Radio StrikerS 2nd #3 – Guest: Shimizu Kaori & Sanada Asami

Although Yukarin is not here to mess around with Mikako in this 3rd installment/episode of Radio StrikerS 2nd, it does not mean it is any less funny.

Just that it’s hilarious in a different way. Because Shimizu Kaori (Signum) will make you laugh even if you don’t understand the language. And Sanada Asami (Vita)’s follow ups will add several more chuckles along the way.

RADIOアニメロミックス~ラジオStrikerS 2nd 第3回【ゲスト:清水香里・真田アサミ】

But actually, even before Mikako calls upon the two guests, we have a reason to laugh already. A listener sent in a letter that refers to the quiz question Mikako answered incorrectly the previous week. Remember? The one where Mikako believed Chrono’s magic output colour is black?

Briefly, this is what the listener wrote in the letter:
You purposely answered incorrectly to make the guest look good, am I correct? As expected of the mei-personality!

And our dear Mikako’s reaction to that?

Mikako: Kuu~ What is this? What is the meaning of this!? …Thank you. I’m happy. Uh, yeah, of course. I gave the wrong answer on purpose. I knew the answer to Chrono’s magic output colour. It’s blue. Of course.

LOL. It’s okay Mikako. You’re still awesome in our eyes. XDD

She then proceeds to explain her insecurities regarding the quiz corner for this week as well. Who knows if something similar will happen again? ^^;;
But! She will not be alone in taking on the quiz challenge because… we have the 2 guests!

After Shimizu Kaori and Sanada Asami make their introductions, this is how their conversation went:

Mikako: Here they are! The lively team!
Everyone: *laughs*
Kaori: Eh?
Asada: Well..
Kaori: I guess.
Asada: Can’t deny it.
Mikako: Plus, you two are here together at the same time.
Kaori: We’re the two most quiet ones out of the Wolken team. Ne?
Asada: Ne! (in agreement)

^According to Yukarin and Nana, Vita is up there with Zafira in terms of “being noisy” though. XDDD

We are then taken through a quick trip down the memory lane. Mikako talks about how, the last time Asami was on Radio StrikerS, the batsu-game involved acting like a kabuki. Let me say that, in my memory, Asami did a great job and actually enjoyed it a bit. XDD So… despite the many happenings, Asami did NOT leave the program scarred (unlike many of the other guests who didn’t want to ever go back XD).

The same could not be said for Kaori. She did not actually appear on Radio StrikerS when it was airing… But instead, she was guest with Ueda Kana on Radio the A’s — a one-time special that was recorded on CD and packaged with the magazine.

Anyway, her memory of the last time she was on the Nanoha-related radio show?

Kaori: It was awful~ it was awful~ You know, our lord (referring to Ueda Kana/Hayate) doesn’t read the atmosphere and went ahead to win.

Halfway, Kaori catches herself and says:

Kaori: Wait wait wait. It was on purpose! (I lost on purpose!) Because she’s our lord!
Mikako: Yeah right! You were serious!


A brief break follows after only to return to Kaori and Asami giggling for some reason. When asked why…

Kaori: Because you looked like you couldn’t sit still/kept looking around. *laughs*
Asami: I was wondering if something happened–
Mikako: It’s because the jingle reverbrated so loudly in this studio that I had to shake it off.

Before the conversation could proceed anywhere else, Mikako drives things back on topic… Or, at least, she attempts to. While trying to lead into the next corner, she mentions that the TV series of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha took place a while ago, eliciting reactions from Kaori and Asami. ^^;;

The original TV series took place 8 years ago after all. Quite a long time looking back at it now.
Mikako takes in their reaction and amends her statement to:
The two of you joined in A’s so… That was more recent.

^Kaori and Asami’s reactions don’t change. If anything, phrasing it like that made it worse. XDD;;

Mikako then says that everyone hit it off well for this series. Especially the Wolken team (referring to the seiyuu here). They formed a bond very quickly. Kaori explains that she believes it all started with a taxi ride.

