Smile-Gang 542 & 543

First and foremost, I’m still alive. Very behind in terms of… everything… but that’s no longer a surprise, is it? ^^;;

This post is relatively short even though it covers Smile-Gang 542 and 543… reason being that it was a while ago and… If it’s possible to have writer’s block for these type of posts, I think I’m getting them. I know, sounds ridiculous. But I felt like I didn’t know what to comment on or what to write about in general. :S
BUT! That doesn’t necessarily stop me from trying. 😛

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第542回

Mini drama at the beginning is chaos. Nana plays so many characters in the beginning that it was highly amusing.
Oh, and remember Nagoyaman? The character who is able to send Nana anywhere in the world? Apparently, he’s unavailable, so in order to travel from place to place… “Nana” calls upon a tuna for help. Why yes, it’s travel by fish. Huh… Must be a giant tuna. ^^;;

~Head Nanau corner~

Apparently, the Saga concert was Nana’s 100th concert.

Even for a few years after her debut, her live concerts occurred only once a year at one place. Now it’s almost AT LEAST 14 places per tour.

To make it special, they got Yabuki on stage for POWER GATE. He originally refused, saying he didn’t have a guitar, but then Itaruvich lent him one of his own.

Nana is aiming to do 777 live concerts!

~Artist Channel~

Misato likes to remind everyone that Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang is a music radio program. Nana had always believed it was a variety program, until Misato said “We play one song each week!” Well, that might be true but… Eh. ^^;;

Anyway, Artist Channel means it’s something music related. And this time, it is VERY music related. After all, they’re planning…

A Virtual live — Summer Gang (“NatsuFest”)!

As a side note, Misato chose all songs to be sung.

After the initial introductory lines, you will hear awesomeness ringing out from your speakers/headphones. We even get to hear Misato sing! She said she seriously got nervous. XDD

Might I mention that I quite liked the “duet” there, even if it wasn’t entirely in sync. XD

That’s basically all the highlights from #542.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第543回

We start with the usual mini-drama — No we don’t. Misato interrupts, saying there is no time for mini-drama. The entire section gets taken over by Fukuen Misato (aka Arasa). XDD
Setting a little time for news/promotions, they mention Nana’s guest appearance on NHK Nodo Jiman Taikai. You know, the one Nana won when she was young that brought her to Tokyo.

~Head Nanau corner~

…Is it just me, or has Misato been singing a lot lately? XDD

Anyway, Nana speaks about Akita-Aomori. She says that it’s a great place, a lot of greenery, a lot of delicious food, etc.. She wants to go there again one day (in private or for work, doesn’t matter as long as she gets to go there again).

Then Nana starts talking about a particular episode while at Akita/Aomori. Specifically, it’s about Itaru’s twitter. Apparently, he talks to his wife on twitter and includes conversations such as “Was there namahage? How was it?”
Despite keeping in touch, Itaru kept saying that he feels as though he is forgetting something…Something he needs to tell his wife… And this is where Shuuji-san attempts to make a joke.

Shuuji (joking tone): Did you forget to give your wife a kiss when you left?
Itaru (serious): That, I did not forget.

Nana thinks she is beginning to know too much of their private lives. XDD

~EHIME Channel~

I still get a chuckle from the “theme song.”

Anyway, guess who’s back? Yes, it’s Imabari Hassaku — the one character that neither Misato nor Nana wanted to see at least for another while.

Hassaku: Hey sis. Misato is here and she is as tiny as ever.

When Misato asked, grudgingly, what Hassaku is doing there, he says that he realized that, despite Misato being an ‘arasa’, she looks young so he has decided to seal the word ‘arasa.’

That means less insults this time around but that doesn’t mean this character doesn’t still pick on Misato.

Hassaku: I hear you want to leave your agency and go independent, that true?
Misato: I’ve never, NOT EVEN ONCE, thought about that.
Hassaku: Nana-chan tells me Sigma Seven is a great place. How is it for you?
Misato: I’ve never said such a thing (about going independent/solo). It’s a GREAT place. I love them. They’ve taken GREAT care of me for the past 10+ years. I will not betray them.

^Quite the touchy subject they’re putting up there… hence Misato’s seemingly overreaction. And obviously, Nana and Imanami finds it highly amusing.

By the way, there will be random singing throughout this corner… You know, just to show off some awesome singing skills. XD

I’m not going to translate all the letters that the listeners sent in regarding the good things about their hometown. Instead, I’ll highlight the funny (and totally random) conversations between Hassaku and Misato only.


Misato: I don’t like Hassaku who can sing well.
Hassaku: What are you angry about? Oh, is it because you’re shy around me? Ah, that’s cute.


Hassaku: If you left your agency, can you live?
Misato: No, I cannot. I am who I am because I belong (to Sigma Seven).


Hassaku: Misato is still young! Where does your youth come from?
Misato: Shut up!


Hassaku: How are you able to have a beautiful voice?
Misato: I don’t!
Hassaku: What? It’s beautiful!
Misato: It’s because I eat breakfast!
Hassaku: Pros sure are different.


Hassaku: Why is your smile so pretty?
Misato: It is not!
Hassaku: It is.
Misato: Then it’s only because of Smile Precure!


I think that’s it for Smile-Gang 543…


4 comments on “Smile-Gang 542 & 543

  1. Hey! You’re alive xD
    Hope life’s been good to ya!

    And lol giant tuna…aren’t they huge originally? It’d be scary to imagine a giant tuna..

    I think I laugh too much at the Misato/Hassaku interaction xDDD They’re always so amusing lol!

    Writers blocks are hard, but don’t stop writing! xD We’re rooting for you! wahaha.
    See you round, kasu-kasu!

    • Yes, I’m alive! And I see you are as well (though you’ve been more active than I have been the last few weeks). XD

      It’s large enough to carry a person, so I’d think they’d have to be giant? Lol.

      Easier said than done? XD;; Actually, I don’t even know if this is writer’s block or something else entirely. I’ve been suffering from writer’s block for years in terms of creative writing but blog posts? Didn’t think it was possible. XD;;

      • Lol, I was using the last of my summer days to update nonsensical things…xD
        Nice to see you up and about tho! *ish waitin for the Yuzu-nee episode of Strikers radio >83

        Lol, I think you’ve been blaming writer’s block too much xD Me thinks its not writer’s block, maybe you’re just bored…burned out from writing too much…ya know? You’ve been at it for years after all, the fuel’s gotta run out sometimes 83

        Maybe you should take a break or somethin? xD *runs from your angry followers

        • Lol. The StrikerS radio episodes are stacking up against me. XD

          Ok. *hands up* You’ve caught me. It’s not writer’s block. I know perfectly what’s wrong but I kinda don’t want to admit to it, that’s all.
          Though with fic writing, it is still fully an issue with writer’s block. Just… I’ve been lazy to pick up a hammer to even try to break it down. XD;;

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