Smile-Gang 541 – A bit of randomness in French

I’m still slowly trying to get caught up with Smile-Gang. Also, for those who care about my Radio StrikerS 2nd updates… They’re coming. They’re slowly (but surely!) coming. =)

And now to…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第541回

First English and now French. What’s next? Spanish? xD Yes, I’m referring to the opening mini-drama that has seemingly become the norm on Smile-Gang.

And yes, about the French… Let me say that there are times where trying to decipher what Nana is saying in English is already difficult… So trying to understand her French is twice as hard. ^^;; Thankfully, it was just one sentence. XD;;

The general gist of the story is that Nagoyaman (a character who has the ability to send Nana off anywhere in the world) sends Nana to London (so that she could watch the Olypmics closing ceremony)… and then accidentally to Paris.

“Bonjour. Ça va? C’est Paris.”

^That’s the French line I hear anyway. My French is very, very rusty and Nana doesn’t exactly make things easy to understand so… feel free to correct me if she said something else. ^^;;

After the mini-drama is over, Misato has a new sense of respect for Nana. She feels that Nana doesn’t hold back regardless of what she’s doing. The Nagoyaman character was clearly difficult for Nana yet she went at it full force.

…I know Nana “takes care” of her throat by “not taking special care” of it, but she’s in the middle of a tour… I would thinks she should hold back a bit when doing characters like Nagoyaman and Hassaku.

Anyway, their conversation switches to the Olympics. Apparently, Misato hasn’t been following too much of it… While Nana watches replays at night. Nana is surprised Misato hasn’t watched much, as she seemed quite excited about it. I guess that would mean Misato has been quite busy pouring over scripts at night then.

Then to the opening jingle, Misato asks what Nana would like to accomplish in the next 4 years (before the Olympic games in Brazil starts). The answer is… Mounting Mt. Fuji (because she’s never been up there).
Misato has nothing she wants to accomplish before the next Olympics, so Nana invites her (and rest of Smile-Gang) to go up Mt. Fuji together.

Misato: Not going not going not going.
Nana: Why!? It’ll be a very touching moment (when we get to the top).
Misato: Not going. Because it’ll undoubted be a very tough experience!
Nana: It’ll be tough but we’ll develop a stronger bond too.
Misato: Bond? At this point?
Nana: Whaaat? We need to work hard from now on too.
Misato: Fine.
Nana: Yes.

For some reason, I found the above conversation absolutely hilarious. XD Must be due to Misato’s reaction throughout. xDD

Also, in 4 years, they will soon reach episode 777! 😮

Moving to the Head Nanau Corner…

Nana speaks briefly about her live at Nagoya. It was hot. Combined with the amount of people and fire that spouts up at the edge of the stage, sweat was literally dripping down.

Even Ishihara-san from NHK sent a mail to Mishi-P while the concert was going on to say “It’s too hot. Do something about it please.”


She thanks everyone for sticking with her til the end despite the immense heat.

Afterwards, Nana talks about the after-party… which included celebrating the birthdays for Mishi-P and Shuu-chan. While trying to set things up for the surprise, Mishi-P’s back starts hurting and went to washroom… and didn’t come back for a while. It turns out that he fell asleep nearby. As they needed to get the cake (near where Mishi-P happened to be napping), they woke him up and said “It’s Shuu-chan’s birthday, go over on that side?”
Mishi-P, being half-asleep, got up without knowing what was going on (I guess he didn’t really hear the “birthday” part). As they sang Happy Birthday, Mishi-P wonders aloud to the people near him “who is it? who is it?” even as the cake makes its way towards him. XD

Also, this is quite a long tour, so staff members celebrating their birthdays throughout isn’t all that surprising. Except that Nana has been buying birthday presents every week that the staff’s reaction became “AGAIN!? How many people do you know???” Lol. Can’t blame them. It’s the staff who has to take care of the presents for Nana until she gives it away. XDD

Next up is the Misato Channel!

Subtitled to be “Nana stroll.”
Basically, it’s an imaginary stroll where Nana goes to different places as Misato does the narration/questioning.

Where to go in the morning?
According to Nana, regardless of where, just get on the train first. She ends up going to Ueno for shopping because there are a lot of good deals. She mentions that she needs to go in the morning to dig for the good stuff (before it gets taken).

For Lunch – more train ride.
Yuurakuchou for reimen (cold noodles). It’s summer, so she claims that it’s even more delicious.
^Lol. I find it funny whenever Nana gets so excited about food.

After lunch — Sky Tree (because she still hasn’t been up there yet since its opening).

Dinner – She went through a string of different foods. From yakiniku to monjayaki to waffle to curry… To be honest, I kind of lost her less than half way. ^^;;


Where do you want to be kissed?
Nana’s on the spot answer: Rainbow Bridge.
Why? Her answer was that, it doens’t really need to be the Rainbow Bridge, but just anywhere where people can see the sea (so that no one will be paying attention).

As a note… Misato and Imanami’s reaction after Nana’s “kiss” made me laugh hard. xD This last part is worth a listen. =D


9 comments on “Smile-Gang 541 – A bit of randomness in French

  1. I might be wrong … but didnt Nana do ”kissu” sound at the end? :3
    Actually Nana’s romantic fantasies is pretty much the same as any teenage girls. Just somewhere quiet and beautiful sight.

    I WANT I WANT Nana-san to have a try on Dutch … ALL OF MAH MONEY NAO www. j/k

    oh sasiburi buri, kasumi! I am still faithfully follow your blog entries every week. Still you got my highest respect for keeping it up! Otsu~ …. I haven’t been able to comment them orz

    • Yes, she did “kiss” listeners at the end. XD
      Actually, Nana’s main “reason” for choosing the sea isn’t so much for the quiet and beautiful sight, but more for the fact that no one would pay attention to the couple because everyone’s focus is on the sea. So she just doesn’t want people see her. ^^;;

      Dutch, eh? That would be quite interesting… Then again, Nana speaking any language other than Japanese is interesting. XDD

      Lol. Don’t jinx it! XD I feel like I’m barely keeping it up right now. But thank you!

  2. I kinda understand her “taking care by not really taking care” method. I tend to expose myself to whatever and don’t really fuss about taking care of my body. Because I feel that the more I take care of myself, the weaker my body(resistance) gets^^
    Lol at the kiss…Did I understand it right that she said ” I’ll give you something hot this summer night” or something like that (with Misato puking in the background lol) Well, maybe that’s just my imagination running wild again XDDD

    • I understand that part, but I still think it’s a big risk to take while she’s still in the middle of a tour. =S
      Literal translation was “I’ll give you something hotter than summer” so you’re right. XDD I actually had to go back and re-listen to that as I didn’t remember what she said at all. Misato (and Imanami)’s reaction took away all my attention. Lol.

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