Radio StrikerS 2nd #4 — Guest: Shimizu Kaori & Sanada Asami

Here’s Radio StrikerS 2nd #4!

RADIOアニメロミックス~ラジオStrikerS 2nd 第4回【ゲスト:清水香里・真田アサミ】

Despite the howling protests at the end of the 3rd broadcast, Shimizu Kaori and Sanada Asami return as guests.

Mikako: Last week, you both seemed like you wanted to go home.
Asami: Well, since we’re at it anyway…
Kaori: And because we were dragged here…

Lol. Yes, they never had a choice to begin with. XD

Mikako assures them that this week’s show will be a lot calmer compared to the previous, to which they say they’ll obediently follow her then. There is no lie in that statement. Due to that, this is a relatively tame 4th broadcast in comparison to what we have heard so far.

Tame does not mean less oddness laughter though. You will find out why in the first corner…

~Let’s Hear it — StrikerS 2nd~

As before, this is the corner where listeners send in letters regarding their life troubles and ask Nanoha and the others for advice. Answers, as always, are penned by Tsuzuki-sensei himself.

Kaori: This is making me nervous.
Mikako: I know, it is sort of sudden.
Kaori: It’s as if we’re going from a state of calm to something else.
Asami: *agreeing in the background*
Mikako: Almost like we’re switching gears into “work mode”
Kaori: This is bad. What if people say “This is very wrong.”?
Asami: I’m starting to get nervous too.
Mikako: Don’t worry! We all did the recording just recently!
Kaori: Mikako-chan, only half of what you’re saying has entered my head.
Mikako: Listen to me! This is a radio! Listen!

Soon after, we officially begin.

Letter 1: I am too obsessed with Twitter. I want to keep up with everyone’s tweets in real time, to the point where I spend 10 minutes in the washroom checking and replying during work hours. On my days off, I spend all day on twitter. Due to that, I haven’t been doing any work around the house. What should I do? Please advise me.

Caro: Ah~ It certainly mustn’t go on if it is affecting your daily life.
Vita: Lately, it’s easy to access the net anytime anywhere.
Caro: I believe things will work out if you can find something more interesting than twitter or the internet as a whole.
Vita: But wouldn’t he/she start tweeting about that which is more interesting?
Signum: Then go out and do some exercise. As you’re swimming or swinging swords, you will not have the time to connect to the online world. Keep it up for half a year and the distractions may disappear from your mind altogether.

Very Signum-like answer. XD

Mikako: Now that’s the power of a pro voice actor/actress.
Kaori: Praise me more! Praise me more!
Asami: That’s what we call a gap in character, dad.
Kaori: I was nervous! I was focusing! And now, once my voice has gone high, I can’t return it (to Signum’s tone).
Mikako: I know I know! Now about the twitter–
Kaori: That’s what you focus on?
Asami: That’s more–
Mikako: You two, come back (to the topic) now!
Asami: Sorry, I’m back!
Mikako: Welcome back!

Mikako then proceeds to ask if our duo have twitter accounts. The answer, of course, is a yes. Asami mentions that, just before the movie opening, the entire Wolken team were tweeting excitedly to each other.
What’s worth noting is that, usually, whenever Ichijou Kazuya makes a post on twitter (regarding Nanoha series), Yuzu-nee will never fail to reply “That’s what our dog said!”

Lol. A family indeed. XD

Letter 2: I was at the zoo the other day and was shocked to see a rhino! It’s huge and even has horns! I suddenly became nervous. What if a rhino started running rampant in the city? I doubt I can win against such a powerful creature. What should I do?

Vita: Huh. You’re such a kid. Rhinos are powerful, but at the zoo, hippos are far above them!
Chrono: Well, at the very least, there have not been any cases where rhinos have attacked humans. It is said that their horn is not used for attack, but rather to prove superiority/inferiority amongst the group.
Vita: But I have heard stories where hippos have attacked and won against rhinos. I still say hippos are the strongest!
Signum: In other words, if you are suddenly attacked by a rhinoceros in the city, simply go find a hippopotamus nearby to deal with them.
Chrono: That’s the way to go.

……..Uh? Hold on, I need a moment to wrap my head around this conversation…
*seconds tick by* …..Huh……
OK… I’ll refrain from cracking pokemon jokes here but what has cracked is my image of Vita, Signum and Chrono. Lol.

