason for this is because Nana thinks those who spend time reading a book at a café is very feminine. Except Misato doesn’t think so because she reads at a café often. Lol.

The next question was related to what kind of person Nana was as a child… as Misato only recalls the part where Nana ate an ant. XD;; Apparently Nana was a mature and tall child (the latter was previously revealed on another broadcast/program)… But she apparently shrunk along the way. LOL.

-Head Nanu corner-

Nana speaks about the rehearsal for Shachou Kouen. Compared to the last 2 times, it actually feels more like a stage act this time. Misato agrees to that point. Everyone is working hard (Nana especially — trying to memorize her lines before everyone else so she can focus on the actions). Then, because this is what it is, Sugita will obviously be involved. XD They’re not sure if they like dealing with Sugita because he doesn’t follow the script and makes them laugh. HAHA.

Yup, that sounds like Sugita all right. XD

-Don Channel-
Oh, if you’re wondering what in the world Misato was trying to do right before this channel, she was trying to do an imitation of Maruko-chan and her sister. ^^;; Nana made an attempt but stopped after one word. Hahaha.

Anyway, this week’s Don Channel is a competition between Mizuki Nana and Fukuen Misato competing for the title of “Most Feminine.”
At first, Nana didn’t seem to care until the following announcement:

The loser will accumulate one punishment point.

It’s a serious competition after that. XD
I’m not going to cover what they say, but do take a listen if have the time and you can determine who did a better job each time. I personally thought Nana should have won all 3 rounds but Misato deserves points for trying to be cute. Lol.

Anyway, match results are as follows…

First match winner: Mizuki Nana
Second match winner: Fukuen Misato
Third match winner: Mizuki Nana

Which means Nana wins!
That also means Misato accumulates one punishment point! The two of them are tied now! This makes things much more interesting even though there’s still a lot of time before December. >D


8 comments on “Smile-Gang 570

  1. What is Shachou Kouen? I’m still new to this stuff and I think I heard Iguchi Yuka talk about it on her radio. Something about Sugita adlibs and how funny he is.

    • ‘Shachou Kouen’ is referring to Nana’s stage act show (with enka involved). The cast is almost made up entirely of other voice actors/actresses. Sugita is in every show — and with him being him, he throws everyone into chaos with his outbursts and adlibs. And it’s obvious when he does things that are not part of the script (but fans enjoy it because it’s so much more hiliarious that way). XD

      Nana and Misato once mentioned how Sugita and Suzumura Kenichi dragged the first Shachou Kouen over time by half an hour to an hour because they kept doing impromptu acts. Lol.

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