Smile-Gang #557 – Kouhaku Call reaction

Since this broadcast was Kouhaku-related, I thought I’d post this up first before getting around to 554-556. It was interesting to learn about how Mishi-P was about the Kouhaku thing up until he received the news himself. XD

Also, I have to say — the Misato Channel made this week’s Smile-Gang one of the most hilarious broadcast I’ve heard in a while. Except… be warned of somewhat “mature” contents in that corner. Lol. It’s all in good fun though — reminds me of the constantly forgotten fact that Smile-Gang is a midnight program in its own right. Hahaha.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第557回

Misato starts things off by saying that she wants to congratulate Nana-san.

Misato: Congratulations to the Ehime mascot winning 1st place in the 2012 polls!
Nana: …You’re congratulating me on THAT!?

Why yes, Nana was expecting a congratulations for something else. XD Of course, Misato is aware of that, but she believes the matter regarding red and white should be announced by Mizuki Nana herself.

Nana: Mizuki Nana, for the 4th consecutive time, will be appearing on NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

Briefly, Nana discusses how the “happiness” of hearing the news changes each year.
For example, for the first year, there was surprise followed by a roller coaster of different types of emotions that left her in tears (of happiness).

So how was it this year? How was the news delivered to her? That’s where we head into the Head Nanau corner.

-Head Nanau-

Obviously, she received the news before anything got released online. Which meant she received a call early in the morning from Mishi-P. Completely unsuspecting, Nana had the “Why-are-you-calling-me-at-such-an-early-hour” type of reaction. But Mishi-P’s voice was completely calm (with awkward pauses) as he said “It’s been decided that you will be on the 63rd NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen.”
As revealed on her blog, Nana was momentarily stunned when she heard the news before the tears came.

She then talks about how Mishi-P had always been more nervous about her being on or not this year. He doesn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up (including his own), so he went on and on telling everyone (mainly himself) not to get too hyped up. Eventually, he even said “If you’re not on this year, we’ll do a countdown live. Everything will be okay.” Nana blinked at that and nodded (more for Mishi-P’s sake than her own), because she says she won’t be bothered regardless of what happens. Kouhaku had always been a dream to her so she tries to be realistic.

Anyway, after she was told the news, one of the first things she wanted to do was call her mom. However, she was forbidden to do so until 5pm (when the “official” news comes out). It was a long wait for our Nana. But because of her job schedule, for the past 3 years, she was not able to call her mother at 5 to tell her (so she never got to be the first one to tell her).

This year, however, Nana made sure she would be the first source for her mother. However, when she phoned at 5, no one picked up. That got Nana worried… but it turns out her mom was in the washroom. XD;;

When the news was delivered, O-mama was momentarily shocked in the “…Really?” reaction. After a few moments, she went back to normal with phrases such as “Oh, I could give you a hug right now!” and “Let me give you a kiss.” and “I need to go tell your dad tomorrow.”
Then Nana tells her that she’ll be having dinner with Sayuri… to which O-mama says “Get her to give you hugs!” Lol. Her mother will be going to Tokyo on the 31st to watch her on Kouhaku.

As for Kei-tan’s reaction when Nana told him the news… He just stared, apparently. XDD And when she took him out for a walk, he stayed further away from her than usual. Hahahahaha.

Then Misato suddenly realizes that she might be at a place without TV on the 31st. Still, she says she’ll try her best to catch her on TV that night.

On a side note, we’ll all be trying to catch her on TV/streams that night too, right? =D Need to figure out a way to keep myself awake. Lol.

-Koi-suru Misato Channel Take 2-

Next is the hilarious Misato Channel I referred to way back up above. This is labeled Take 2 because Take 1 took place in 556 apparently. I haven’t listened to that one yet (got up to 555 only).

Basically, this is where Misato or Nana must act out roles of love-struck girls and confess to characters as depicted by the situation written… because Xmas is coming up (and Xmas is the season of love).

A game of rock-paper-scissors will determine who chooses the situation and who does the voice acting. Misato doesn’t want to do the voice acting as she claims it is difficult and embarassing. Perhaps that’s why it made it all the more hilarious when she loses all 5 rounds of rock-paper-scissors against Nana. So yup, Misato is the one doing all the acting while Nana makes the decision on what “embarassing” situation to put her Smile-Gang partner in.

Normally, it probably shouldn’t be so bad. After all, all she has to do si to sweetly “confess” according to the situation Nana reads out. But somehow Misato turns the whole idea upside down with inappropriate outbursts. XD

In the first situation, Misato tries to “confess” to the president of a company. The voice acting part was fine (simply asking the older guy out for dinner) but it’s what she said after it’s done that made me splutter. Nana tries to “censor” it by yelling “beep beep” but I guess the rest of the staff thought it was fine to be broadcasted. Then again, Smile-Gang IS a midnight program. XDD;;
For those of you curious, Misato basically said “hold me more.” XDD;;

In the second situation, it’s confessing to some guy from Europe who is already married. They want to depict a hopeless love situation where the girl simply wants to at least let the guy know her feelings (without wanting more).

Nana thinks Misato cracked half way through the acting as words such as “different home”, “local wife” and “divorce” began surfacing. Erm… yeah, you get the idea. XDD That’s why you hear Nana asking “Misato, daijoubu?” Haha.

Third situation — Yup, Misato has cracked. That’s all I’ve got to say. XDD

Fourth situation — a VERY straight-forward confession that left everyone in a “what-just-happened” state.

Fifth situation — How is anyone supposed to react to “Don’t think of me as a human. Just female. Now please go out with me.” O_o

Despite the weirdness, I got a lot of laughs out of this corner. XD


-New song: Kiseki no Melodia-

Next is the revelation of Kiseki no Melodia. Just some brief thoughts… I got Next Arcadia vibes from this song. It’s nice. I quite like this — definitely has that video game feel to it (after all, this is the opening to Shining Ark). I actually like this more than LOVELY FRUITS and Get my drift? but that’s more due to my personal preference in music. I really liked the way she sang “Kiss & Cry” for some reason.


That’s all for Smile-Gang 557. =3


5 comments on “Smile-Gang #557 – Kouhaku Call reaction

  1. As for Kei-tan’s reaction when Nana told him the news… He just stared, apparently. XDD And when she took him out for a walk, he stayed further away from her than usual Lol strange dog! The script said he has to jump to Nana’s arms and lick her face! tsk tsk Kei-tan. xDD

    And yep we’ll be trying to keep awake all night xD I can help you again like last year if you want >83 Hopefully the streaming place we used last year is streaming Kouhaku again this year, they have such good quality.

    And this smagang sounds really weird…and interesting haha. Kokuhaku eh….NAISU.

    Oh btw, random, but what app do you use to listen to smagang on your phone? ouo

    • “Strange” dog? Lol.

      For a moment there, I wondered to myself “What’d you do last year?” before I remembered. Haha. Sure, if we manage to find a good stream. 😛

      It’s Misato. All Misato. XDD

      I used to use Raziko. Unfortunately, they’ve started enforcing region restrictions so I haven’t been able to access the app properly for a while now.

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