Radio StrikerS #6 – Guest: Yuzuki Ryouka

Merry Christmas everyone. =3

The long delayed coverage for Radio StrikerS 2nd A’s #6 is here. Guest is, obviously, Yuzuki Ryouka (Shamal) once more. =D

RADIOアニメロミックス~ラジオStrikerS 2nd 第6回【ゲスト:柚木涼香】

Mikako: Following the previous week, our guest today is this person!
Yuzu-nee: In the role of Shamal, Yuzuki Ryouka here.
Mikako: Yay!
Yuzu-nee: Onegaishimasu!
Mikako: A lot happened last week, didn’t it?
Yuzu-nee: A lot did happen… I hope you’ll all forget it. Treat it as if it never happened.
Mikako: In other words, a reset… We’ll get to hear a “new” Yuzu-nee this week.
Yuzu-nee: What? What’s with the “new” part?
Mikako: I’m looking forward to it.
Yuzu-nee: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
Mikako: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

Despite what Yuzu-nee said, I suggest listening to StrikerS 2nd A’s #5 first if you haven’t already. XD

After the title call, they move on to some letter reading. Some letters are more interesting than others. 😛

Letter 1: To Takahashi-san and Yuzuki-san… I went to watch the movie. I cried from beginning til end. It was an amazing movie that brought out the love and gentleness of the Yagami family. Regarding the things that changed from TV series to movie, the things that were added, and the things that didn’t change — I felt the effects in my soul. And then there’s BRIGHT STREAM. The way the lyrics linked to the story, I felt as though I was given a warm hug by the song which made me cry even more. For those of you who have yet to watch the movie, I strongly encourage you to go see it. It will certainly be worth your time.

Wonderful letter, but it doesn’t compare to the second letter below. And yes, it’s mainly due to Yuzu-nee. XD

Letter 2: Takahashi-san and… the BEAUTIFUL, PRETTY, and CUTE voice actor for Shamal — Yuzu-nee. Good evening.

Yuzu-nee: GOOD EVENING! =D
Mikako: *laughs* Good evening…

Letter 2 (continuation): I watched the movie 1st for a total of 33 times. While keeping that in mind, I went to watch the movie 2nd. The battle scenes were powerful! To think they’d include Blast Calamity and other manga scenes here and there — I definitely felt the heat. And with the Alicia scenes, Snow Rain, and Eins… I cried. The girl sitting beside me was crying also…

Yuzu-nee: That wasn’t your girlfriend?
Mikako: You just ruined the mood.
Yuzu-nee: That’s why I said that!

Letter 2 (continuation): Due to my busy summer schedule, I have only managed to watch it 12 times.

Mikako: That’s already quite enough…

Letter 2 (continuation): I hope the DVD/BD will be released soon. The reason is because it’s very painful to have to hold myself back from crying loudly. I want to cry out loud!

Yuzu-nee: It’s okay to cry. It’s good to cry! At the theatre. Out loud. Oka-kun. Just cry.

33 times for the Movie 1st and 12 times for Movie 2nd A’s… That’s some serious dedication. Mikako then brings up a good point.

Mikako: If Oka-kun has watched Movie 2nd 12 times… He can probably see the Shamal Beam?
Yuzu-nee: …Un. I think he can see it.
Mikako: For sure.
Yuzu-nee: He seems to have love for Shamal too. So I’m sure he sees it.

Am I the only one hoping this Oka-kun would send in another letter regarding the Shamal Beam thing? Hahaha.

Moving on to another letter…

Letter 3: Takahashi-san and Yuzuki-san, good evening. There was a shocking Shamal t-shirt on sale at the theatres. If the two of you were to design t-shirts for the Nanoha series, what kind of design would you make?

Instead of answering the question posed, Yuzu-nee starts talking about how the t-shirt for Shamal is the best out of the 3 choices that are on sale. She has one too. And she wears it to sleep.

Mikako: That’s cute.
Yuzu-nee: My linker core… My linker…core…
Mikako: Ah, she’s pretending to be Shamal.

^Yuzu-nee is awesome. XDD

The topic then switched to other accessory goods on sale. As all you MSLN fans should know, there are accessories and keychains of various devices. I personally was very interested in Schwertkreuz (standby form) as well as Laevantein and Graf Eisen (both in standby form) keychains.

Anyway, no accessories were ever made to model after Klarwind. ^^;; And so…

Mikako: During the stage greeting, weren’t you wearing Klarwind on your finger? Even though only those with pure hearts were able to see it.
Yuzu-nee: Yes. Yes, that’s true. Please don’t forget about that, everyone.

