Smile-Gang 562 & 563

Apologies for the extreme delay. I don’t know how the first month of the new year managed to pass by so quickly. ><
I need to find a more structured way to do things.

Anyway, here is the coverage for the first two Smile-Gang broadcasts in January. #563 is the one where Nana speaks of Kouhaku and her trip to France. ;D

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第562回

Smile-Gang 562 is the very first Smile-Gang to air in 2013… BUT! Radio magic in full effect here. What does that mean? It means the recording actually took place in 2012. 😛

I didn’t really find anything of particular to note aside from the fact that Misato has officially adopted her a new middle name. Yes, this is an extension to one of the punishments that occurred in the Batsu Game Special.

Misato must introduce herself as Fukuen “Dan dan bara” Misato for the rest of January. XDD

Her thoughts regarding this is that, while eating the bug was absolutely horrible — this isn’t much better. Eating the bug was a once-over type of thing while this is going to be long term and have potentially lasting effects. XDD

-Head Nanau-

Here, Nana states what she wants to do in 2013. Below in point form:

-wants to do a lot of live concerts (go to places where she hasn’t been yet)
-wants to hold a live concert in Ehime (as she wasn’t able to in 2012)
-wants to invite Bari-san onto stage (Bari-san is the official Ehime mascot)
-wants to hold a home party (I loved the way Misato immediately shouted “Invite me!” there XD)

As for what Misato wants to do in 2013:
-Public recording for Smile-Gang
-aim for Smile-Gang to air all over Japan

To end off, Nana wishes that the year-end for Smile-Gang in 2013 will be “peaceful.” Misato says that such a thing doesn’t exist. XDD

-Mail Channel-
They read through 4 letters in this corner. Again, nothing particularly special to note. For the year 2013, Smile-Gang aims to have 77 letters read by the end of the year… Or else there is something tht awaits Nana and Misato at that time.

And that’s pretty much it for Smile-Gang 562.


水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第563回

Nana and Misato starts off by wishing all a Happy New Year. Why yes, despite Smile-Gang #563 being the second (third in some regions) broadcast in the new year, this is actually the first one they actually recorded in 2013.

Immediately, Nana starts talking about how she is a little worried about Misato.
Apparently, on the way to recording Smile-Gang, Misato fell asleep on the train and missed her stop. Somehow, instead of taking the train that’ll make the return trip, she wound up on a train that led somewhere else entirely. Needless to say, she took a while to get back. XDD;;

And then… Of course, Happy Belated Birthday to Misato! Whatever Nana got her, it is apparently what she deems to be an “adult” present. ^^;;

When Misato was asked about what hopes and insecurities she carries at the age of 31, Misato answers that she wants to find the things she would like to do. As for insecurities…

Misato: Becoming a bride…
Nana: You shouldn’t say that yet! There’s 2 women here above you who haven’t even said anything yet!

And for those of you wondering who those two are… Well, one of them is obviously Nana herself. The other is the Assistant Director Ueki-san. XD

During the title call…

As we all know, White won on Kouhaku this year. Nana explains how she was all happy and glad her performance was over. She was in a good mood throughout until the moment the final results were announced. She felt her heart drop that moment as Smile-Gang immediately entered her mind. Haha.

Next is congratulatory Messages to those turning 20 this year.

Nana has a few words of advice to everyone taking their first step into adulthood.
First, life isn’t going to be easy.
And second, START SAVING (money)!

I promptly started laughing when Nana ended her message with “START SAVING!”
Although yes, I do agree with this “advice.” Except I would think savings should begin much earlier.

-Head Nanau-

Head Nanau was very packed as Nana had several topics to speak about. Perhaps it is for that reason that this Head Nanau corner took up the majority of the broadcast.

The first topic she speaks about is obviously the 63rd Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

As she has mentioned several times already, the nervousness grow each year. But it’s a different kind of nervousness this year because she’s singing much earlier than the previous years. She’s 8th in total, but 4th in Red team. So she had to prepare and change into her dress as soon as the opening section finished. She says that walking around and up the stairs was very tough due to the dress… especially because her dressing room wasn’t close to the stage at all.

Briefly about the dress, it’s meant to convey a British, gothic style as it tries to fit to the BRIGHT STREAM theme.

