Radio StrikerS 2nd #5 — Guest: Yuzuki Ryouka

I haven’t forgotten about this place. Just that I’ve been extremely busy lately and have even been working through weekends… which means my brain is quite blank during my off times. *sighs* But anyway…

Here is the much anticipated Radio StrikerS 2nd (#5) with Yuzuki Ryouka (Shamal) as guest!

RADIOアニメロミックス~ラジオStrikerS 2nd 第5回【ゲスト:柚木涼香】

Stand by, ready.

Mikako: Welcome!
Yuzu-nee: I’m a little nervous…
Mikako: Ehh~ Last time, Signum and Vita (Kaori-chan and Asami-chan) were here… And then we were told that Yuzu-nee would be coming–
Yuzu-nee: The doggy isn’t here?
Mikako: Ahahaha! Here we go!
Yuzu-nee: I honestly thought I was going to be here with the doggy… But I’m alone…

Dog reference right off the bat. XD Can’t say I was expecting any less from Yuzu-nee though. Hahahaha.

Mikako: Well, this way (referring to the lack of Ichijou-san’s presence), we can focus in on Yuzu-nee’s charm–
Yuzu-nee: No! What kind of perverted/perverse program is this?
Mikako: Huh? Wha?

I… I don’t know where to begin with that statement. LOL.

Before the conversation derails too badly, Mikako attempts to bring it back to something Nanoha-related…

Mikako: It would seem that everyone from Yagami family’s WolkenReitter team love the WolkenReitter a bit too much.
Yuzu-nee: That is true. But let me emphasize one point — I’m in charge of healing/soothing.
Mikako: What’s this about “emphasize one point”? …Shamal is a good healer.
Yuzu-nee: What’s with that expression? You look as if saying that is causing you pain.

Hahahaha. I think by now, those of you who don’t know Yuzu-nee can get a pretty good grasp of her usual behaviour. XDD

Yuzu-nee: Everyone… You must not focus on the seiyuu behind the character. Just watch the movie or DVD. Ok?

Yes, just watch the movie. Yuzu-nee is nothing like Shamal. XD I don’t know why Kaori would worry about how her own image would affect people’s impression of Signum when we have Yuzu-nee around. XDD

Back to topic once more…

Mikako: This is Yuzu-nee’s first appearance on Radio StrikerS.
Yuzu-nee: Yes… What is this about StrikerS ‘2nd’?
Mikako: Previously, we had a Radio StrikerS–
Yuzu-nee: During the TV series?
Mikako: No, it was during the Movie 1st.
Yuzu-nee: Currently it’s Movie 2nd… And the radio is StrikerS 2nd… Oh…
Mikako: Sometimes I still mistake the two when reading out announcements. *laughs* Anyway, since this is Yuzu-nee’s first appearance, I hope you will be able to return home happily.
Yuzu-nee: Hai, yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

LOL. “Return home happily”? Mikako, worry about yourself first! You’re up against THE Yuzuki Ryouka. XDD

After this section, we head into the One question, One Answer Q&A corner. But not before some hilarity.

Mikako: Once again, this is Takahashi Mikako with guest–
Yuzu-nee: Kasuwagi Ryouka here!
Mikako: Eh? Eh? Who?
Yuzu-nee: It’s Kasuwagi.
Mikako: We didn’t invite Kasuwagi.
Yuzu-nee: Our marketing department gave me a new name.
Mikako: *laughs* Stop pulling our legs, Yuzu-nee! Please tell us what happened.
Yuzu-nee: At Shinjuku, there was a huge advertisement board, right? And the character art for each character was displayed on the wall with (CV: seiyuu name) written on it. For Shamal, it was written “CV: Kasuwagi Ryouka” in big letters.
Mikako: Ah~ I suppose “Yuzu” (柚) and “Kasu” (柏) are quite similar in written form.
Yuzu-nee: It was close~
Mikako: It’s missing a line.
Yuzu-nee: But you know, when I tweeted about it, a lot of people specifically went to Shinjuku to take a picture of it.
Mikako: *laughs* It got people excited instead.