Raising Heart: Yes, my master.
Asami: Not “yes”. This is plain weird!
Kaori: Definitely not ‘yes.’
Mikako: What’s gone wrong, Tsuzuki-san? Are you tired?
Asami: He’s saying yes.
Mikako: So you are tired, right? This is too weird!
Asami & Kaori: Weird indeed!
Kaori: I’d like to point out that you will not find rhinos or hippos in the city.
Mikako: Thus you don’t have to worry about such things!
Kaori: This is Japan!
Mikako: True.

Our host, Mikako, tries to defend the corner, pointing out that it’s normally not like this. It’s usually a bit more serious. Both Asami and Kaori said they honestly thought this corner is for screwing around. XDDD

Letter 3: I’m troubled at my own shyness. When there are strangers around, I am unable to say what I want and become quiet instead. I’m envious of Nanoha who can go at it full force with people she’s never met before. How can this awkwardness be fixed?

Signum: If you’re looking for topics to talk about, I’m sure there are plenty. It could be the place you’re at, the appearance of the person, what they happen to have on them, common friends, or asking where they’re from.
Caro: But wouldn’t asking too many questions come across as rude or weird sometimes? Maybe the other person doesn’t even want to talk to me…
Signum: You won’t know until you’ve talked. Maybe they’re just as inept at meeting people as you are.
Caro: Oh, I’ve never thought of it that way.
Vita: Well, Signum is the opposite of shy after all. I doubt what she said can actually be of help…
Signum: It’s your own choice to live without communicating with others, but if you want to talk, there is nothing stopping you. If the other person would hate you over a small misunderstanding at the beginning, then you will not get along in the future anyway.
Vita: What was said holds no water.*

*Vita ends the conversation with the proverb “mi mo futa mo nee (nai) yo.” The closest translation I can come up with is “Holds no water.” Throughout the little drama here, Vita has made it clear that she doesn’t believe Signum’s advice will help.

Kaori follows up afterward saying that using “shy/not shy” is not quite the right way to describe Signum. She is simply unyielding in character. The usual thought may be “Hm, this person wants to talk to me? Then why not talk?” Mikako comments on how “warrior-like” that is. It also attributes toward how quickly Signum got close to Fate despite the lack of words.

Kaori: Unlike Vita and Nanoha where they’re all “LISTEN TO ME!!!”, we (Signum and Fate) understand each other by crossing blades only once.
Asami: So cool.
Mikako: Who are you??
Kaori: Leader of the WolkenReitter.


Turning the topic from the characters to the seiyuu themselves, both Kaori and Asami admit to being shy/awkward when meeting new people.

Mikako: I’m like that too.
Kaori: Hn.
Asami: EH?
Mikako: *brief pause* What’s up with that “Eh?” just now?
Asami: I’m voicing what most of us were thinking.
Mikako: I’m shy and awkward around people I don’t know, but I’m also the type to work hard at not showing it.
Kaori: *agrees* And then working so hard to the point of not knowing what’s going on anymore.
Everyone: *laughs*
Kaori: I must speak! I must speak! Huh? I’m becoming persistent? Whatever, I need to speak! What do I do???
Asami: It’s like you can’t see in front of you anymore, right?
Kaori: Yes.
Mikako: Ah, so it’s more of “You don’t show it, but you’re a total nervous mess on the inside.”
Asami: Yes.
Kaori: Right right.
Mikako: But that’s what makes good people.
Kaori: …Oh, so we’re good people.
Mikako: Yes, good people.
Asami (or is that Kaori?): Please calm down. *continues laughing*

Mikako elaborates on how she has always felt Asami and Kaori to be the type who can talk to people easily. Asami is at least glad she gives off that image. Kaori then says that, despite working so hard to make conversation, she doesn’t open her heart to them immediately. The other 2 agree and says that is likely how everyone feels.

Mikako: Good people.
Kaori: So our conclusion is that… we’re…
Mikako & Kaori: Good people!

With that “conclusion”, that brings us to an end to this rather long “Let’s Hear it — StrikerS 2nd” corner.

~Letter reading corner~

The next corner is the letter reading corner. It’s where listeners send in random comments or questions, providing topics for discussion.

