Smile-Gang #554-556

Happy 12/12/12 everyone. Ok, I know due to time differences, some of you are already past this date, but hey, it’s still 12/12/12 here! Lol.

Anyway, finally got around to posting 554-556. With this, I only have 558 left and I’ll be up to date again. Woohoo! And then maybe I’ll get around to finishing up the translation for Radio StrikerS 2nd #6.

I apologize beforehand if this entire post sounds very disconnected. This was written in several sittings after all.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第554回

Smile-Gang 554

As we near the end of the year, the talk about year-end punishment game is unavoidable. Misato gets her second guess correct with regards to the baseball league — leading her to ask if she can deduct a point from her score. The result is, of course, a no. Nana has already lost 2 weeks prior, so they won’t be giving Misato any bonus here.

Nana reveals that she prefers something physical over emotional/mental for the year’s punishment game. For example, she rather run around Bunka Hosou building than make a fool of herself out in public.

Misato: We know that. Isn’t that precisely why we aim for the emotional punishment?

Lol. Well said, Misato. Well said.

-Head Nanau-

Nana speaks of her guest appearance on Nodo jiman. There’s 66 years worth of history connected to the event/show.
What’s special about this time (aside from Nana being there) is that this is the first time in 66 years to have a guest there right from the preliminary rounds. Nana heard every performance live for 4 and a half years.

Nana’s thought on this whole thing is that everyone felt like family while at the event — something Nana feels to be special and not experienced often.

-Don Channel-

As Nana said, Don Channel seems to be happening a lot lately.

Simply put, Don Channel this time around is more about testing how well Nana and Misato can talk about random topics. Many years ago (9 to be precise), on Smile-Gang, both Nana and Misato failed horribly when they were asked to talk about the random topic of ‘red leaf.’ They seem to have overcome that topic, but have they overcome the inability to speak about random topics as a whole? And will they find their second “red leaf” topic that had them utterly stumped so many years ago?

We shall find out.

1st topic: Hokkaido
2nd topic: Rain
3rd topic: Shippu
4th topic: Judo, kendo, aikido
5th topic: Crossing
6th topic: The misgivings of youth
7th topic: Sri Lanka
8th topic: Junmai Ginjo
9th topic: Holstein (?)
10th topic: Coffee
11th topic: Takibi
12th topic: Thread
13th topic: Cells
14th topic: Battery

Crossing is crowned as the 2nd “red leaf.” Now, why isn’t it Sri Lanka (as most would expect?). Nana wants to pick a topic where she leaves herself some room for possibilities. It took Misato and herself 9 years to speak about the random “red leaf” topic — but she is sure that 9 years later, they still would not know anything about Sri Lanka. Thus, she chose “crossing.”


水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第555回

Smile-Gang 555

Opening talk is trip down the memory lane. And because the punishment game is coming up, they spoke of what happened 3 years ago. That year, Misato had 9 points whereas Nana had 10. Misato got off without a scratch whereas Nana had to do the “I’m a chimpanzee” joke that wasn’t funny. Nana claims that it was more painful to explain why it was supposed to be funny than actually saying the line in public.

I’m going take the easy way out this time — Go listen to the broadcast back in 2009 for full details. 😛

-Head Nanau Corner-

Nana seems to scarred by one of her own narration experiences for Animal Planet.
We all know that calm narrator voice Nana uses when she’s narrating, so imagine how she feels when she has to read the following lines in that voice:

“New child is born. But if you look closely, the child doesn’t look like its parents. Instead, doesn’t it look like the cat next door?”

“Would the father treat them as his own child?”

“Looks like they became a real family in the end.” (this is the last line of the story, by the way)

Er…Animal Planet is supposedly a kid’s show, right? ^^;; Looks like there’s some serious family drama happening…

-Re-Broadcast Channel-

…Misato announced that the corner they’re going to re-broadcast is from 3 years ago.

And it’s… Sma-Dai Campus Life!

Seriously? 3 years? I remember the music and the title call so clearly that… I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already. O_o

Anyway, as a sub-corner of Sma-Dai Campus Life, they’re going to do a “study section.” Many teachers have appeared throughout this corner and one of the most memorable teacher was…

Minie-sensei! (If I and the others on NicoNico remember correctly…)

Ok, I admit, I didn’t remember the name so much. Only that she (voiced by Misato) called Nana “Mini-Pork.” Hahaha.

The activity to be done is do a 30 seconds talk on certain musicians. She did this 3 years ago too.

This time, the 3 musicians she has to speak about is Beethoven, Lady Gaga, and… well, the last one is a surprise (though it didn’t come as a surprise, especially for those who have been following Smile-Gang for at least 3 years).

1) Beethoven
Nana managed the parts that are more or less considered general knowledge. Nothing particularly interesting to note.

Though I found it hilarious that Misato points out the stuff she said about Beethoven on this same corner 3 years ago wasn’t much different. XD

Misato then goes ahead and reads more information about Beethoven. That would’ve been considered the “right” answer. Nana didn’t hit many points if we were to compare the two answers. XD

2) Lady Gaga
In general, what Nana spoke about were her sense of fashion and how she is a topic of discussion everywhere. Also, she knows that there was a time when she did part-time jobs and lived in a small apartment, but in the end, she couldn’t give up being a singer.

3) Mizuki Nana
Broken sentences and key words as in the following: Seiyuu/Singer. 32 year old little girl. Ehime Ambassador. Has a dog called Kei-tan. Oyabaka. Home is cold. Home is dirty.

…Somehow, I get the feeling she did a better job 3 years ago. XD

-New song revelation: Get my drift?-

My thoughts on this song… Engrish all over the place! Lol.
It’s not bad. I get the feeling it’ll be one of those where, if I loop it enough, it’ll undoubtedly start growing on me.


水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第556回

To be honest, I didn’t find Smile-Gang 556 as interesting as the others. Even with the Misato Channel. Maybe because I found 557 more hilarious… and this did come before that. ^^;;

-Head Nanau Corner-

Mainly spoke about the Music Fair where she did a few winter song covers.

What I found to be the highlight (aside from Mishi-P being a complete oya-baka over Nana’s performances) is the fact that Nana realized most of the people there with her were very young. When one of them were asked how old their father was, the answer was 39. Nana was shocked… She’s closer in age to their parents than she is to them! Lol. And then she begins wondering if it is ok to be on the same stage as these people. XD

-Misato Channel-

Since I posted Smile-Gang 557 already, most should know what this is about.
They’re role-playing the guy instead of the girl though.

1) To a girl who was recently rejected by her sempai

Nana and Misato considers this one difficult as the girl would obviously still be thinking of her sempai.

2) To a girl who was a former ex-girlfriend (and have been getting along well again lately)

Nana didn’t get her point across at all. XD

3) To a girl who was hurt and afraid to love

Nana is laughing too much for this to work. ^^;;


That’s all for 554 to 556. Abrupt end, I know, but at least I’m almost caught up!


6 comments on “Smile-Gang #554-556

    • Lol. Only because I managed 3 Smile-Gang in one post.
      But it seems that I sped through these 3 Smile-Gang so fast and was so eager to post that I didn’t realize I left some parts in point form (fixed now). Sorry if you had to read through all the mistakes. ^^;;

    • Hm… By radio shows, you mean different ones in general? Not sure I can handle many more. ^^;; Keeping up with Smile-Gang nowadays is already tough, and I still want to get through Radio StrikerS 2nd before attempting anything else.

      Although curiously, as you seem to be a seiyuu fan in general, any radio shows you recommend? =)

      • I’ve been watching some BlazBlue radio. The animations, along with the guests, and the cuteness makes it one of my favorite!

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