Yuzu-nee then makes sure to remind everyone that her real name is Yuzuki Ryouka. XD

~One Question, One Answer Q&A corner~

Officially heading into the Q&A corner now…

Q1: If you were to describe your character in one phrase, what would it be?
A1: Absent-minded, mature, serious.

Yuzu-nee actually added “しめってる?” at the end there, which was what made Mikako laugh.

Q2: When you were in the role (of Shamal), was there anything you had to be consciously aware of?
A2: Absent-minded, mature, serious.

Oi oi, same answer? XD

<i.Q3: When Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A’s was confirmed, how did you feel?
A3: Woohoo, it's finally here!

Q4: What were your thoughts for doing a Nanoha recording after such a long time?
A4: Oh, it felt good!

Lol. What was with that tone, Yuzu-nee! XDDD

Q5: At the recording site, what left an impression on you?
A5: The dog is noisy.

That didn’t come as a surprise.

Q6: Please leave give a message to people that’ll make them want to watch the movie in theatres.
Yuzu-nee: ポロリもあるよ!
Mikako: *bursts out laughing* Yuzu-nee, please return to us. Yuzu-nee~~~
Yuzu-nee: Mikako-chan, what (dirty) thoughts are you thinking? I was referring ポロリ in terms of tears.
Mikako: I fell for it~!
Yuzu-nee: *in a disappointed tone* What’s wrong with you, Mikako-chan?
Mikako: But — wait please wait–
Yuzu-nee: What did you think everyone else thought? I’m sure listeners understood what I meant — They’re bringing towels or handkerchief to the movie. Everyone will be all ポロリ, ポロリ (crying giant droplets of tears). Even the characters were ポロリ, ポロリ. What is going through that mind of yours, Mikako-chan?!
Mikako: Even Tsuzuki-san made gestures to say “There was none of that!” when you said that the first time.
Yuzu-nee: Really?! But there was ポロリ, right?
Mikako: Yes, a different kind of ポロリ. Let’s apologize, Yuzu-nee. We allowed adult content to spill through just now.
Yuzu-nee: Sorry.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA. Do I need to explain what they were going at? Or specifically, what Yuzu-nee was going at? XD Let’s just say that the phrase in question can be taken to mean many things… And in this case, one in a perverted sense and another in the innocent teary sense. XD

Anyway, as usual, they dive deeper into the answers to get more details/explanation.

Mikako: About the answer to “If you were to describe your character in one phrase”, you answered “Absent-minded, mature, serious”… And what was that last one?
Yuzu-nee: Hm? No, I only listed 3.
Mikako: Oh really? Wasn’t there ‘しめってる’?
Yuzu-nee: I didn’t say that.
Mikako: Yuzu-nee~~ What is the meaning of this?
Yuzu-nee: I was referring to smoother skin…You know how much time has passed since the TV series, right?
Mikako: Yes.
Yuzu-nee: It’s supposed to be a secret, but to put it simply, the person inside (the voice actor/actress) grow old. Sure, the person inside don’t have an age, but thinking back to the time, that smooth skin — well, that’s why I said that.
Mikako: The way you express it has problems.
Yuzu-nee: Smooth? Yup.
Mikako: Not ‘yup’!
Both: *laughs*
Mikako: You said ‘absent-minded, mature’, which I can understand. She does exert the ‘serious’ characteristic sometimes too.
Yuzu-nee: Yes, I’m in charge of healing!
Mikako: That’s right. She’s in charge of healing. And–
Yuzu-nee: Wow, that was dead-pan. You didn’t mean it at all! You need to love Shamal more!
Mikako: I do love Shamal! I think she’s very cute — but well — let’s move on.