Shamal Beam in the movie and Klarwind during stage greeting… What other invisible stuff are there, I wonder? XD

Letter 4: Hello, Mikako-san and Yuzuki-san. I went to watch the movie for A’s. I was so emotionally moved that my tears wouldn’t stop. Despite having watched the TV series many times, watching it in the theatres was an entirely different. This is not simply my own feelings. As proof, let me tell you a wonderful happening that occurred at the end of the movie. Even though there was no stage greeting at the cinema I went to, the audience began clapping during the end roll. What began as scattered claps soon evolved into a full blown applause. That truly shows how well-loved this series is.

After agreeing to how wonderful it truly is to hear about something like that, Mikako and Yuzu-nee take turns expressing their gratitude… Except… Well, Yuzu-nee is Yuzu-nee. XD

Yuzu-nee: Thank you Yukari-chan, Nana-chan. No? Fine, Nanoha-chan, Fate-chan — thank you.
Mikako: Shamal-chan too.
Yuzu-nee: Ah, thank you.

Oi, oi. You should be thanking the fans. HAHAHAHA.

~Lyrical Memorial 2nd~

As most of you know, this is the quiz corner.
After explaining about the rules, Mikako mentions how Tsuzuki-sensei is with them again.

Yuzu-nee: …He just looked away from me! I looked over at him and he obviously turned away!
Mikako: You’ve got it all wrong, Yuzu-nee. He’s embarassed! It’s because you’re too cute! Am I right? *presumably is looking at Tsuzuki who is nodding* See?
Yuzu-nee: Wow, you’re a good radio host. That was a nice follow-up.
Mikako: Hey, I do carry the title of “mei-personality” (famous host), you know!

LOL. I agree with Yuzu-nee. That was honestly a nice follow. And about the looking away part… If you remember what happened back in #5, then you know what happened. XD

Moving onto the actual quiz, they decide who goes first through a round of rock-paper-scissors. Mikako won, so she made Yuzu-nee go first. Our “healer”, deciding to play it safe, went with the level 10 question.

Question: Fill in the blank question. Mahou Shoujo ______ Nanoha. Please complete the full title.

Yuzu-nee: …Eh~
Mikako: You’re joking, right? Mahou Shoujo ______ Nanoha.
Yuzu-nee: Ok, I’ll answer.
Mikako: Go ahead.
Yuzu-nee: Mahou Shoujo LYRICAL Nanoha.

Mikako: Isn’t that too easy?
Yuzu-nee: So that’s a 10 point question.

That really was too easy. ^^;;

In hopes to gain a lead, Mikako goes with level 30 question.

Question: During the backstage of the stage greeting, who was the staff who spilled his/her drink near Takahashi-san?

Mikako: Eh!?
Yuzu-nee: This is a 30 point question.
Mikako: Didn’t it suddenly become a lot more difficult?
Yuzu-nee: Is this hard? It’s more of a memory question.
Mikako: It was the stage greeting for the first day so… Oh! I have my answer.
Yuzu-nee: Yes?
Mikako: Mishima-san!
sfx: Bi Bii
Mikako: What? No?
Yuzu-nee: *enthusiastically* Bu buu~! The correct answer was… Tsuzuki-sensei!
Mikako: Ahh~ I was caught between Tsuzuki-san or Mishima-san! See? I was so nervous that day that I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings.
Yuzu-nee: Look, you made Tsuzuki-san sad now.

Back to Yuzu-nee. She goes with 40 point this time.

Question: Multiple choice question. Which of the following is the voice actor for Klardwind and the defense program (Nacht) for Book of Darkness?
A. Sandra Haefelin
B. ____ McNeil (sorry, couldn’t catch the first and middle name)
C. Sara Brey (or was that Sara Brave?)

I learned something new from this question. One is that the defense program was called Nacht. And two… well, I never actually knew who the VA for those two were so… Now I know.

Yuzu-nee: …The first one!
sfx: pin pon pin pon
Mikako: Seriously? Amazing! Did you actually know?
Yuzu-nee: …Uh… I knew.
Mikako: You mean it was a lucky guess!
Yuzu-nee: I did it, Klarwind!
Mikako: What’s with that?
Yuzu-nee: I could tell the first one was the only one where it sounded different.
Mikako: Is that so? Good job then.

Mikako, sensing herself in danger, goes for the 50 point question.

Question: On the way to the site of the stage greeting with Tamura Yukari-san, something miraculous occurred. What was it?

