Of Dreams and Randomness

Out of the many dreams I had last night, I only have recollection of 4 of them.

And out of those 4, one of them had been about me listening to Smile-Gang.

When I woke up, I wondered why I would have such a dream. I haven’t listened to Smile-Gang for over a month after all. Maybe it was a sign? LOL.

Yes, random post at a random hour. Just letting everyone know that I’m still around. Will (hopefully) return to a slightly more regular/predictable update pace in a few weeks — if anyone still cares at that point. 😛

By kasumife7

4 comments on “Of Dreams and Randomness

  1. Lol, Random posts are contagious xD
    I think that’s a sign too, for you to continue the reports hahahaha.

    And we still care, no worries xD
    Just take your time >89

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