Looks like Mikako couldn’t handle it any longer and could only switch topics to get herself out of the jam. XD

Mikako: Next was your answer of “It felt good!” to “your thoughts for doing a Nanoha recording after such a long time.” How was it really?
Yuzu-nee: It was amazing to be able to get together with everyone after so long. This Nanoha family, and within it, the Yagami family where we share a deep bond — it’s simply amazing to have everyone gather again — It just felt very good. It’s almost inexpressible.
Mikako: I suppose that’s true. Everyone from the Yagami family get along well.
Yuzu-nee: Do the others not get along?
Mikako: No. They do. That’s not the point I’m trying to make. It’s not what you think, Yuzu-nee.
Yuzu-nee: It’s not?
Mikako: Ah, let’s get on with the letters.
Yuzu-nee: We don’t actually have enough time for letters, do we? Because I keep saying things. *laughs* I’m sorry. I’ll stick with the script.

~Letter Reading corner~

Letter 1: Nanoha Movie 2nd was amazing! I don’t know how many times I cried throughout the movie. I went to the stage greeting on the first day, and Yuzu-nee’s out-of-control behaviour was awfully hilarious! Ichijou-san, who tried to stop Yuzu-nee from going too overboard, deserves mentioning too. I must say, he was cute when he hesitated after being told by Yuzu-nee that, “You’re actually happy everyone is referring to Zafira as a dog, aren’t you?” Also, I still haven’t been able to locate the scene with Shamal Beam within the movie. I believe in my heart that the scene does exist and will continue to search for it.

Yuzu-nee: Ah, I see. So you’re not able to see it yet. You lack training.
Mikako: What is this about Shamal Beam?
Yuzu-nee: I say only those who has watched the movie 8 or 9 times will see it.
Mikako: What is the meaning of this? What’s going on? You can see Shamal Beam?
Yuzu-nee: Yes. Klarwind goes “bi bi bi – SHAMAL BEA~M!!!”
Mikako: Wait a minute! I don’t think such a scene existed! Are you serious? Is it one of those where you can only see after you’ve reached a certain state of mind?
Yuzu-nee: Yes.

Mikako then tells everyone to watch the movie a few more times to find that scene. XDD

As a quick recap, Mikako speaks about how the first stage greeting at Shinjuku had everyone in one place. After that, they split up, with the Yagami family going to Saitama for their second stage greeting. When asked about how things went there, Yuzu-nee said that it was peaceful, very touching, Hayate’s tears emotionally moved everyone. It was a good stage.

Mikako: who should I go for confirmation?
Yuzu-nee: Everone at Saitama that day! See? They’re nodding their heads!

Who’s nodding, I wonder? XDD

Mikako: But you know, the bickering between you and Ichijou-san actually started at Shinjuku.
Yuzu-nee: Shinjuku… I’d say Shinjuku was quiet. There wasn’t much time and our two leads were there (Yukarin and Nana). Everyone else only had time to say “hello.” …I don’t believe I said anything else there.
Mikako: You called Ichijou-san “doggy.”
Yuzu-nee: Did I? Once again, I’m in charge of healing.

Letter 2: I watched the A’s movie! A’s had always been my favourite out of the series and I really liked the fact that we got more details on Reinforce. Even my favourite scene from the Comics was included! When that scene was playing, I turned to the person beside me whom I didn’t even know and said “That’s unfair! That makes people cry!” Personally, I love WolkenReitter’s leader and attacker, and for the sake of hearing “打ち抜け!” and “紫電一閃!”, I’ll be going to the theatres a few more times.

Yuzu-nee: …YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO! D<
Mikako: Huh? Why??
Yuzu-nee: What? 打ち抜け? 紫電一閃? Sure these two were wonderful —
Mikako: *laughs* That — Ah, you're jealous. That was too sudden! You got me worried for a second there.
Yuzu-nee: *laughs* Really?
Mikako: I think Shamal is cute.
Yuzu-nee: Of course.
Mikako: I really think she's cute. From the bottom of my heart.
Yuzu-nee: Those who already watched the movie will notice, but in the epilogue scenes, there were nice close-ups.

When Yuzu-nee turned this discussion on Tsuzuki-sensei, he was apparently shaking. He said the close-ups were to show that Shamal became a doctor, and NOT as Yuzu-nee was thinking, to make her appeal to the audience due to lack of appearances in the movie. XD The next Yuzu-nee idea was that, when StrikerS become a movie, she is requesting for a lot of scenes where Shamal heals people.