Letter 1: When I watched the Movie 1st, I was still in high school. The big line up at the time left a deep impression on me. I can still remember how, at the end of the movie, I was crying my eyes out as the credits rolled. I recall it as if it was yesterday. I’m happy merely thinking about how I will experience greater emotions from this 2nd movie. When the 1st primiered, it was in winter. This time it’s in summer. I hope the 2nd movie can rival the heatwave of summer!

Mikako: Now a university student… But back then still a high school student…
Kaori: He must be going through fun times right now.
Asami: *starts laughing* What?
Mikako: *joins in laughing* What’s this about?
Kaori: Sorry. Please proceed.
Asami: Remember to bring towels to the theatre/cinema.
Kaori & Mikako: Yeah.
Kaori: Just a handkerchief won’t be enough.
Asami: Not enough at all.
Kaori: Must be something with high absorption.
Mikako: High absorption… *laughs*
Asami: So remember your towels.

The other thing to remember, as Mikako reminds everyone, is to use the washroom beforehand as the movie is quite long.

Letter 2: Great job, Nanoha! A combo set to go along with the movie? More than just a popcorn and drink set with Nanoha on the tray, on the popcorn bag, on the drink cups… Now there’s a special metal postcard that comes with it? I always get popcorn when I watch movies, so I’m particularly happy with this set. It’s one more thing to look forward to. Is there anything you always buy when at the theatre? And since there are so many different flavours of popcorn nowadays (salty, butter, caramel), what is your favourite?

^They’re using this letter as an excuse for more chances at advertisements! XDD Someone in the studio passes the 3 photos of the combo set so they have a clearer idea at what is being said. They all agree the set looks too nice. It’s be a waste if they actually put popcorn in it. Asami suggests that, before the server dumps in the popcorn into the Nanoha bag, yell “WAIT! Put it in this (self brought) bag/bucket instead!”
They then start discussing the postcard. There are 3 types…

Kaori: The Wolken one is nice!
Asami: Very nice.
Mikako: Here it comes, here it comes.
Asami: Wolken is the best.
Kaori: our lord is cute.
Asami: Kawaii yo.
Kaori: She’s cute today too.

LOL. By the way, they never answered the questions posed in the letter. XDD

Letter 3: Out of the Nanoha series, A’s was my favourite! It’s all due to the strong bonds between the members in the Yagami household. “I want to protect, I need to become stronger for that purpose!” I believe such thoughts are wonderful. Do you have anything you want to protect? Currently, I’d like to protect my position as a good citizen, protect my dog, and protect my promise of taking my mom on oversea trips some day.
PS: I love the Mikako who does not bother protecting her image as a voice actress, but instead constantly gives it her all for the program/broadcast.

Mikako: Wait, what?
Kaori: Good. You’re doing good, Mikako-chan! Don’t protect anything.
Mikako: Waitwaitwait. I’m protecting it! What? Lies! I’m not? Huh? Not protecting my image? When? How?
Kaori: We all love the Mikako-chan who doesn’t bother protecting it. Don’t bother protecting anything from now on!
Mikako: Dad!

Hahahaha~ I feel a bit bad for Mikako, but this is too funny. XD

Back on topic though…

Kaori: I protect the light on my bicycle!
Mikako & Asami: *brief pause before breaking into laughter*
Kaori: If you don’t protect it, it’ll really get stolen. The bicycle lights nowadays can be taken on and off, so if you leave it at the station, it’ll get taken. If you forget to take it with you, the light is gone when you come back.
Mikako: That is true. Even saddles get stolen often.
Kaori: That’s why you must protect your bicycles.
Mikako: It’s the end of the bicycle if the saddle gets taken, isn’t it?
Kaori: It is the end. You have to stand while cycling!
Mikako: The feeling of youth.
Kaori: If you tried to sit without the saddle, it’ll be really bad.
Asami: Sorry, hold on. I think THAT is much more important than your light.
Kaori: I’m the one who’s not protecting my image now.
Asami: Protect your image. Your image as the leader.
Kaori: *in Signum’s voice* The thing I want to protect is… My lord!
Asami: Our lord —
Mikako: That is half Kaori speaking.
Kaori: Don’t worry! Kana-chan is strong enough that she doesn’t need protection!
Mikako: True. Kana-chan and Hayate are different, after all. Just as Kaori-chan and Signum are different.
Kaori: This is bad. I really think Signum fans should not be listening to this radio.
Asami: The gap–
Mikako: Yes, gap in character–
Kaori: I’M SO SORRY!

