Radio StrikerS 2nd #2 – Guest: Tamura Yukari

The past week has been stressful and extremely busy. I hope this coming week will loosen up, but I can’t be sure… ;_; Anyway, for that reason, my posts will not follow a schedule as I’m behind in listening (not that I was following any). >< I don't know when I'll get back on track.

For the time being… Radio StrikerS 2nd #2

RADIOアニメロミックス~ラジオStrikerS 2nd 第2回【ゲスト:田村ゆかり】

Continuing with the ever hilarious radio show that is Radio StrikerS 2nd, Yukarin would like emphasize on one point.

Yukarin: Nanoha is a cute and pure little girl!

Lol. Tell that to Vita. She’s the one who started the ‘white devil’ thing. XD

Now off to the beginning!

After the usual introduction that tells us what Radio StrikerS is all about and reminding everyone that the movie is now in theatres, we welcome the guest! As stated in the previous Radio StrikerS 2nd, Yukarin returns for a second week.

Mikako: Welcome!
Yukarin: Thank you thank you!
Mikako: Wa wa wa wa~ Yukarin, we did our stage greeting today, didn’t we?
Yukarin: Yes, we did.
Mikako: We both went.
Yukarin: Yes, we went.
Mikako: And we did it. *starts laughing*
Yukarin: I never thought you, Mikako, of all people– *laughs* would do that… I would’ve never imagined!
Mikako: And I never thought you would wear something like that and move around in that fashion.
Yukarin: *laughs* …I guess no matter what I wear (on the day of), it will be treated as “something like that” now.
Mikako: *continues to laugh* No. I’m sure listeners understand. Today’s the opening of the movie in theatres and we have our stage greeting. But because this is a recording…
Yukarin: It hasn’t happened yet.
Mikako: It’s something that will be taking place. I’m sure everyone will be full of excitement.
Yukarin: Excitement… I wonder about that. Stage greetings have a certain special atmosphere. No one goes “WAAAI~!”It’s more of “clap clap clap clap.”
Mikako: That’s true~
Yukarin: They clap as though we’ve just said something worth quoting — It’s that type of atmosphere.
Mikako: Yes yes. All the nervousness…
Yukarin: And also, we have 10 people on stage at the same time so we’re at a huge place. If we had separated into groups, we’ll be at smaller stages and it’ll feel more like an “event” than a greeting.

LOL. Nervousness? More like hilarity abound again. Although, admittedly, everyone was nervous during Movie 1st stage greeting that they almost forgot to call Kuwatani Natsuko on stage. XD

The next corner is the return of an awesome corner.

~Let’s Hear It — StrikerS 2nd~

Here, in this corner is where people send in letters regarding their “problems” and ask Nanoha and the others for advice. The answers are penned by Tsuzuki-sensei himself — so it will be as if Nanoha is answering it.

As this is the first time we have this corner on Radio StrikerS 2nd, no listeners would’ve known to send in their letters. Thus, all the questions/letters will be coming from the staff.

Letter 1: MSLN 2nd A’s hit the theatres today! To make this a big hit, can we get a message from Nanoha herself?
Nanoha: Understood! I’ll do my best. The movie about myself, Fate-chan, and Hayate-chan has finally begun. We all worked very hard, so please come watch it. Lyrical Magical ganbarimasu!

And now… Yukarin would like to make a point. Pay attention!

Mikako: *claps* That was cute~
Yukarin: Why do you act as though this is the first time you’ve heard Nanoha?
Mikako: Somehow… It was just very cute. *slight pause* Nanoha is quite cute, isn’t she?
Yukarin: Nanoha is cute. Everyone calls her various different things — like devil or whatever — but she is actually a pure and cute little girl!
Mikako: That was seriously cute. I was caught off-guard.
Yukarin: Of course!
Mikako: And with that “lyrical magical ganbarimasu.’
Yukarin: You know, at first, I thought this was a Nanoha-only line, but then as the show went on, other people began saying it. In my mind, I thought “That’s my line!”

Indeed. Despite having heard everyone say it (with the exception of the guys [Zafira said it though] and Vita), none sound nearly as natural and energetic as when Nanoha says it.

Letter 2: Whenever I have to bring work back home, I get distracted by TV, manga, sleep — resulting in my inability to focus. If I did focus, the work could’ve been finished in an hour and I wouldn’t have to work overnight. What should I do?

Nanoha: Un… That does happen a lot. When I have to do my homework, I tell myself “Once I finish this, I’ll read manga” or “I’ll finish this before going for a bath” — I was always taught to set small goals and plan ahead. For things I don’t want to do, I’ll focus on what I want to do and work hard for it.
Chrono: In order to gain more time to practice her magic, she puts all her focus into finishing her homework. Not only has her magic improved, but so have her grades. Since this is advice coming from her, I’m sure it’s right.

^Ok, kiddies. Follow Nanoha’s advice, all right?

Yukarin somehow finds Chrono’s follow-up to be hilarious.

Yukarin: What view is Chrono taking here? *laughs*
Mikako: Uh… a father?
Yukarin: Or a brother?
Mikako: Yes yes, a brother.