Yuzu-nee: That is when we get Medical Girl Lyrical Shamal! “Lyrical Shamal.” Yatta!
Mikako: What’s with “Medical Girl”? *laughs* Sounds like some 2 hour drama we see on TV.

While this conversation is happening, it appears that Tsuzuki-sensei was staring at the floor the entire time. Yuzu-nee points out that Tsuzuki-sensei hasn’t looked her in the eyes for a while now. XDDD

I think I can understand how Tsuzuki-sensei is feeling. XDD

~Let’s Hear it StrikerS 2nd~

In this next corner is the usual voice acting session with “helpful” advice from our Nanoha cast.

Letter 1: Why is it that when I ask a girl what is troubling them, they don’t accept any of the suggestions until they get the answer they want? If they already have an answer in mind, what is the point of discussion?

Shamal: That may be true. When they open up and discuss about something that is bothering them, they may not necessarily want a suggested solution. They simply want someone to listen and agree.
Caro: But guys have a tendency to just say “Then do this and you should be fine.” I’ve fought with Erio several times before over things like these.
Shamal: Oh really?
Caro: Guys want help you solve your problem so they keep throwing ideas one after another…
Shamal: That’s true too. So guys, keep that tendency in check and try to listen to what is being said. The right way to go is to cheer the girl on in her decision.
Caro: Even if you feel the girl has already arrived in her decision, continue to listen. Afterall, the act of agreeing can link to the solution.

Mikako: Ah~ It’s Shamal-san.
Yuzu-nee: Eh? …I will not speak anything aside from what’s in the script.
Mikako: Shamal does have the healing/soothing voice.
Yuzu-nee: Yes. Nice casting!
Mikako: That’s not for you to say!

LOL. Complimenting herself.

Back to a bit more serious talk, Yuzu-nee says she’s the type who don’t ask for advice. She feels that if she’s not the one to solve her own problem, then nothing will come out of it.
Surprisingly though, a lot of people go to Yuzu-nee for advice (according to Mikako, of which Yuzu-nee agrees).

Yuzu-nee: I wonder why (people come to me for advice)…
Mikako: Must be because you’re Yuzu-nee.
Yuzu-nee: I never say anything worthwhile though. So I really wonder why people come to me.
Mikako: And I really think it’s because you’re Yuzu-nee.

Letter 2: I watched the Nanoha movie on the first day. It was a story full of tears, but I didn’t cry. The reason for that is due to the resistance to cry in public. I’m jealous of those who cry without care in the theatre. What should I do?

Shamal: It’s ok to cry when you’re sad. It’s fine to cry.
Chrono: The theatre is dark, so no one will know who’s crying. And if it’s a movie that’ll make everyone cry, then everyone is crying, so there’s no problem.
Shamal: Chrono-kun! That doesn’t help. Uhh~ If it really bothers you, then try finding a cool way to cry. A dandy way to cry.

Mikako: *giggling* A “dandy” way to cry? Even though it’s part of Tsuzuki-san’s script…
Yuzu-nee: I wonder what a dandy way to cry is?
Mikako: I wonder too.
Yuzu-nee: Silent tears without the runny nose part?
Mikako: But… I’d want him to cry either way for the Nanoha movie.
Yuzu-nee: Yes, be honest with yourself (and cry).
Mikako: It’s almost a movie made to get people crying.
Yuzu-nee: Everyone’s crying. So it’s okay to cry. We all said that, didn’t we?
Mikako: Yes, we did. At the stage greeting.
Yuzu-nee: Yes. The characters said so too. It’s fine to cry.

I’ll be sure to make sure I’m alone in front of the TV when I get the BD (whenever they plan to release it).

Mikako: And that’s…all with… the letters…
Yuzu-nee: I’m sorry. I know we’re supposed to be reading a few more letters but because of me…
Mikako: No no, it’s not you.
Yuzu-nee: I’m sorry.
Mikako: It’s fine.

