Smile-Gang 553

Continuing with the slow-and-behind-the-time update on Smile-Gang. Drafted this a few weeks back, but never got around to cleaning it up til now… I’m behind again on Smile-Gang listening but I do plan on catching up this weekend.

On another note, I haven’t abandoned the translation for Radio StrikerS 2nd. Just put on the back-burner for the time being…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第553回

Smile-Gang 553 starts off with fan letter reading with contents relating to LOVELY FRUITS. It seems like I wasn’t the only one who heard similarities between this and Discotheque. ^^;; Nana mentions here that, during the live, she wants everyone to sing “Itadakimasu LOVELY FRUITS” together (similar to how everyone sings chulu-chulu-payapa).

Misato then reminds everyone that there isn’t long before ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS is to be released. Note here that you can hear Nana being momentarily taken aback. ^^;; That is because the recording for the album hasn’t been complete yet.

Misato asks if she’s okay with everything… as she revealed that she sent her a text/mail recently at 1:30am and got the reply of “The meeting just ended. I’m heading back now.”

^Meaning she was still out working at 1:30am. :S She needs to take it easy…

-Head Nanau Corner-

Here, Nana speaks about the MV for LOVELY FRUITS. Continuing with crazy schedules, the recording started at 6:00am in the morning. The singing parts were recorded first, and then the “drama” parts. The reason for that is probably the setting and acting time. By setting, I mean it taking place in American restaurant during the 80s. Misato’s “Kawaii~” was cute when she imagined the 80s fashion. XD It doesn’t end there. The drama involves roller skating waitresses… With Nana being the dojikko waitress on skates. ^^;;

Now, Nana cannot really skate, so the rollers are fake. Yes, it’s all just an act though it doesn’t make things any easier though. XD She’s acting as someone who can’t skate well on rollers that aren’t real. I can see why it’s difficult. ^^;;

Then the conversation focuses in on a 5 year old little boy (non-Japanese) who appears in the video. At first, he was very shy. But as time went on with the recording, he had the courage to lift up Nana’s skirt before going “Gomen~ Ehehe~” Lol.
^Am I the only one who thought of Shin-chan there? XDDD

But apparently, the boy was all “gentleman-ly” when the recording finished. Both Misato and Nana wondered if it has anything to do with culture difference. XD;;

-Don Channel-

The week’s Don Channel is more of a revenge match after the disastrous results from the previous week. Hahaha.
Things are a little different this time though. Rather than letter reading, they are to talk about certain topics under the conditions as depicted by the card they draw. It’s a must-listen, so for those who haven’t already, I highly recommend hearing it at least once. =3

1st topic – Miss International Yoshimatsu Ikumi-san Grand Prix
Nana – twice as fast
Misato – speak as if yelling out hissatsu (special attack) technique

I can’t be the only one who found this insanely hilarious. XD Misato especially. XDD

2nd topic – Akai ito no Onna drama
Nana – twice as sexy
Misato – high tone musical style

Misato… wwww
And Nana merely sounds lazy/drunk than anything, but that’s probably just me. XD

3rd topic – U.S. election
Nana – twice as slow
Misato – 5 times as angry

…What more can I say? Hahahaha.
At the end, Nana says Misato got it worse more than she did. XD And I have to agree. Lol.

-Nana-iro mail-

As always, this corner serves only one purpose and that is to take up time. This time, the person’s mail asks if Nana and Misato would consider letting their children into the entertainment world (become actor/actress). Misato and Nana both say that it should be dependent on interest and they wouldn’t force it. Also, interestingly enough, Misato says she wants a girl without hesitating. Nana too.


And I think covers most of Smile-Gang 553. =3

3 comments on “Smile-Gang 553

  1. Woot! an update! before weekend too! hahaha xD Nice to see you back on a (hopefully steady) roll!

    And as always, workaholic Nana is a workaholic Nana >_< she's had a busy year, I hope she'll take it easy after Kouhaku…take a month-long vacation or something…to the western hemisphere! xDDD *crosses fingers

    And that little boy does remind me of Shin-chan hahaha! Still tho, talking about Lovely Fruits, I was kinda surprised when I saw that it's retro-themed. And the amount of gaijins there was like whoa. Dojikko Nana was cute, especially when she did the tehe! pose lol That was amusing to see xD

    Anyways, thanks for this update! Been in Nana withdrawal orz and I’m watching Live Union as I speak.

    • Not really back on a “steady” roll, but hey, Nana’s on Kouhaku! I feel like I’ve gotta do something. XD

      I’ve always wondered… Wouldn’t it feel worse if we knew she was nearby and we missed her on the streets? XD;;

      I agree the video of LOVELY FRUITS was cute. But other than that… I dunno. Didn’t leave much of an impression on me. :S

      You’re not in Nana withdrawal if you’re watching Live Union. XDD

      • Haha I’d rather missed her on the streets than never had the chance of doing so at all xDD

        Still in withdrawal =w= Live Union was kinda short haha, but I don’t wanna watch too much. Preparation for Kouhaku woot!

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