Smile-Gang 567

I haven’t lost my ability to count. I jumped from Smile-Gang 564 right to 567. I’m not skipping over 565 and 566, but I thought I should post this one up first as 567 more or less a Valentine special (and it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow).

Before I start coverage, let me say that… I promise it will not take me 10 years to get through Radio StrikerS 2nd. I know I’ve fallen extremely behind on that, but I haven’t given up. My deadline is before the DVD/BD for 2nd A’s comes out… which is March 22nd, if I recall correctly?

Anyway, back to Valentine Smile-Gang…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第567回

Not that the opening fit with the Valentine theme much. Because Nana “attempts” to drop a “surprise” on everyone.

I knew what she was trying to say as soon as you said “9 years old” as I think most of you would as well. Haha.

Nana: I have a confession to make. The truth is… I have 9 year old son.
Misato: Seriously!?
Nana: *sound effect*
Misato: Are you serious that you have a son?
Nana: That’s why there’s the *sound effect*
Misato: This is too shocking. Did you get permission from Mishima-P before saying this on air?
Nana: That’s why it’s *sound effect*! The cute son of mine in the form of a chihuahua named Kei-tan.
Misato: Oh, so your son is called Kei-tan. Keiichiro, Keisuke, Keitaro — we have them among our staff.
Nana: That’s why *sound effect*. It’s meant to be a light joke.
Misato: …*sound effect* I see.
Nana: Of course. I’d have to be more adult —
Misato: Would you have been able to give birth to a 9 year old…?
Nana: …Yes. But really now, he doesn’t exist.
Misato: If he does I’d be in shock. So Keitan is the dog–
Nana: Yes, the furry animal Kei-tan. He’s 50. Not really 9.
Misato: He’s become an old man…

Then Misato reminds her that in this era, it’s very possible that “Mizuki has a son” has become a boom on twitter the moment she said it the first time. So they take the time to mention once more — that it isn’t true. Lol.

Then they move on to discussing what they say would become “hot words” on the internet. In Misato’s case, “Cure Magikrin” (a comment made at Koma Gekijou) became a “hot word”.
^Just a quick note on that one. Yes, I remember that. And that’s why it was quite hilarious when Misato ended up being casted on Precure. XDD

Nana then asks if “dan dan bara” become another hot word for Misato, in which case the answer was a ‘no.’ Though she did get called “Dan Dan Bara-san” by several people through twitter. Lol.

=Head Nanau=
In short, this is her Birthday Party Report.
The staff prepared an interesting celebration for her. They went to a club-like place, dressed up in formal wear, and then had a quiz contest.

But despite all that talk about being dressed up formally… Nana was in casual wear. Haha.

Although the staff did dress up. They even had a Fashion King and Queen event.
Another event they held was “Who can guess the lyrics (for Mizuki Nana songs).”

Misato: Rather than a party, that sounds like an event.

^My thoughts exactly!

And when it came time for presents… Nana was made to sit and everyone lined up and offered her the present one by one. It was very much like how items are presented to a princess or royal family.

=Koi suru Misato Channel=

Not surprising this came around as it is Valentine’s. I think we all remember this channel from December.

Basically, Misato and Nana are given a situation to act out where either one of them has to make a confession. This time, Misato plays the role of the guy and Nana is to confess regardless of what Misato’s role as the guy says. Now, nothing of the “confessions” are written in the script, so Nana was left to her own devices throughout.

Situation 1) The guy (Misato) has been confessed to 35 times before this already. The answer is no no matter who confesses as he already has a girlfriend.
The girl (Nana’s role) must refuse to back down after being rejected harshly… Nana decides to say the following line to match the situation:
“I’ll become someone you would want to confess to you. Until then, can I keep loving you?”

Situation 2) The guy wants to ask Mika (Nana’s friend — also referring to Agematsu Mika) out and is acting all idiotic in asking Nana to help him out…
Nana plays the role of someone who snaps near the end when she was asked to help… Her reply was “You idiot! I like you more than you like Mika-chan!”

Hilariously, Nana slipped in some Ehime dialect there. Haha!

Situation 3) Confessing to a teacher (this role is played by Misato) who is very strict and emphasizes on FOCUS.
Nana’s decided confession line was “In order to practice my ability to focus, please go out with me! Look at me. Look at me closely. Yes. Now! NOW! I love you.”

^I found this last one to be very funny. Haha.

It’s worth a listen. ;D

Anyway, that’s pretty all of it. I’ll get around to posting 565 and 566 hopefully this weekend.


2 comments on “Smile-Gang 567

    • She was known by that name for a while but I don’t think it became a hot word like Cure Magikrin (not sure what the correct English spelling of it is).

      Haha, yes. The fact that she was able to come up with that line on the spot was quite amazing too!

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