Smile-Gang 564

In my endless attempt to get caught up… Here’s another Smile-Gang coverage!

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第564回

…Where we get Nana confirming that, yes, she likes bugs more than tomatoes. XDD;;

=Head Nanau=

In this section, Nana talks about her visit to the Suzumushi Temple to pray for the success of Live Grace OPUS II. She went to visit in the morning because she must return for rehearsal in the afternoon (which means rushed schedule as always).

As for the hotel/inn where she stayed at, the people there knew about her birthday and thus prepared sekihan specially. Not only that, but the entire meal was very grand. As everyone knows Nana can’t handle raw stuff (no sashimi), they gave her something else as appetizer instead. And that “something else” turns out to be A LOT of tempura. And tempura is quite filling… So by the time the main dish (mini-steak) came up, she was so full that she couldn’t get a bite in at all. ^^;;

=Ehime Channel=

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the Imabari Mikan Ehime theme song, but I still get a chuckle out of it. Anyway, yes, Ehime Channel means the return of Mikan and relentless teasing on Misato.

Mikan: You said you want to get married at 31?
Misato: Y-yes, I do want to get married…
Mikan: …Hmph.

My reaction was identical to Misato’s. A half a second pause for that “hmph” sound to register before breaking out into laughter. XD

Back to the actual channel itself, it is mainly a quiz corner this time mixed in with hilarity.

Mikan: First question… (SFX: Mikan~!)
Misato: What was that?

The attempted sound effect on Nana’s part was hilarious. HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, the first question was about why Ehime’s mikan juice is called ‘pon juice.’ Misato answered it was due to the ‘pon’ sound when opening the bottle, but that was incorrect. The correct answer was that, it was known as Nippon (Japan)’s number 1 juice. So the ‘pon’ came from Nippon.

Mikan: By the way, I forgot to mention something earlier… There is a penalty for each incorrect answer. In other words, for every wrong answer, you are to delay your marriage aspirations by one year!
Misato: Eh? *starts laughing* NO!
Mikan: So from your incorrect answer just now, it’s already one year delayed.
Misato: NO~!
Mikan: So… when you’re 32 years old…

^Poor Misato. XDD

Mikan: Second question… (SFX: Mikan~!)

Ehime’s well known onion is called heart onion. What’s particularly special about it?

Misato: Even when you slice it, it won’t burn the eyes.

In other words, it’s an onion that won’t make people cry when cutting it. Lol. Good job to Misato for getting it correct!

Next up is the third question. It’s “supposedly” a super easy question, so if Misato gets it wrong, it’s 2 years added to the “delay.”

And the question is… What’s the narration in the commercial for Bocchan Dango?

Misato obviously doesn’t know. It’s probably well-known to those who live in Ehime, but it’s an old commercial.

Nana (Mikan) imitates the narrative part of the commercial afterwards. I couldn’t hold in my laughter upon hearing that.

4th question… If Misato gets it wrong again, it’s an additional 3 year delay. XD

How did “Fuguzaku” come about (in terms of creation)?

Again, Misato got the wrong answer so her marriage date is going to be pushed until 2019 (when she is 37 years old).

Misato: Can I ask you something? It’s about my marriage… If Ehime-ken is such an amazing place, can’t it doing something about this?
Mikan: Of course it can! It’s simple. Just leave it to Ehime-ken and the problem will be solved immediately!
Misato: So… what should I do?
Mikan: Right… so… Um… Hm…

LOL. “It’s simple”? XDD I wonder why she can’t just say “Live in Ehime-ken!” Hahahah.

=Nana-iro mail=

It’s basically talk about finding bugs in the washroom. And since we’re on the topic of bugs, the incident about batsu game special will, of course, be brought up.

I laughed at how Misato kept saying “It’s disgusting it’s disgusting it’s disgusting” in the background.

Misato: I don’t know what bug it is (that’s being referred in the letter they just read), but it’s disgusting!

But what I kind of expected, but still threw me off a bit, was the following question by Misato to Nana.

Misato: Which is worse? Tomato or bug?
Nana: Tomato.

I’m not surprised she’d say she preferred the bug over tomatoes, but that total lack of hesitation as she answered came as a bit of a shock… ^^;;

Nana: If we’re comparing taste… The bug was better.

The main problem for her was the appearance of the bug, but we all knew that already. XD


And that’s that for Smile-Gang 564! =D


4 comments on “Smile-Gang 564

  1. There’s a new tokyo encounter out starring Mizuki Nana! I didn’t think she’d appear on the show so i’m super surprised. You should watch it if you haven’t already 😛

    • Thanks for the alert! I don’t think anyone was expecting her to appear on that show. Lol. But maybe the staff wanted something special before ending the show.

      I personally loved watching the 3 of them behave around each other on Tokyo Encount. Sugita and Yuuichi aside, even Nana seems to have return to her kiddy self when with them. Well, the 3 of them are supposedly close friends after all. :p

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