Smile-Gang #560

I didn’t expect myself to fall so behind so early into the New Year. OTL
For those who care to hear my excuses… I was largely busy being sick… ^^;;

Anyway, here’s Smile-Gang 560… The Batsu Game Special (#561) should be up before the week is over… Which means finally, I will get around to listening the Smile-Gang that aired in 2013. Yes, I’m still stuck in 2012 in a sense. LOL.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第560回

It starts off with a rundown of the 3 big memorable things that happened in 2012.

1) 6200km marathon project.
I think most of us remember this one where Nana ran 1km and the fans ran the rest of 6199km.

2) Beimg Kouhaku 2012.
At the time of this Smile-Gang, the 63rd Kouhaku hadn’t happened yet. Nonetheless, Nana thanks everyone for the support.

3) Ehime Channel.
Nana firmly believes the Ehime Channel helped make Bari-san (Ehime Mascot) take number 1 in the mascot character rankings.

I’m not sure what to make of the last one there. Not what I’d consider to be among the top 3, but I guess Nana’s still just doing her job. XD

Misato: Are you sure you want to conclude our 3 main topics with Bari-san?

The reason these need to be said is because no one knows what’s going to happen in 561… The batsu game special. They most likely won’t have time to reflect upon the year. XD


-Head Nanau-

Here, Nana speaks of her appearance on FNS. The Winter FNS to be exact.

As those of you who managed to catch it, you will know she did a collaboration with Sada Masashi-san and another one with Aikawa Nanase-san.

Nana mentions about how the seating arrangement was not planned. The staff direct them based on who goes on stage next… Which meant Nana got shuffled around like everyone else… And this means sitting beside many other famous singers. Nana, being Nana, would of course feel nervous in these situations. While dealing with the nervousness of being around big stars, she also had to deal with the nervousness of being on-stage. So when the time the staff passed her the mic, her hands were shaking so badly that she had to use her other hand to cover up.

After her first performance with Sada-san, she somehow sat at the same table as KinKi Kids…

Domoto (Tsuyoshi): Huh? Kondou-san? What are you doing here?
Nana: I was performing!
Domoto: Oh, Mizuki, wasn’t it? Kondou-san, you performed at Heian-jin, didn’t you? I was there the previous week and was informed that Kondou-san was coming the following week.
Nana: I’m sure he said MIZUKI-san then.
Domoto: When I was told KONDOU-san was coming, I thought “Mat-san!?” (likely referring to Kondou Masahiko – nickname: Matchy). I was wondering why someone like that would show up at Heian-jin. Ah, I see, so it was you.
Nana: You’re making things confusing. Call me Mizuki please.

^For those of you not getting it, this entire conversation is a reference to what transpired on Shin Domoto Kyoudai when Nana was there as guest.

All this was happening during the CM so they weren’t disturbing anyone’s performance with this conversation. And apparently, thanks to this, Nana was all loosened up when she was on stage with Aikawa Nanase.

Might I say I really liked that performance. She really looked like she was enjoying it (and I really enjoyed it too). =)

Someone needs to loosen her up before her Kouhaku performances next time. 😛


-Drama Channel-

Why a Drama Channel? This is perfect set up to get a preview (trailer-style) of what is to come in the Batsu Game special (Smile-Gang #561). Basically, Nana and Misato voice act out the script of their reaction in each scenario.

Batsu-game Preview.

1st Preview:

[Dramatic enactment of their reaction after name change from Mizuki Nana to something else]

Misato doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Kondou then Mizuki then what? Lol.
Nana emphasizes the fact that Kondou to Mizuki is not a name change — merely the picking up of a stage name.

2nd Preview:

[Dramatic enactment of what happens when taking sexy pictures]

Misato: This is fine, isn’t it?
Misato: They’re just taking pictures, right?
Nana: There’s a possibility they’ll get leaked!
Misato: Who said I’m going to do it? Why do I have to?
Nana: No no no no!
Misato: I’m sure everyone who heard that just now thought “Wow, that woman.”
Nana: Yes! Misato, you’re being weird because of your (stage acting) show!
Misato: I guess…
Nana: You came in saying “I like everyone” and was all around “high.”

I wonder just how “high” Misato was. XDD

3rd Preview:

[dramatic enactment of having to reveal how much is in bank account]

Misato once again thinks it’s fine if Nana did it. Nana thinks it’s a HORRIBLE idea. It’ll get spread through twitter almost immediately. When Nana asked if Misato would be willing to reveal that information, Misato said no without hesitating.

4th Preview:

[dramatic enactment of what happens with sweet potato and the potential flatulence]

Nana and Misato both reject this one right away. They do not want to be put through this. They don’t want certain “sounds” to be recorded and broadcasted to the world after all. XDD


That’s the major happenings in Smile-Gang 560. I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high for Smile-Gang 561 (for those who haven’t actually listened to it yet). I personally found the previous yearly batsu game specials to be funnier, but this one did have its moments too. 😛

7 comments on “Smile-Gang #560

  1. Ehhh, you were sick? D8
    What happened? Food poisoning? Pineapple buns again? I sure do hope you’re better now! >_<

    Someone needs to loosen her up before her Kouhaku performances next time. 😛 Lol, all we need is Tsuyoshi “Kondou-san”-ing her before Kouhaku and she’ll be set to go xD

    [dramatic enactment of having to reveal how much is in bank account] ->
    Lol, can’t deny that I am VERY curious of the numbers, but they made a good choice of not continuing with this xD

    [dramatic enactment of what happens with sweet potato and the potential flatulence] -> lol, awww! Too bad, this woulda been funny xD

    Lookin forward for the next report, as always xD And thanks for this update! I really appreciate it :3

    FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING! U excited? (/*A*)/

    • The pineapple buns are innocent! XD I caught a cold and then was attacked by allergies. 😦
      I am better now, thanks! =D

      “Lol, all we need is Tsuyoshi “Kondou-san”-ing her before Kouhaku and she’ll be set to go xD”
      But he needs to be there to “Kondou-san” her first. XD

      PS: Hm… I guess I am. I dunno, I think I was more excited when the Japanese version came out even though I’ve always played FE in English. 😛

  2. i get this feeling that she’s getting teased by alot more ppl nowadays XD

    totally looking forward to the BATSU GAME!!!!! . . . i forgot who had more points though =P

    • That’d be Smile-Gang #563. =) Yes, I am planning to cover that one off in the next update. I haven’t had much time to sit down and type, but be assured that the update will be certain to come soon. 😉

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