While having to relocate for a recording, the 4 members from the WolkenReitter team shared one taxi. These 4 consisted of Shimizu Kaori, Sanada Asami, Yuzuki Ryouka, and Ueda Kana. They somehow started having a “girls talk” which led them to realize they had a lot in common as they kept going “Me too! Me too!” excitedly in the car.

So that explains how these 4 began. But let’s not forget that Ichijou Kazuya (Zafira) is part of the group too. And according to Mikako, despite being the only guy in the group, they all get along very well. This is where Asami and Kaori point out that Kazuya is their “stopper.” He keeps them in line yet jokes with them at the same time. If he weren’t around, who knows what’d happen with the remaining 4. XD

Moving forward, we have our usual “One question, one answer” Q&A corner. I’m sure you’ll get a few kicks out of their answers. ;D

Q1: If you were to describe your character in one phrase, what would it be?
Kaori: Dad.
Asami: Foulmouthed.

I think by now, we all know the roles of everyone in the Yagami family. It’s been stated so many times in so many different places. XD

Q2: When you were in the role (of your characters), was there anything you had to be consciously aware of?
Kaori: Carry through to the end.
Asami: Straight-forward.

It certainly describes Signum and Vita respectively, hence why they had to keep these feelings in mind as they’re acting them out.

Q3: When Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A’s was confirmed, how did you feel?
Kaori: Yatta!
Asami: Yatta!

*chuckles* This marks the beginning of a string of similar answers.

Q4: What were your thoughts for doing a Nanoha recording after such a long time?
Kaori: It didn’t feel like it’s been a long time.
Asami: Yes… exactly.

Asami~ *laughs*

Q5: At the recording site, what left an impression on you?
Kaori: Yuzu-nee told Ichijou-san that “Dog is noisy!”
Asami: For me, it was Yukarin and the others saying “Wolken is noisy!”

Despite the difference, the answer is ultimately pointing to the same issue. ^^;;

Q6: Please leave give a message to people that’ll make them want to watch the movie in theatres.
Kaori: Our lord is cute.
Asami: Agreed.

Oi~! Asami~! LOL.
Before Mikako even announces that the corner is done, Kaori is already on Asami’s case regarding the answers.
Kaori: Asami-chan, that’s unfair!
Asami: Just because our answers are the same–
Kaori: Asami-chan! Unfair!
Asami: Whaaat~
Mikako: What is this? It’s almost mind blowing.

After this little casual interaction, they dig deeper into the answers.

Regarding Kaori’s “Dad” answer…

Kaori: Wolken is…
Asami: A family.
Kaori: Yes, a family. Our lord is the well-behaved oldest daughter whereas Vita is the rebellious younger daughter. Shamal is the mother–
Mikako: Oh? Shamal is the mother?
Kaori: Signum is the father and Zafira is…
Kaori + Asami: Dog.

HAHAHA. The fact that Kaori and Asami spoke together to emphasize the dog part had me rolling in laughter. Poor Zafira~ And what made me laugh harder was Mikako going “A pet! A pet!” in the background after the Wolken pair made the dog comment. XD

Kaori proceeds to point out that, during meal scenes, Zafira ate from a dog bowl. He didn’t sit at the table with the others. Mikako wonders if he can’t just change into “human form” to eat. XD;;

Asami then comments on how, after establishing everyone in the Yagami household to be family back in the early stages of A’s, Signum’s “father-ness” rose. Such as the newspaper reading scenes. XD Kaori adds the “worrying about the rebellious daughter” as part of the fatherly behaviour too. Lol.

Moving onto the next question of which Kaori answered “Carry through to the end” and Asami “Straight forward”… Kaori explains that Signum is the leader. Despite how her feelings wavered when up against Testarossa, she never forgot that she was a knight. Ultimately unwavering.
As for Asami, she comments on how Nanoha is very straight-forward in terms of her feelings and everything she does. Vita counters that in being straight-forward with her feelings in her own way. Vita’s feelings for Hayate is something she keeps in mind at all times when acting out her role as the red knight.

