Smile-Gang #540 – New Character “Imabari Hassaku” (whom Misato doesn’t like) XD

Smile-Gang 540… How do describe this… It’s one of the few times where we hear Misato seriously irked. XD

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第540回

Before getting to the part regarding Misato… Is it just me or has Nana’s engrish improved? 😮 Listen to the mini drama in the beginning where Nana got blown to New York by Nagoyaman. XD

“What? Are you bird?”
“Where is here???”


Ah, the wonderful world of radio where you can go anywhere anytime. XDD

Misato then complains that this mini-drama is too long. XD


After that mini-drama, Nana asks if there are moments when Misato wishes for the world to end. Surprisingly, the answer is yes. It’s during those times she’s late by 3 minutes and stuck in a taxi. It’s one thing to have missed the scheduled time by hours, but when it’s by minutes, it feels that much worse.
The other times she wishes for the world to end is when it’s 2am in the morning, and there’s still 3 volumes of script in front of her. Nana says she understands that feeling completely. It’s tough being a seiyuu.

In the Head Nanau corner…

Nana is trying to come up with lyrics for new songs. Yes, that’s a hint to fans. Mishi-P and Nana discussed that it’s about time they made another album.

^Anyone else momentarily thought of how much money they had in their wallet/bank when they heard that? Because I did. XDD;;

In order to get some inspiration for the lyrics, she heads to Izu Kougen and stays at an onsen while she’s there.

And she met various friendly people. You know, often on trips, you’d meet some nice people who talks to you as though they’ve known you for a while?

Not only did she meet people. She also ran into chipmunks, beetles, and other things that made her feel “It’s summer!”

When she mentioned the chipmunks and squirrels to those “friendly” fellow travellers she met at the hotel/inn, one of them starts talking about strawberry eating chipmunks, then about how he has two sons and when found out the second child is a son too, he thought “Another one?!” — the guy just kept talking and talking and talking. To Nana, it became a talk show. Lol.

And finally, we get the ever-hilarious…

E-H-I-M-E! E-H-I-M-E! Ehime~~~ Yay!
^I’m still not tired of the theme song. I laugh every time I hear it.

Anyway, yes, it’s the Ehime Channel! Or not quite… It’s mail channel featuring Ehime Channel. But not with Imabari Mikan, but instead, her younger brother…

Imabari Hassaku!

Not a minute in and insults toward Misato flies in left and right from this new character. xD;;

“Yo, sis, I’ve arrived. There’s a small arasa woman in front of me. That’s Misato, right?”

arasa = around thirty (years old)

Hassaku: Misato, you’re arasa, how come you don’t own a house/apartment/mansion?
Misato: Shut up. It’s expensive in Tokyo!
Hassaku: You could just go buy one in Ehime… Misato, are you popular with the guys? Or no? If not, you should become a part of the Ehime Fruits Can (?) and polish your charm.
Misato: What’s Ehime Furutsukan?
Hassaku: You don’t know? No wonder you’re not popular.
Misato: Shut up.
Hassaku: They’re the Ehime local idol group. They’re working hard. Their 5th single is selling for 67 yen.

Hassaku’s conclusion at the end of this little section was:
“Ah, you’re arasa, so you probably (too old and thus) can’t join.
As expected, “urusai!” was Misato’s reply. XD

I lost count how many times Misato has said “urusai” throughout this corner. XDD And Hassaku continues to throw in “arasa” every chance possible which annoyed Misato to no end. She hopes Hassaku never comes back.

Nana also thinks Hassaku won’t be back for a while. She’s still in the middle of her tour and Hassaku’s “voice” puts a burden on her throat. :S

Usually, nothing particularly funny happens after the 7 Channels section. But I urge everyone to listen to the CM that airs after BRIGHT STREAM is played. The fireworks SFX promotion had me doubling over in laughter.

And that’s that. =D


2 comments on “Smile-Gang #540 – New Character “Imabari Hassaku” (whom Misato doesn’t like) XD

  1. I dunno about you but I still find it harder to understand Nana’s engrish than her japanese^^;; And did she just drop some seiyuu names like Sawashiro and Mamiko this ep? What did she say?

    LOLOL. Misato and Hassaku is a nice combo…getting a chance to piss off Misato is a rare occurence afterall. Oh, the horror if both Mikan and Hassaku will guest in Ehime channel lolol. Can’t wait to see the other Imabari family members…I feel there’s going to be moreXDD

    • Lol. For sure, Nana’s engrish hasn’t gotten to the level where it’s “easy to understand” but I felt that, at least, it has improved to the point where I can decipher what she’s saying? XD;; But it could only be those few lines. Maybe the next time we hear her talking english, we’re all back to having “???” floating above our heads. XD

      Yes, she did drop a few seiyuu names. Misato was asking about places within Japan that Nana has been to. She then mentions that she’s been to Kagoshima with Noto Mamiko.
      As for Sawashiro Miyuki, she was the one who told Nana to try the karinto manjuu when they went to Yakushima because “it’s delicious.” Ever since then, Nana always buys karinto manjuu as souvenirs when she returns goes to Kyushu.

      Lol. If both Mikan and Hassaku appears in the Ehime Channel at the same time, it’s not only horror for Misato, but for Nana too. XDD
      And yeah, we will get more Imabari family members. They plan on bringing in the cousin.

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