And then, later on…

Mikako: Nanoha said something really useful there.
Yukarin: While Chrono-kun simply reiterated what Nanoha said.
Mikako: Oh, you noticed? Not only did he summarize what Nanoha said, he even added “This is coming from Nanoha, I’m sure it’s right.”

But well, Yukarin says she likes that side of Chrono. XDD

Letter 3: I want to fall in love. But because I’m stuck in the studio, I can’t meet anyone. How do fateful encounters happen?

Nanoha: Encounters, huh? That’s a bit difficult. I met my important people without realizing it.
Caro: From what I know, saving ferrets at the park and saving a lost child at the hospital seem to work. Or shooting through walls during rescue missions…
Nanoha: *chuckles* I think those are a bit on the exceptional side. But triggers for fateful encounters can be found everywhere.
Caro: So it’s about not missing those triggers and not letting those encounters get away.

Mikako: Nanoha suddenly became an adult.
Yukarin: It says 24 years old here so I got a bit confused. And my throat felt dry.
Mikako: But adult Nanoha is very convincing.
Yukarin: But this “problem” is very real.
Mikako: The important person Nanoha is talking about must be Fate, right?
Yukarin: I wonder who it is…
Mikako: Huh…?
Yukarin: It might be Yuuno-kun.
Mikako: Huh. Are you going to include Chrono-kun too?
Yukarin: Of course he’s included. I’d say everyone is important to her.
Mikako: Ah~ I see I see. Not missing those triggers…
Yukarin: We would miss them.
Mikako: We wouldn’t know. It’s not like people have colours showing on the top of their heads letting us know “Now’s the time!”
Yukarin: Like in a (dating simulation) game.
Mikako: Yes. “The red light is shining.”
Yukarin: It’d be great if we got something like that to notify us.

^Tell me I’m not the only one who found this hilarious. XD I laugh at how Caro views Nanoha. XDD And also at Yukarin and Mikako’s conversation. XD

A small break and then we get the letter-reading corner.

The first two letters are about “looking forward to the ending theme for the movie.” Mikako takes this chance to ask Yukarin about what kind of song “Hohoemi no plumage”

Yukarin: It’s a ballad but carries a positive feeling! [end of sentence]
Mikako: Ehh… Um, ok.

I honestly don’t know if Yukarin does this on purpose or she’s just not good when it comes to situations like this. It happens quite a lot, but Yukarin promotes her CDs with short simple sentences and needs to be prompted along the way. XD

Mikako: Is there any part of the song we should pay special attention to?
Yukarin: People always ask me that question, but I don’t understand it.
Mikako: I’m only asking because this question was written in the letter.
Yukarin: I don’t know about the CD, but in the movie, it comes near the end and the staff tried their best to match the scenes to the song so it really will fit with the movie.

Now onto the third letter. Yukarin’s awesomeness comes into play again.

The letter talks about the “mystery bleeding” scene involving Chrono in Movie 1st. While Yukarin attempts to “read” the letter and quote Chrono…

Mikako: Wait, stop! Yukarin, wait. Are you making fun of me?
Yukarin: No, I’m not.
Mikako: I don’t think I sound like that.
Yukarin: I don’t know how to voice act a guy.
Mikako: What are you trying to do?!

And when we resume to the letter… I laughed even harder.

Anyway, the mystery bleeding seems to have attracted a lot of attention. XD

Yukarin: I guess everyone will think “Eh?” when they see that scene.
Mikako: They would.
Yukarin: It’s like “Where did you go and what did you do???”
Mikako: Since that part was not shown, I’d think Chrono went through a lot during that time.
Yukarin: I’m sure he had a tough time. Maybe he was in such a rush that he ran into a wall.
Mikako: Then it’d be gag show.
Yukarin: Maybe that’s why it was cut out!
Mikako: In that case, they could’ve cut out the bleeding too.

Hahahaha. One thing led to another and Yukarin poses the following question.