Mikako then jumps to their answers for Question 5. Yes, the noisy dog comment by Yuzu-nee that left a deep impression on Kaori. XDD As we’ve all heard by now, Ichijou yelled and shouted and roared a lot in this movie. In the middle of it all, Yuzu-nee suddenly said “Dog is noisy!” Asami confirms the happening.
Ichijou’s reply to that was “Not a dog.” They add that, despite Ichijou being their senpai, due to the fact that they get along well, they’re not afraid to crack the dog jokes on him. XDD

Lol. Even to this day, Ichijou tries to save Zafira by reminding everyone that Zafira is a wolf. He even did that recently on twitter. Except… Zafira is viewed as a doggy by the rest of the world. XDD

Regarding Asami’s answer of Yukarin saying Wolken is noisy — it’s actually linked to Yuzu-nee saying “Dog is noisy.” As the group was laughing at what Yuzu-nee said, Yukarin called over to them saying “Wolken team is noisy~!” Kaori corrects the statement, saying that Yuakrin actually said “When the Wolken team is together, they’re very lively.”
Kaori adds that they’re used to it already (the noisy/lively comments/complaints), so it didn’t really affect them anymore. XD

Mikako says that from the time of A’s to this movie, those who really changed their characters were the Wolken team. Our Wolken pair here wonders if she meant that in a good way or bad way, and Mikako replies that they’ve made things funnier in a good way. XDDD

Next up is the…

~Lyrical Memorial 2nd~

Here comes the quiz corner! What questions await and who will receive the batsu-game that provides us endless entertainment? We shall find out soon enough.
Also, a note, this is where most of the hilarity hits so brace yourselves for a lot of laughing.

Kaori: No problem. I’m the leader. I’m sure Vita will lose to me.
Asami: What are you saying, Signum?!
Kaori: Vita is a good girl. I’m sure you will lose to me obediently.
Asami: I’m not raised well enough to do that.

^This is why having the two of them together at the same time is hilarious. LOL.

In order to decide the order of who goes first in the quiz, they go through a round of rock-paper-scissors. The result is this:
Shimizu Kaori –> Sanada Asami –> Takahashi Mikako

And like what Yukarin did when she was guest, Kaori starts off with a level 50 question.

Question: What was Signum’s first line in the movie?

Kaori: AHHHHHHHHHHH~! *far off voice* Signum’s first dialogue line~ Kaori-chan Signum’s first line~~~~
Mikako: Kaori-chan, come back~ Ah, hint! It was directed at Fate.
Kaori: *far off voice again* Ne? So it seems! I knew it was that scene!
Mikako: Ok, I’ll give you the first letter (hiragana character). ‘Ko’
Kaori: Ko?
Mikako: Ko. *begins countdown* 3, 2, 1…
Kaori: Ko…Ko… KONNICHIWA! (hello!)

…BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can’t imagine Signum saying ‘konnichiwa’ to Fate.

Kaori: I know the scene. It was when Vita was fighting that Signum came running.
Mikako: That was too funny. ‘Konnichiwa.’ I want to hear Signum say ‘konnichiwa’
Kaori: (in Signum’s voice) Konnichiw— *bursts out laughing* Ah, I can’t do it. My spirit has fallen.


The correct answer is actually:
Koko yori saki he wa tousen (I will not let you pass)

Next is Asami. She also chooses 50.
Question: What was Vita’s first line in the movie?
Asami: Uh, uh…
Kaori: *making random noises (count down noises) to distract Asami*
Asami: Stop that!
Kaori: *ignores and continues*
Asami: Uh… Oh, oh! “Zakkoi na.”
SFX: Bi bii

Asami proceeds to reveal the entire line in her memory.
And I honestly think Asami deserves bonus points (even though she didn’t get any). Her answer would’ve been correct had the question been “What was Vita’s first line in the A’s TV series”, but the question is referring to the movie right now.
So in other words… She remembered her line from SEVEN YEARS ago. That is insanely amazing.

