Smile-Gang #538-539

Trying to catch up with Smile-Gang. 😛
Excuse grammar and other errors in this post. Will look through and edit later.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第538回

We begin with a mini drama where Toyama and Fukui fights over Nana. They ask her to choose between the two of them. They even brought in mentions of Doraemon. Why? Because the creators of Doraemon were from Toyama. Buuuut~ Let’s not forget Fukui. Nobito’s glasses are apparently from Fukui. Fukui threatens to take away the glasses if too much attention to paid towards Toyama. XDD;;

Did the story make any sense? Personally, I loved Misato’s reaction after the mini-drama was over. XD

In the Head Nanau corner…

Nana talks about her live concert at Osaka-jou Hall. It was her first time doing two nights at Osaka-jou Hall… But that’s not the point. The point is that, right before the live, O-mama paid her a visit. Nana hasn’t seen her mother since New Years so it’s been over half a year. Now, it’s not rare for O-mama to give Nana surprise visits like this while she is on tour.
She drove for 4 hours with 3 boxes of mikan in her car (hence why she didn’t take Shinkansen). As O-mama does oh-so-often, she drops down the boxes of mikan, stays around for not even an hour, and leaves not long before Nana has to get ready to go on stage.
Not only boxes of mikan, but also 4 pieces of night wear.

Misato wonders why mothers love to make sure their children has pyjamas and night wears. XDD

Now Nana finds her luggage too full just because of those extra clothing. XD

Next is the Re-Broadcast Channel. It’s basically the corner where they revive old corners they used to have on Smile-Gang.

The corner they chose to revive is… Sma-Dai Campus Life! The jingle brought on a wave of nostalgia. =3
I’m sure most of you would remember Sma-Dai campus life if you’ve followed Smile-Gang for at least 2 years. Though Sma-Dai Campus Life was more of a section in Smile-Gang that housed 4 smaller weekly rotating corners. It’s very much like the “Channel system” they have now.

Anyway, corner they chose within Sma-Dai Campus Life was the part-time corner. In 2009, there was one week where they made Nana do a 30 second commercial for Ehime. When Misato says “Back to the Past!” the section that plays afterward is actually a recording of what Nana did back then.

Remember that 30 second Ehime commercial was in 2009. What happened a year after that in 2010? Nana became the Tourism Ambassador for Ehime. What about in 2011? She became the Iyo Tourism Ambassador.
The conclusion?

Misato: All according to Smile-Gang’s script!


Ehime aside now. They’re reviving the corner, which means Nana is to do commercials for random topics thrown at her. The first topic she was given was… Soccer (or football).
What we should note here is that… Nana knows nothing about this sport… ^^;;

The “commercial” actually starts off very nice. It begins with “Can you hear the ball’s voice?” …Except it didn’t quite end so well. What am I supposed to think of a soccer commercial that ends with “Don’t pretend to trip and fall!” even if it’s said in Nana’s voice? ^^;;

Next commercial is about Sumo. They mention that Sumo Wrestler Takami Moriseki once said that he listens to Nana’s songs to help him focus before a match, so it’s only fair Nana did something to cheer him on, right?

And so we get the (awesome) enka singing that made Misato’s jaw drop.

Misato: You sang way better than necessary.


Finally, the last commercial is about Sigma Seven. It took place in a question-answer format.

What kind of place is Sigma Seven?
It’s a bright and friendly place.

What kind of person is suited for Sigma Seven?
Uh… Someone with a driver’s license.

Once the commercial ends, Misato reacts to the statement.

Misato: …What’s this? I don’t have a license!

Lol. The reason Nana says that is because, apparently, there’s only 2 managers under Sigma Seven who has a license. Hence it’s Nana who is sometimes in the driver’s seat instead of the manager.
I wonder how things work out for Misato then? She gave me the impression that she didn’t know about the lack of licensed drivers at her office.

That’s that for Smile-Gang 538… Moving on to 539 now…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第539回

They start with another mini-drama. It’s becoming a trend. Lol.
And uh, the “sound effects” you hear? That’s supposed to be the sound of a train. And no, I don’t know why her journey starts from Monaco. XDD;;

After the mini-drama is over, Misato asks her the following questions.

Misato: If you were to become a train, what train would you become?
Nana: I don’t want to become a train.

Misato: If you were in Monaco, what would you do?
Nana: Have a party with the rich celebrities.

I laughed at Nana’s answer with regards to Monaco. XDD

Jumping straight into the Head Nanau corner.

Her live concert at Toyama marked her 7th performance in the tour. “7th” is a special number, so Nana was expecting something to happen that night. There was no way she would have predicated that she would fall flat on her bottom as SUPER GENERATION came to a close though. XD;; Apparently her heel got caught on the stairs which made her lose balance.
…Yeah, I always knew Nana’s super high heels were dangerous. Good thing she fell backwards and she wasn’t injured (all her weight went towards the right so it did leave a slight throbbing pain). Misato thinks the situation would have been cute if it didn’t leave people worrying. XD

Next is the Ehime Channel.

Love the Imabari Mikan theme. I don’t think I’ll get tired of it for a while to come. XD

Right after Imabari Mikan’s entrance, she begins promoting and cheering for Ehime’s Mandarin Pirates (the baseball team).

That is followed by the main activity for the day. The Imabari-bari Advice corner! Basically, this is where Imabari Mikan gives random advice to random day-to-day problems. These “random” day-to-day problems include things such as “If you have trouble trying to memorize something, try to memorize it during a bath. Your ability to remember things increases during that time.”

And if you’re still having trouble, Mikan suggests you to move to Ehime. Why? Because the problem will be solved if you go there.

I’m not going to cover all the “advice” she gave as they’re all quite non-sensical and ultimately always lead to one conclusion:

“If you’re having trouble/problems you can’t clear, move to Ehime!”
All problems will be solved if you start living there. XD Well, how’s that for promotion? XDD

I don’t think anything else in Smile-Gang 539 left an impression on me so I’ll end if off here. Now to find time to listen to Smile-Gang 540 where Imabari Mikan’s younger brother supposedly makes an appearance… XD


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