Mizuki Nana & T.M. Revolution collaboration

Because this is news I cannot not be excited about…

 photo mizukinanaxtmrev.jpg

Yes, for those who haven’t already heard, Mizuki Nana and T.M. Revolution are going to perform “Preserved Roses” together — the opening theme for “Valvrave the Liberator” (official Japansese name translation is more closely translated as Revolution Machine Valvrave).

Below, I’ve translated the messages both Nana and Nishikawa Takanori left on the official home page as well as Nana’s blog post regarding this announcement.

 photo tmmessage.jpg

This is T.M. Revolution Nishikawa Takanori who will be in charge of the opening theme. With the “Kakumeiki (Revolution Machine)” being involved in the title, I thought “doing something that is revolutionary would fit with this series”, which is what led to this collaboration. I am very honoured to be able to have this opportunity with Mizuki-san, and I think we managed to create a song that reflects this series. Please look forward to it.

 photo mnmessage.jpg

This is Mizuki Nana who will be in charge of the opening theme with T.M. Revolution. This song is both hyper and cool that I’m filled with the desire to deliver it to everyone soon. I get excited just thinking about what kind of animation would go along with this song, and in order to raise the excitement for this series, I will do my best.

And here is Nana’s blog post regarding this news:

Original blog post found here.

Super hot!!

There was a big announcement made today…!
Together with T.M. Revolution, we will be in charge of the theme song for the TV anime Kakumeiki Valvrave that will be starting in April~ (≧ω≦)/
To think I’d get such an opportunity!!
I was truly surprised yet very happy!!
The truth is that the recording took place 5 days after LIVE GRACE 2013 -OPUS II-…☆
I was deeply touched when Nishikawa-san celebrated my birthday (T^T)
I was nervous, but I think I managed to insert my Mizuki-ness by putting my soul into the singing!!
Everyone, please look forward to it ヽ(≧▽≦)/


I’m looking forward to both the song and the series. At first, when I read the summary, the first thing that popped into my mind was “Gundam.” And then I realized this is a series by Sunrise… so I guess I kind of understand why… ^^;;

Anyway, more information can be found on ANN.


12 comments on “Mizuki Nana & T.M. Revolution collaboration

  1. omg hii (this is Tonks from LJ by the way [though I haven’t been there in ages])

    I just read Nana’s post and this is completely unexpected but I’m super excited. Nishikawa’s vocals can definitely keep up with Nana’s so this should be interesting. Between this and the release date of – OPUS II – Nana is already setting some high bar for the second half of the year and I cannot wait to see for what she has in store.

    • Hey!! =D It feels like it’s been forever since I last heard from you! Glad you’ve decided to drop by (I haven’t been to LJ in a long time as well)… Hope you’ve been well? ;D

      Yes, it was certainly unexpected but I’m sure this combination will produce an interesting song. I can’t wait to hear it.
      Haha, it’s time to ready our wallets…again.

      • Glad you remember me, cause it has indeed been a while. Last year was… crazy to say the least, but ’13 is going well, so I can’t complain 😀 How have you been?

        Same, I hope we get to see a live performance.
        And there’s a lot of good releases this year (I can’t believe I forgot the movie 2nd), so the wallet is weeping already, but when it comes to Nana it’s always worth it =D

        • Of course I remember you! I’ve been all right. Managing to get by without losing my mind, so I guess that’s a good sign. 😛

          A live performance might be possible through MJ or some other music stations. At least, I’m hoping for it!
          Sometimes, when I look back, I wonder to myself “When is my wallet ever not weeping?” Hahaha. But as you said, it’s worth it. =D

          • Great to hear you’ve been all right 😀 Grown-up life can be such a hassle sometimes (I was not ready to be honest)

            I’m placing my bets for an MJ performance as well, regardless.. I’d be happy with at least one, cause both are amazing live.

            And at least now there’s an actual income so the wallet won’t weep THAT much? XD

  2. Fangasming? Heck yea.

    Haven’t dropped by in a long while, RL and FE Kakusei had my soul >o<
    But when I saw these two's name, I just had to drop in xD Kinda excited for the new song, but iffy when I saw that it’s for a mecha anime >>;;; <– dun like mecha

    But yea. Thanks for the report as always! Hope you've been well :3

    • FE Kakusei in English or Japanese? :3

      I like mecha anime but its plot summary reminds me too much of Gundam yet it’s not Gundam so… I’m not quite sure what to expect out of the anime itself. XD;; But that aside, if nothing else, the song is definitely worth looking forward to.

      Thanks, I’ve been kinda well. Hope you have been well too!

      • In English, no money to get the Japanese one xD Crazy how that game went sold out on the first day it’s out =__= I have to download from the e-shop. Have you played it yet? The voice acting is okay, but I nearly fainted during Chrom’s confession scene hahah! xD

        I’ve been okay, could be worse 83 So many Nana-related stuff to catch up on!

  3. Just read about this and I immediately went to search for more info and found your post. :> a;kfj;kfdjlkas;jf;lka Super excited for this!!! Haven’t been watching much anime recently other than my weekly sunday shows One Piece and Hunter X Hunter, but I might make an exception for this. :3

    • It’s good to see you around again! =D

      I’m thinking everyone will jump at a preview of the song when it’s out. The song is getting way more attention than the anime itself. Lol.
      I’ll definitely be checking out the anime for at least the first few episodes. :3

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