Mikako: Oh, I know~ We passed by the Nanoha trailer!
sfx: pin pon pin pon
Mikako: I remember Yukarin suddenly went “kyaaa!” and tried to take pictures but it was already too late.
Yuzu-nee: We actually saw it too.
Mikako: Really?
Yuzu-nee: When we left the theatre, we saw the Wolken version pass by. We all got excited and started running after it, and at that moment, Nana-chan sent us a mail saying she just saw the Wolken truck with many pictures attached.
Mikako: Ah, so Nana-chan managed to take pictures.
Yuzu-nee: Yeah, she did. But I’m sure it was because it was that day that we got especially excited.
Mikako: Anyway, so now I’m at 50 points! We’re tied!

As a tie breaker, they both have to answer one more question. The person who comes closest to the actual answer wins.

Question: How much does the Shamal matcha parfait cost?

Mikako: 680 yen
Yuzu-nee: 740 yen

Correct answer: 580 yen

Yuzu-nee: That’s too cheap!
Mikako: Yatta!
Yuzu-nee: Really? It’s not even 600 yen? How could Shamal’s be less than 600 yen.
Mikako: Well, you’d want more people to eat it.

To conclude this corner, Mikako won because her answer was closer. That means the punishment goes to Yuzu-nee.

~News & Info Announcement Corner~

As with before, the loser from the quiz must do the promotion in the character/voice specified on the little pieces of paper they draw as “punishment.”

Befittingly, Yuzu-nee gets the “sexy dynamite” instruction. LOL. Mikako sounds very happy. XDD

Be sure to listen to this part. I’ll guarantee that you will laugh. Really. Especially at how Yuzu-nee broke near the end.

Mikako: As we reach the end of Radio StrikerS 2nd…
Yuzu-nee: This cannot be broadcasted!
Mikako: You’re the one who did it!
Yuzu-nee: You realize the most important part of a radio show is the announcement and news section!
Mikako: It’s because you went on a rampage.
Yuzu-nee: It was horrible.
Mikako: That was funny. I’m sure this will be tagged as legendary.
Yuzu-nee: Is this a night time program?
Mikako: Yes, quite a late night program.
Yuzu-nee: Ah, well, that’s fine then.
Mikako: You’re okay with that!?

Now that she’s “okay” with it, Yuzu-nee encourages everyone to listen to that news & announcement corner a few more times.

To end off…

Mikako: Yuzu-nee, over the last 2 weeks, I really had fun.
*momentary silence*
Mikako: *laughing* How was it for you?
Yuzu-nee: I…was really… spent…
Mikako: Your engine really runs on top gear very suddenly.
Yuzu-nee: But even so, I get very depressed when I get home. I’ll curl up in a corner and wonder to myself “Why’d I say that?” in a very depressed way.
Mikako: Really? But this is definitely going to become a legendary episode.
Yuzu-nee: We’re completely ruining Yukari-chan’s song that’s playing in the background. Sorry Yukari-chan!
Mikako: Well, if you’re not bored, please do come on here as guest again.
Yuzu-nee: If you’ll have me. Tsuzuki-san is probably already telling the staff that “Please don’t call Yuzuki-san here again.”
Mikako: There’s no such thing.
Yuzu-nee: *pretending to be Tsuzuki* We’re done with Shamal.
Mikako: Everyone will be interested to have you here. Anyway, I really had fun. I’m sure everyone is satisfied. And so, we have our healer, Yuzu-nee–
Yuzu-nee: Come to Comiket!
Mikako: And so… Next week, we’ll have… uh… someone here as guest.
Yuzu-nee: Our script has it down as OO-san.
Mikako: It hasn’t be decided, apparently. Please look forward to it. This broadcast was brought to you by Takahashi Mikako and…
Yuzu-nee: Yuzuki Ryouka.
Mikako & Yuzu-nee: Bai bai~


For all you Yuzuki Ryouka fans, don’t worry. She will be back on this show eventually… while bringing more chaos. XD I think we’d have a lot more laughs if a large portion wasn’t take up by the letters, but I suppose it can’t be helped as it’s an important part of the show as well.

And since it’s no secret by now… The guest for Radio StrikerS 2nd #7 will be Ueda Kana!


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  1. You are welcome. 🙂 In the last picture you can even see her face behind the visor.

    Here is a Video of that race where she appears at 13:48 Minutes. The camera makes a move to the left, and once it stops you have Nana-sama’s racing team right up front. I watched the entire thing but i haven’t seen her again. The teams cart however appears at 1:12:06 hours, and you can see her team mates hugging at 1:13:22 on the lest side.

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