Smile-Gang #552

After 2 months of no Smile-Gang updates, I come bearing one! 2 weeks old, but that was where I picked up after weeks of not listening.

And I love how despite being away from Smile-Gang, I didn’t feel any disconnect. 😛

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第552回

Right off the bat, we have a very energetic Misato and a not-so-very energetic Nana. Why you ask? See the previous and current standing of Batsu Game points.

Previous standing:
Misato – 1
Nana – 0

Curent standing:
Misato – 2
Nana – 2

Yes, they’re tied. And what’s more is that Nana accumulated 2 points at once through the baseball league (neither of her chosen teams made it).

Going with the flow, Misato happily mentions that Nana will accumulate 10 points by the end of the year if a certain something doesn’t happen.
Nana then becomes somewhat mysterious, briefly telling Misato to hold off on that as she’ll talk about it afterwards.

Moving forward to the opening jingle, Misato asks Nana to go watch her stage acting show. Nana’s reply to that was…

Nana: I’ll go even if you don’t ask with such a cute voice!



Now in the Head Nanau corner…

Nana: I put up my curtain!!!
Misato: Eh?

It took her 2 and a half years (since June 2010 — around the time when she was recording SCOOP SCOPE), but she did it! Lol.
And yes, this was the aforementioned “10 batsu game points if not done by end of year.” Misato was extremely surprised Nana finally got around to get it fixed… though it was revealed that even Nana herself thought that she wasn’t going to do it. As luck would have it though, she was beginning to have problems with her door lock (to the point where her neighbours would think she’s a trespasser — LOL) so she had to make the call to get people to make repairs. The repair people are coming anyway, so might as well get them to put up the fallen down curtain and reinforce the other ones to ensure it doesn’t happen again elsewhere.

For those of you who have been following Smile-Gang for some years, you might remember this incident. The curtain rail fell but somehow did not break anything despite the number of things she had in that room (especially antique items).

Of course, the lack of curtain for the past 2 and a half years had their effect. Her apartment and antique items lost their colours due to the sun. XDD;;

Not willing to let go of the sudden loss of potential 10 batsu game points, Misato says they should add 10 batsu game points if the curtain rail falls again. Nana says she’s got lifetime GUARANTEE (not warranty!) that it won’t fall again. Misato is suspicious of that. I am too. Haha.


Next up — Don Channel

What is that sound Misato made at the beginning? The “Ain~” sound. That was cute. XD

Anyway, the week’s Don Channel is letter reading under certain conditions (listed below) depending on the number they roll.

If dice roll is:
1 – Twice as cute
2 – Twice as loud
3 – Twice as fast
4 – Twice as slow
5 – Twice as sexy
6 – Twice as shy

The first mail was actually very amusing (what are you supposed to think when, out of 4 different horoscopes, 2 say you have best luck and the other 2 says worst luck? xD) but the slowness of speech took everything away. Haha. What’s even more funny was that they rolled 4 both times so… Well, they didn’t manage to get through that many letters.

It must have been tough to speak like that. To be honest, it was a bit tough to listen to them at first (I guess I’m an impatient person after all) before I found myself laughing uncontrollably. At the beginning, Misato thought it sounded like those Japanese language lesson tapes/CD. Hahaha.

This part was well worth listening. XD


Then is the full version of LOVELY FRUITS on air.

Late in terms of thought, but… it gave me the same feeling as DISCOTHEQUE. They’re of the same style.
I’ve never watched Toriko so I’m not quite sure how it all comes together. It doesn’t suit my personal taste so I can’t say I like it though I definitely don’t mind it. In the end, I can’t say I’ve formed an impression of it despite the number of times I’ve heard it.


Going to end this post off here. I’m still not in a position to promise anything in terms of updates but I’m honestly surprised that there are a fair number of you who chose “I don’t care just update!” in the poll. I was expecting Smile-Gang by a landslide. ^^;;
Thanks to all those who voted/commented for satisfying my curiosity! XD


6 comments on “Smile-Gang #552

  1. Lol..I think Nana is more scared of the punishment game than the damages the curtain rail has done to her precious antiques^^;; And that was sooo long ago…*remembers blood-r radio broadcast*

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