The correct answer had been: Yaru zo, Graf Eisen (Let’s do it, Graf Eisen)

Since two of them have a point of 0 at the moment, Mikako decides that she doesn’t have to take on the hardest questions. She goes with level 30.

Question: Which of the following is not among the dragons that Caro, the Dragon Summoner, can summon?
A. Fried
B. Voltaire
C. Mercurius

Mikako: *long pause* EHHHHHH? THis is bad. Eh… Mercurius.
SFX: Pin pon pin pon
Mikako: I protected Caro!

Mikako’s initial reaction had me scared for a moment. ^^;;

We go back to Kaori with the quiz…

Kaori: *without hesitating* 50!
Mikako: Ehhh…
Kaori: Because Mikako, you have 30 on you. I have to choose one that’s above. It’s all or nothing… Oh wait, if I lose, it’s batsu-game… Meh, whatever.
Mikako: Here I go!

Question: Please list all 12 participants of Lyrical Party IV. If you get even one wrong, you’re out. These participants exclude the MC, Mishima-san, and the two guests Kevin and Donna.

Unlike what Yukarin did to Mikako, Mikako allowed Kaori to use nicknames and first names, which made things slightly better. She manages to answer all 12 names without any problems. (And yes, I’m lazy to list them all. Haha.)

Next is Asami again.

Asami: I’ll go with 50 too.
Kaori: Eh? It’s ok to go with 10, you know.
Asami: What are you trying to say?! I’ll go with 50!
*continues bickering the background*
Mikako: …They used to be friends.

LOL. Mikako, nice follow there. XDD

Question: Out of Hayate and her 4 knights, there was one who did not say “Lyrical Magical” in the movie CMs. Who was it?

Asami: *without any hesitation* Me.
SFX: Pin pon pin pon.
Asami: I remember very clearly that I was the only one who didn’t get to say it.

Understandable. Even Zafira got to say it. XDDD
And I suppose, had it been anyone else who got the question aside from Asami, it might’ve been difficult. XD

Last question for Mikako.

Question: In the television series, due to a certain incident, Vita got sick. Which of the following is the reason for her falling ill?
A. Caught a cold with high fever
B. Ate too much ice cream and got a stomachache

Mikako: B!

Kaori & Asami: Ahh~~ *depressed*
Mikako: Yatta! I won!
Kaori: Vita~~
Asami: It’s my fault???
Kaori: VIITTTAA~~~
Mikako: When it comes to Vita, she really loves ice cream. Now the final results! Asami-chan 50 points. Kaori-chan 50 points. Me, 60 points. You both receive the batsu game!

The next News & Info Announcement corner is a MUST LISTEN. Kaori will make you laugh. Really.

~News & Info Announcement Corner~

We all know how things work by now, right? The losers from the quiz must do the promotion in the character/voice specified on the little pieces of paper they draw.

For better or worse, Kaori’s paper says “Musical” whereas Asami’s says “historical drama.”

Yes, really now, get ready for the hilarity. I have nothing more to say at this point. If I do, it’s only the following:


Asami kind of got shafted by Kaori’s little performance, but let me say that the ‘de gozaru’ got a few laughs out of me too.

After recovering from the laughter (and them sounding exhausted), Mikako has some “good news” for our pair.

Mikako: I have some good news for you two.
Kaori & Asami: *perks up* What?
Mikako: Next week… You will be guest again!
Kaori: I refuse!
Asami: WHY?
Kaori: I absolutely refuse!
Asami: NO!
Mikako: You can’t. I’ll make you do it.
Asami: Somehow… I think we’ve just discovered a different side of Mikako-chan.

And this wraps up the first part with Takahashi Mikako, Shimizu Kaori, and Sanada Asami.

More to come soon~~~


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    There’s a lot I have to catch up on xDD
    My god, thanks so much for this report. I’ve been sick since last week so I missed your updates, but I’ll catch up after listening to this hilarious Radio xD

    Thanks as always Kasukasu! Hope you’re doin’ well >83

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