Smile-Gang 561 – Batsu Game Special

I wasn’t aware time passed so quickly that it’ll be Nana’s birthday tomorrow (it’s already her birthday in Japan due to time difference)… I didn’t get around to writing and posting my “how I became a Mizuki Nana fan” essay again. ^^;;

Putting that aside for now, here is the coverage for the last 2012 broadcast of Smile-Gang… And also the notorious BATSU GAME SPECIAL. >D

Personally, only a portion of this Batsu Game Special left an impression on me. And it’s related to Misato screaming non-stop for several minutes. XDD;;

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第561回

Right from the beginning, we hear two not-so-very-energetic voices. It’s not hard to understand why at all. ^^;;

It should be mentioned that none of what was previewed in the previous week took place.
But if Nana had to choose which of the previewed punishment to take, it’d be… Name change.

Until they realize if she did that, she wouldn’t be talking. This is Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang after all. Haha.

So they proceed with other punishment games. And because Nana and Misato are both tied, they play through a game of karuta to determine who receives the punishment each round.

Let’s begin…

Round 1) Say 3 sadistic things

Misato won this first round of karuta, so Nana has to say 3 things as a sadist. What Nana ends up saying is:

“Lick my shoe.”
“It hurts, doesn’t it?”
“You pig!”

Misato: This might be difficult of our Mizuki Nana who is a masochist.

Lol. I think I might have to agree with Misato on that one. XD

Round 2) Blow in the other’s ear
As it was Nana who won this time, she is the one to blow in Misato’s ear. Who feels more embarrasssed by this, I wonder?

Round 3) Eat 10 pieces of seaweed at once
Misato won again. Hence you hear Nana mumbling incoherently. ^^;;

Round 4) Imitate Inoki-san
Nana hasn’t swallowed the seaweed yet. LOL.

Round 5) An embarassing introduction for Smile-Gang in January
Misato: Fukuen “Dan-Dan-Bara” Misato

^This will come into effect for Smile-Gang 562.

Round 6) Drink tomato juice and say it’s delicious
This one was meant for Nana no matter how you look at it. 😛
And remember Nana finished her seaweed not too long ago.

Nana: (Tomato juice is) Not meant to be mixed with seaweed


Round 7) Dance
As this is a radio, we don’t know what kind of dance Nana did. XD Misato thinks it’s a dance that can be used in a live concert though. Lol.

Round 8) Smell something that stinks
Nana won. Misato has to smell something in a bag… They didn’t seem to make all that big of a deal out of it.

After the CM…

Round 9) Self-introduction using the cutest voice in their seiyuu career
You’ll have to listen to this one to determine if it is Nana’s “cutest” voice. XDD;;

Misato: Was that meant to be cute?
Nana: That wasn’t cute at all.

Round 10) Eat a bug
This was the highlight for me. Nana won this round so we have Misato screaming for a good 2 minutes. XDD For those wondering, the bug she was asked to eat was a locust.

Nana: I’ll feed you.
Misato: NOOOOOO!

Nana eventually takes pity and wonders if maybe eating just the leg is fine. Misato still screams no. But she eventually ate the leg.

Round 11) Make a joke about Europe
Nana won again. I think Misato is still in shock from the bug eating that she can’t think. XD

Round 12) Make up a Song

Round 13) Say something tsundere
I actually laughed at Misato’s reaction more than Nana trying to be tsundere.

Round 14) Err… I didn’t understand this one.

Round 15) Eat a bug deliciously
We have a comeback. Misato won and Nana has to eat the bug this time.

Misato: You’ve eaten an ant before. This should be fine.

Hahaha. As expected, Misato takes joy in this now that their role is reversed. But Misato will soon be struck somewhat speechless by what Nana has to say.

Nana: Do we still have more seaweed?
Misato: You ate all of it earlier.
Nana: Huh? We have onion? But it’s raw? I want seaweed. It’s horrible when I look at it.
Misato: What? O_O So it’s the appearance that’s bothering you?
Nana: Let’s see if I can wrap it with the onion…
Misato: *still in shock with what Nana said* Eh? That’s what’s bothering you…? You’re… surprisingly strong…
Nana: How does this look? Waaah, this is going to be tough. It looks like it’s wearing clothes. Do I really have to do this? Really?

Nana struggles a bit more after this, starts breathing heavily, and when reminded that they’re short on time… she swallows it. LOL.
What surprises me more was that she admits that it actually tastes good if not for the fact that the after-taste seems to be remaining in her throat. ^^;;

But… Isn’t this kind of unfair? Misato just ate the leg while Nana ate the entire thing… :S *shudders* -__-
In the end, it was Nana who lost more than Misato, even though Misato believes that she got the “big” ones during the odd times she lost. Haha.

Anyway, with the bug eating, the Batsu Game section comes to an end. After that is LINKAGE and the usual announcements… which then brings Smile-Gang 561 to its true end.

8 comments on “Smile-Gang 561 – Batsu Game Special

  1. i lol-ed at the start when both of them didn’t sound enthusiastic after saying batsu game special HAHA

    and then from then on I was laughing non-stop all the way haha XD

    i wish i could see what they were doing though . . . would definitely be very very amusing

    • It’s probably the first time I’ve heard Misato that way. XD She resisted for a very long time. Hahahaha.

      And to your other comment… Yeah, a lot of what they do every year for the Batsu Game is visual despite the fact that this is a RADIO program. ^^;;

  2. Why would Nana eat an ant? Punishment game? @_@

    Seriously, she’s too soft…it’s her golden chance to get back at Misato and she has to pass it up. Plus, It’s VERY rare to hear Misato scared like that. HAHAHA XDD

    For some reason, I loled at the “it looks like it’s wearing clothes” part. Not so surprised she ate it, but more surprised that she actually said it tastes good. I mean, tomatoes >>>>insects D:

    Ps. Curious about your how-you-become-a-nana-fan essay 🙂

    • It was an accident from when she was young. An ant crawled into her bento box and she ate it — realizing too late that it was an ant. LOL.

      Somehow, I’m not surprised Nana took pity on Misato. And knowing Misato, she probably wouldn’t eat it unless someone held her down and forced it down her throat. LOL.

      Personally, I think Nana is slowly overcoming her extreme dislike for tomatoes. She’s not choking on the tomatoes/tomato juice the way she used to. Haha.

      PS: I’ve been trying to write it and hoping to post on her birthday, but year after year, I don’t get around to it. ^^;;

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