I get the feeling I might regret making this (flawed) poll later, but I don’t see why I should fight off this curiosity — and I’ve never made a poll before so it’s a good chance for me to try. =D (Yes, it’s one of the rare times when I’m feeling very random).

Anyway, seeing as the majority of my posts are radio-related, I’m curious as to what most of you prefer to see updated/want to read the most about. Smile-Gang? World of M? Radio StrikerS 2nd? Or do you not care as long as I write even one letter of the alphabet to indicate that I’m alive? XD

Not that I’m suggesting the result of the poll will actually affect what I post about. In the end, I choose to write what I find memorable or worth sharing. Nonetheless, I’m still curious. Haha.

Take your vote below. =3

By kasumife7

14 comments on “Poll

  1. Torn between I don’t care just update and Smile Gang…though I have to choose the latter because it’s more fun than M no Sekai and I don’t follow Radio strikers so can’t really relate. Besides, I treat Smile Gang as stress reliever so it’s more fun if I can understand what they’re saying….especially the Ehime channel and well, the upcoming year-end punishment game.

    • Lol. Yeah, the poll is really showing the lack of interest in M no sekai in comparison to everything else. Can’t say I’m surprised though. πŸ˜›

      The upcoming year-end punishment can still go many ways since Misato and Nana are tied. I think I want to see them both get it instead of just one of them. >D

  2. Why can’t we choose two? lol. I’m torn between just update and Radio Strikers…but like everything else are also good T__T Smagang and M(aso) no Sekai…lol

    Well…in the end, it’s all up to you Kasu-kasu! 83

      • wwwwww okay hahahaha….
        just do stuff on your own pace, personally the only time when i do listen to any of the radio is when something is posted here cos i’m too busy (and a little lazy) to look for it myself. XD

        Maybe i’ll go for the last option….

  3. Its been awhile, Kasumi-chan!

    I think its good to know what people want to read and what you want to read. At least I dont see any problem with a straightforward poll. \o/ To be honest I am happy with whatever you updates write. Always here to read any Nana related stuff. I am very curious what you think of Lovely Fruit or the new album release!

    I have chosen for Smile Gang. The reason might be obvious, but the radioshow makes me smile everytime eventhough I understand 20% what they say. All well, hearing Nana-san is all I need www.

    Hope to read to your updates soon enough!!


    • Yes, it’s been a while!

      The poll is yielding some predictable yet surprising results for me.

      To be honest, I’ve heard Lovely Fruit several times now and… it still hasn’t made much of an impression on me yet. Though the problem lies more with the fact that it doesn’t fit with my usual tastes, but more on that when I post my thoughts on Smile-Gang 552 (it’s already drafted — but need to relisten to some parts before I post)… so at least one update is coming! =D

  4. More StrikerS! I only came here for the Yuzuki Ryouka, stayed for the Seiyuu’s. I’ve never heard Nana’s stuff but I might give Smile Gang a try. Seen it on Nico couple of tiimes. Any other seiyuu blogs I can follow? I’m following this, O—, and Ambi. I learned over the past couple of days Hanazawa Kana is the miracle of the universe.

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