At most, they’d only get one more letter in, so Yuzu-nee didn’t talk too much overtime. XD Admittedly, they definitely cut out a bunch of stuff in between, but we’ll never know exactly what it is. ^^;;

Next is the normal ~News & Info corner~. I say normal because there is no quiz corner that would result in crazy voice acting. XD

As we approach the end…

Mikako: How was it today?
Yuzu-nee: I learned that Mikako-chan is actually very young!
Mikako: Eh? Really? Did I exert the “young air”?
Yuzu-nee: Yes, you exerted the young air.
Mikako: Really? Thank you! As for me… I learned that Yuzu-nee was more out of control than I originally imagined.
Yuzu-nee: Stop that. I’m in charge of healing! I’ll say it until it annoys everyone.
Mikako: You do have the “healing/soothing” feel. But you change gears too suddenly and start running on top speed. For me, I found it funny.
Yuzu-nee: Stop that. You realize a nice song is playing in the background right now.
Mikako: *laughs* No, it’s a “nice” conversation we’re having right now.
Yuzu-nee: We’re supposed to be remembering the movie’s ending scenes. And the tears…
Mikako: ポロリ…
Yuzu-nee: Yes… ポロリもあるよ. See it in the movie.
Mikako: And finally, I have some good news.
Yuzu-nee: Yes?
Mikako: Guess what? Our guest today will be guest next week as well!
Yuzu-nee: Is this good news?
Mikako: Of course it is. I’m looking forward to it.
Yuzu-nee: If that’s the case then… Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Mikako: Onegaishimasu. Today’s program was delivered to you by Takahashi Mikako and–
Yuzu-nee: Yuzuki Ryouka!
Both: Bai bai~


Whew. Finally done another one.

Anyway, as sad as I am to see it only having 13 as opposed to 26 broadcasts… now that the entire Radio StrikerS 2nd is coming to an end (actually, it has already ended — just not on net radio yet), it makes planning the updates a bit easier (because there is actually an end in sight!).

There may be time for me to listen to Smile-Gang again… ^^;;


10 comments on “Radio StrikerS 2nd #5 — Guest: Yuzuki Ryouka


    Seriously, that’s my entire reaction when I read through this post xD

    My god, the wolkies seiyuu are crazy xD wish Doggy-san came along as well, it’d be even more hilarious then.

    Anyways, gambatte with work! busy bee is busy it seems xD
    Thanks for the post kasu-kasu!

    • if you wish doggy-san, Ichijou-san, would come along as guest . . . YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!! XD during one of the shows (i forgot which one it was, 12 i think??) yuzu-nee and ichijou-san were guests and it was epic

    • Just read through? You need to listen to the broadcast itself. Mikako’s hesitation and speechlessness throughout makes everything much more hilarious.

      Doggy-san will come along eventually. If this could be called chaos, then the broadcast with doggy is destruction. XDD

      “Anyways, gambatte with work! busy bee is busy it seems xD”
      Thanks! But I don’t want to be a busy bee. D:

  2. haha that cleared some of my doubts XD cause there were parts where i could really tell what they were talking about . . . esp the letters *facepalm*

    oh and is there really this shamal beam scene?!? I keep hearing yuzu-nee mentioning it for all the other times that she was here as guest ~.~|’|

    • Lol. No normal people can see this scene. You must reach a certain level before you can! Perhaps you have to see it with your heart/mind, and not with your eyes.

      In other words… Yuzu-nee is likely being Yuzu-nee when she said that. XD I have yet to hear anyone to actually “find” that scene. If it does, against all expectations, exist, then it’s probably one of those NG scenes that were kept for good fun but audio lowered to a point that is barely audible. Which is unlikely, as ‘Shamal Beam’ was Yuzu-nee’s reaction to the anticipation of the crowd during the stage greeting. XD

    • Misato? Ehime accent? That I’ve got to hear!

      Now I just need to set aside time to actually listen to Smile-Gang because listening to them at work or on public transportation is hardly a good idea… I don’t want people to think I’ve cracked under pressure by suddenly giggling or laughing out loud. XDD

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