After Kouhaku ended, Nana mentioned about how she had a conversation with Suzuki (Olympic swimmer). Suzuki is a fan of Nana’s (as she had said on stage before doing the song introduction for BRIGHT STREAM) and is avid reader of her blog. XD

Then there is Miwa Akihiro who is also from King Records. Nana was estactic to be able to say hello to him at Kouhaku.
Fun fact: Nana did the voice of Victini while Miwa Akihiro did the voice for Arceus. LOL.

At the end of this little bit, Nana openly says that she’s aiming to appear on Kouhaku for 7 years straight.

Next topic is about O-mama watching Kouhaku. She apparently arrived in Tokyo in the afternoon of the 31st and joined King Record staff in watching the whole thing at another place where the staff had rented to hold the after-party.

As expected, O-mama was excited to see Nana on stage. She claimed Nana looked like a doll. XDD

Following that is the talk about her trip to France!
Yes, as most know already, Nana went to France as her New Year’s trip.

At first, Nana wanted to go there for work. But then she realized that, if she went there for work, there would be many places she would be unable to visit. Therefore, she decided she would go in her own personal time when she got the chance.

An interesting episode on the first day occurred when she was eating lunch with her mom at the cafe. There was suddenly a person outside the window who kept trying to get (her) attention. They knocked against the glass window and waved. The person looked like a high school girl, according to Nana.

At first, Nana thought the girl was waving to someone else. Yet when she looked around, no one else was waving inside the cafe. O-mama continuously waved back though. LOL.

Nana: Mama? You know her? Wait, there’s no way… *pause* Me?

When she got an affirmative response, the person drew hearts in the air. I think at that point, Nana realized the person was a Mizuki Nana fan.

Misato finds it amazing the fan recognized Nana in such a situation.

And this is when Nana says she gained a deeper appreciation of the internet. XD;;

Further along the France trip, Nana joined a tour (with a Japanese tour guide). She said the tour guide was an extremely interesting person who spoke his thoughts into the mic at all times. Nana doubted that anyone actually knew what he was talking about but she found the entire experience hilarious nonetheless.

Also worthy to note for this trip is that it’s O-mama’s first time to Europe.

As O-mama does not know French or English, it caused slight problems. Despite attempting to say “No thank you” to offers of more food and drinks at a restaurant, because she kept smiling and doing the “OK” sign, the table piled up with food. XD

I think the reason she did the OK sign was to signify “I’m fine, no more” but it was taken the wrong way by the waiter/waitress? ^^;;


Before ending off, Nana has one more story to tell. Maybe it was due to the tension and nervousness that lifted after Nana’s performance on Kouhaku, but Mishi-P apparently started feeling sick right after. He slept in the dressing room and, after ‘Happy New Year’ wishes, he went straight for the washroom.

That doesn’t sound too good. Hope he’s taking care of himself and not stressing out too much to the point of affecting his health.


This wraps up the first 2 Smile-Gang that aired in the new year. Just 2 more before I’m up to speed again. And then attention can be turned to Radio StrikerS 2nd and that official stage greeting report from last August (I think?). I want to get those up before the Movie 2nd A’s comes out on BD/DVD in March.

Of course, I’d also have to give World of M a listen to hear more about Kouhaku… Along with Power Gate (just to see what more she has to say about Rockbound Neighbours). Hm… I have more on my plate than I realized…

4 comments on “Smile-Gang 562 & 563

  1. Thanks for the translation! I liked the France part best, especially how Nana’s head isn’t so big to think that someone in a foreign country could possibly wave at her. 🙂 When Nana did that trip i found it exciting to think that she would suddenly pop up just 650 kilometers away from where i live, haha.

    Hopefully nothings wrong with Akio Mishima. How he got Nana away from that infamous Enka Teacher and changed her rather bleak life at that point, was a great move on his part.

    • I don’t think she expected anyone to recognize her at all seeing as she was outside of Japan. 😛
      It’s kind of expected that she might end up in France for her New Years trip considering how she kept mentioning about how much she wants to go there.

      Nana didn’t sound overly worried about Mishi-P (she seemed to find it more funny than anything else), so I think he’ll be ok… at least, we all hope so. And I just want to add that it’s not just how he managed to get Nana away from her “bleak” life, but also how he managed to immediately recognize Nana’s talent and potential and how he earnestly tried to do what he thought best for her. :3

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