Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!
Here’s to an awesome 2013!!!

Wanted to make a post to wish everyone the best but didn’t want to leave it empty so… I decided to translate Nana’s New Year’s Eve blog post. =D
This is a rough translation at best. I couldn’t spend as much time on the translation as I wanted to…

Original blog post here


A Nervous and Happy New Year’s Eve ☆

Today was the 63rd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen~ (≧ω≦)/
To think I’d be able to stand on that dream stage again…!
With the objective of transmitting my feelings of happiness and feelings of gratitude for everyone who has supported me with the strongest love and deepest bonds, I stepped onto the stage.☆
Mizuki’s appearance was 8th, so I had to change clothing as soon as the opening line-up was done!

This time, taking the world view of BRIGHT STREAM’s MUSIC CLIP, a gothic dress was made!
Gorgeous! Grand! …and the result was something that rivaled LIVE CASTLE QUEEN. (^^ゞ (laughs)
In the backstage battlefield, the quick clothing change into this special battle gear ended safely.

[picture of dress she wore to sing BRIGHT STREAM]

And then it was time to set forth into battle!
Starting with the song introduction by the Olympic swimmer Suzuki Satomi, followed by the latest penlights that have been programmed to change colours based on timing, the song began…!
Due to the live performance atmosphere and it being Kouhaku, I was extremely nervous, but recalling everyone’s message (of support) from my blog and radio, I challenged the stage with full power!

I was very, very happy to be able to sing this song on the dream stage… A song that depicts the bonds with the important person.
To everyone who ran full out with me in 2012!
Thank you very much!!

[picture of her in a green polka dot dress]

Even more fun stuff for the coming year is currently being planned ♪
And now that I think about it, LIVE GRACE 2013 is only 3 weeks away…!
Everyone, let’s draw open the curtains to the best year ヽ(≧▽≦)/
In 2013, with Mizuki Nana… Kakattekoi!!!

[picture of her in a orange/yellow dress]


Kakattekoi! =D We’ll continue to support you in 2013 too, Nana-san!

And a quick update on Smile-Gang status.

Smile-Gang 560 – draft written
Smile-Gang 561 – Listened, haven’t written a single word down. I must say, for a batsu-game special, it didn’t live up to the previous years…

7 comments on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Hear hear! here’s to another year as a Nana-fan!
    Thanks for translating this blogpost! I think I left a comment on her blog but I can’t remember what I wrote ahahhaa…

    And I kinda want to go to LIVE GRACE and Riripa ;___; The wolkies will join this time and they’re a riot!!!!! >o<

    • You left a comment but don’t remember what? Lol. It can’t have been that long ago. XD

      I always want to go to her concerts and Riripa events, but that’s not happening for me again… ;_;

      • Hahaha, I dunno, I was kinda nervous when I wrote it so I’m like ‘fuck it’ and send it without checking what I wrote @_@

        Maybe next year. or the year after….;__;

  2. Thank you very much for the translation. I’ll use Bing for Nana-sama’s blog translation and the results are usually rather hilarious with a surprising amount of naughty talk.

    • I’ve seen Google Translate and AltaVista produce some hilarious results before, but Bing Translate turn things into naughty talk? I should give that a try some time if just for laughs. XD

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