Smile-Gang #558

With this, I am officially up-to-date with the Smile-Gang posts! =D
It’s a relatively short post though.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第558回

-Opening talk-

As rare as it may seem, Smile-Gang 558 starts with a mini letter-reading corner. Maybe it’s because letters are piling up as they haven’t been reading very many over the past few weeks.
Anyway, random letter where the sender sends in a funny story that tells of how his mother can fall asleep any time any where… such as when she was folding clothes.

Misato then comments on how she, herself, can sleep in weird poses (e.g. sitting in a seiza position).
As for Nana… well, she slept while doing sit ups (and woke up because she felt cold). XD;; Ever since she first mentioned this incident a year or two ago, I always wondered if she simply fell asleep or if she actually fainted due to fatigue. :S

-Head Nanau-

Topic: Kei-tan 9 years old.
Yes, Kei-tan recently turned 9 years old. In human years, he will be in his late 40s, almost 50 (according to Nana herself XD).

As mentioned on Smile-Gang before, Kei-tan only uses the “washroom” when he is taken outside for a walk. Which means he holds in until Nana comes from work and take him out. It needs to be said that Kei-tan is a clean freak, often licking his paws and whatnot. However, perhaps due to age, Kei-tan lost control and “dirtied” his home one day the moment Nana opened the door and said “tadaima.” ^^;;

Despite that though, Nana claims that Kei-tan is in very good health. He lost 0.8kg after all (went from 4.8kg to 4.0kg). And because chihuahuas have long lifespans (wikipedia reveals average of 10-18 years), he is doing very well.

-Don Channel-

Misato: Smile-gangu-gu-gu!

^Misato’s random calls can be very cute most of the time. XD

Anyway, it’s Don Channel — the anything-goes-corner. This time they do a “Japan Sma-demy Award” (get it? XD). Anyway, complete randomness so I’m just going to post what Nana considers to be the winner in each category.

Best Gourmet Award

Best Item Award
Sigma Seven’s paper bag

Best Place For Travel Award

And yeah… That’s it for this corner.

-New Song Revelation: Happy Go-Round-

I know, I know — I can’t really call it “new song revelation” as it’s already past December 12 so the new album is out… But hey, my copy is still in snail mail.

Anyway, I’m not sure why, but when I first heard this song, I couldn’t help but laugh. In a good way. It carries through with the “happy” theme of the song.
…Ok, fine, I admit, it was the lyrics that made me laugh. Sounds like some love comedy anime ending theme. XD


That pretty much wraps up Smile-Gang 558 as it’s the usual announcements after the song and CM.


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