Yukarin: Between Nanoha and Chrono, who is stronger? Hayate is definitely stronger than Nanoha in terms of magic points.
Mikako: Let’s ask Tsuzuki-san. Which one, which one?
Yukarin: He’s writing on his little white board… Ah, “Nanoha is the stronger one.”
Mikako: Tsuzuki-san, you’re lying, aren’t you?
Yukarin: Hold on, hold on. What happens when we add in Fate-chan?
Mikako: Eh?
*waits for Tsuzuki to write his answer*
Yukarin: Oh~ Fate and Nanoha are about the same.
Mikako: But Chrono is strong since the beginning, right?
Yukarin: Like a rabbit.
Mikako: Kora! D< What? I'm a rabbit now?
Yukarin: Yeah. You were slacking, weren't you?
Mikako: I (Chrono) wasn't slacking!
Yukarin: What's this? He's "On the technical side."
Mikako: So rather than magic points, he's more technical, which covers up — cover? (meaning: By using the word "cover", it means his low magic point is a weakness)
Yukarin: What if we compared Chrono and Yuuno? Although Yuuno was reduced (to almost nothing).
Mikako: *laughs* That was uncalled for. But if we compared them, it'd for sure be Chrono, wouldn't it? *Tsuzuki gives his answer* Ah, it really is Chrono.
Yukarin: Ah, I would've wanted Yuuno-kun to–
Mikako: But it's not about who's stronger. That makes it kind of sad —
Yukarin: Between Caro and Chrono, who's stronger?
Mikako: But at the time, things would be different — EH?
Yukarin: Chrono is the stronger one.
Mikako: The timeline is different though. When Chrono grew up, he became Sugita, so he would've been stronger.
Yukarin: Wait. Let's throw this whole time-space thing out the window. Let's compare Caro as a child to when Chrono was a child.
Mikako: *reads off Tsuzuki's answers* Even if they were the same age, Chrono would've been stronger. Eh~
Yukarin: So who's the weakest?
Mikako: You'd definitely be the one to ask.
Yukarin: Don't you want to know?
Mikako: I guess…
Yukarin: The absolute weakest one. Who is it?
Mikako: "Absolute weakest one." I think there's a better way to say it. …I guess it is something we'd like to know.
Yukarin: We know who's stronger/weaker when comparing one to another, but where do we stop? …Wow, Tsuzuki-san is seriously thinking about this (with a serious expression on his face)!
Mikako: That's because it might affect the continuation of this series.
Yukarin: Fine. Forget about what the truth is… According to Tsuzuki-san's instincts, who's the weakest? …"Give up"!
Mikako: He gives up! *laughs* …Then who is the absolute strongest?
Yukarin: Isn't it Hayate? Or Reinforce?
Mikako: It is Reinforce.
Yukarin: I see~
Mikako: That's how it is. If we threw everyone in a tournament and battle it out… That'd be quite interesting.
Yukarin: Isn't that reflected in the games though? You can select individual characters to play as.
Mikako: You're right.
Yukarin: You can select the "strongest" looking character.

^In both the games (BoA and GoD), the idea is to play through as ALL the characters to unlock everything though. XDD;;

And I’d like to add… Yes, Hayate ranks high up there in terms of magic points, but in StrikerS the Comics, she admits that if she were to have a one-on-one with Caro, there is a possibility that Caro will beat her (adding to the point that in one-on-one situations, all the other Forwards will win for sure).

After that, we have one last letter. In that letter, the person asks if they would have thought that Nanoha would’ve become such a hit when they did the recording for the first series.

The answer is that she would’ve thought “it would be nice if it became a hit” but thinking “If I did this, this would be a hit series — Guhehe~” — she doubts anybody thought that.

Mikako adds that it is a huge success now that she looks back.

That ends the letter reading corner and we move to the Information & News corner. No batsu-game so it’s normal reading throughout.

After that, they stuck in one last letter. Yukarin and Mikako were asked to describe their characters in one English word.

Yukarin: FIRE!

O_O Uh?
How did she connect the word ‘fire’ to ‘Nanoha’?

For Mikako (Chrono):

Mikako: Cool!
Staff: …
Mikako: What? Isn’t Chrono calm and ‘cool’?
Yukarin: Not “bleeding”?
Mikako: Huh? “Blood”? Hey, that was during the previous movie, this time there was no bleeding for him… probably.

As we neared the end.

Mikako: Last week, you were quite nervous.
Yukarin: I was. But after I won at the quiz corner, I relaxed considerably.
Mikako: Really?
Yukarin: Yes.
Mikako: I guess there was meaning to my loss.
Yukarin: Yes. I thought, “Serves you right.” *laughs*
Mikako: Don’t mess with me! Dammit! *laughs*

And that brings us to a close to the second broadcast of Radio StrikerS 2nd! Mikako promises that someone will come as guest, and Yukarin says it might be her again. XD
But no, it will actually be Shimizu Kaori (Signum) and Sanada Asami (Vita).


11 comments on “Radio StrikerS 2nd #2 – Guest: Tamura Yukari

  1. Wahh I’m so late to the party xDD Went to Otakon last weekend, so you’ll have to forgive the tardiness.

    And as expected, Yukarin made me laugh…again lol. I like how she shies away when Mikako mentions that Nanoha’s important person might be Fate hahaha! Stop making me ship Nanoha with Chrono oi! xDD

    Anyway, thanks for the report as usual! Hope your week’s slightly better than the last…xD

    Quote of the day for me.
    Mikako: Don’t mess with me! Dammit! *laughs*

    • Hope Otakon was awesome experience? =3

      Lol. It’s Mikako who threw in the mention of Chrono — and I recall she once mentioned that she liked the idea of Chrono x Nanoha before the whole thing with Amy came to light. XDD

      And yeah, week was better in comparison. Thanks. =D

  2. The AKB48 fandom has been evil and abducted me. For 2 years. About Yukarin and promoting her song. She’s actually just bad at it. LOL If I remember correctly in old interviews of Nana and Yukarin together, it was always Nana who does all the promoting.

    Just cause. Like how Yukarin is the lead character, and the way she gets Nana to talk for her is really just awesome. LOL

    “Mikako: The timeline is different though. When Chrono grew up, he became Sugita, so he would’ve been stronger.”


    Thank you so much for the translations! Help omg. xD

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