I laughed so hard at Kaori’s outburst that I started pounding on my table. XDD

Letter 4: I have a 4 year old daughter. I love the Nanoha series, and so does my daughter. I will be taking my daughter to watch the movie, which will be her first movie theatre experience in her life. May I ask what your first theatre experiences were?

Asami’s first movie theatre experience was Titanic, while Kaori’s was Nazou no Tenkousei (Mysterious Transfer Student) — a film where she made a cameo appearance. But she isn’t sure as her memory isn’t great.

Kaori: My memory is a little fuzzy on that.
Asami: Regain your memory! Regain it!
Kaori: I live in the present.

^These two are awesome. XD

For Mikako, it was while she was still a kid. She thinks it was “Majou no Takkyuubin” (Kiki’s Delivery Service). She watched it twice in theatres, because her family was late so they missed the beginning.

After that, the letter reading comes to a close and they move to the News & Info corner. It’s the usual announcements with no funny voices, so it went by rather quickly.

Mikako: Asami-chan, Kaori-chan, you’ve been with us for 2 weeks. How was it?
Kaori: It was fun.
Asami: It went by quickly.
Kaori: At the very least, I found out we are good people. so it was fun.
Mikako: I really think you are good. I’m almost jealous. Not just the seiyuu, but I think Wolken team as a whole is powerful in terms of making a point.
Kaori: speaking of which…
Asami: Isn’t it about time…
Kaori: About time we got a spin off?
Mikako: There is a bitter smile on Tsuzuki-san right now.
Kaori: Even if you wear that bitter smile, pushing this point (of spinoff) is important. I’m sure if another guest from the Wolken came…
Asami: They’d say the same thing.
Mikako: That’s true. It’s kind of scary.
Kaori: We’re the first 2 from the Wolken team to be here so far, right?
Mikako: Yes.
Kaori: So there’s still 3 more.
Mikako: Oh~ they’ll come…
Kaori: Our trump card — The strongest one in this respect is the General in green.
All 3 of them: Y-nee-san.
Asami: She may seem like that in the series, but she’s…
Kaori: The most powerful when it comes to pushing a certain point.
Mikako: I’m kind of looking forward to it now. I hope the two of you will come and visit again.
Kaori & Asami: Yes, of course.
Mikako: Next week… we will have… Yuzuki Ryouka-san as guest!
Kaori: It’s her! Our trump card! *claps*
Asami: She’ll get it going.
Mikako: I’m a little scared of this Wolken wave.
Asami: She’ll be saying a few of the same things.
Mikako: Anyway, thank you very much to the both of you!
Asami & Kaori: Thank you very much!
Mikako: This is Takahashi Mikako and–
Kaori: Shimizu Kaori and–
Asami: Sanada Asami.
All 3: Bye bye~


Another one done! Next one (or two — haven’t decided if I will combine both weeks into one post) will have Yuzu-nee as guest. Be prepared to be hit by the Shamal Beam~~~ XDD


5 comments on “Radio StrikerS 2nd #4 — Guest: Shimizu Kaori & Sanada Asami

  1. omg how come i get the feeling that the two of them were taking their “revenge” for the previous week’s broadcast XD

    and the next one is yuzu-nee~ looking forward to the translations =3

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! ^^ really appreciate the effort =)

    • They might have been just a little. XD For the most part, I think they were messing around in their usual way though. Haha.

      Yuzu-nee is more chaos than the two of them combined. =3

      Thanks! And thank you for reading! =)

  2. Kasu! V from LJ here. XD

    I just watched the A’s movie so I have a ton of Nanoha feels, and I just finished listening to the StrikerS radio with Kaori/Asami while reading your translations so thank you!

    PS. Is there any other way I can contact you? (since MSN has died now >_>)

    • V! O_O
      *looks at date of comment*
      I am so sorry! Email alerts on my phone is apparently not working since I did not get this comment alert… orz

      I hope you’re still checking back to read this comment… MSN has died but the same address continues to work for email and skype (assuming you still have it…).

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