Smile-Gang #537

Late Smile-Gang 537 post. But better late than never, right?

Reason for delay? I’m still distracted by Radio StrikerS 2nd. Lol.
To be more precise, I’m distracted by the second broadcast now. Will get around to typing a post about that eventually (some time before next week is over).

Switching the focus back to Smile-Gang… #537 welcomes a guest but is surprisingly (or maybe not so surprising taking into consideration who it is) less chaotic than other Smile-Gang broadcasts that have called upon guests. You’ll hear about it when you get to the Artist Channel section.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第537回

Mini non-sensical drama at the beginning. It’s basically Nana speaking with Osaka-jou Hall. Yes, the concert/event hall. ^^;;

After this mini-drama is over, we have this little conversation between Misato and Nana.

Misato: Have you really heard the Hall’s voice before?
Nana: *laughs* No.
Misato: Oh, so you haven’t? Have you felt it though?
Nana: Yes. There’s no voice saying “honma”–
Misato: That’d be scary.
Nana: But I have felt the welcoming atmosphere from the Hall. It feels very warm.

Misato then follows up with the question of which atmosphere she felt like as if she was being tested; an arena that seems to be saying “Show me what you’ve got.”
Surprisingly, she said it was her very first concert at Saitama Super Arena.

As for which she felt most welcomed, it was at Ehime. It was her hometown after all.

Nana emphasizes that such moments do exist. She says Misato must have had the same experience during her stage plays, in which case Misato says she doesn’t. XDD

Anyway, we have no Head Nanau corner this week because there is a guest. And when we have guest, it’s always the Artist Channel.

-Artist Channel-

The week’s guest is Ogura Yui — the 16 year old Japanese voice actress, pop idol, and actress.
She introduces herself by saying that her favourite seat on the train is the section where one cart connects to another… (?) Question marking that because I wasn’t aware there are seats in that area?

Anyway, Nana agrees with that and does the “Yay!” together that leaves Misato somewhat speechless. In fact she’s so caught up with the happenings in front of her that she points out what everyone else outside is expecting.

Misato: (expressing everyone else’s thoughts) Dammit. That’s enough. Nana-chan do a proper introduction for Yui!
Nana: You just said ‘Nana-chan‘ didn’t you?
Misato: I don’t know anymore.
Nana: You’re way too affected by this. *laughs*
Misato: ‘Nana-chan’ sounds just fine.

LOL. But if I were in Misato’s position, I’ll probably not know what to say/how to react either. XD

Furthermore, Nana starts to point out the similarities between herself and Yui. One is that they both love dogs and two, they both can’t stand raw food… Resulting in another “Yay!” moment. ^^;;

They seem to get along… Until Yui makes a comment that her hometown, despite not being a city, Gunma-ken is still more urbanized compared to Ehime. Well that comment caused a reaction. LOL. Yui apologizes, but stands firm on that fact. XDD

Nana: What’s so urban about Gunma-ken?
Yui: There are a lot of convenience stores.
Nana: Wah~ But Ehime has a lot of those too!
Misato: …We haven’t had someone so pure on Smile-Gang in a long time. Makes me think back to 11 years ago.


Next is the Gunma vs Ehime section. There are a bunch of cards laid out in front of them, all have certain comparison facts written on them. They are to choose the ones they believe to be true and read the cards out loud.

The first card Nana chooses is:
Ehime’s towel production count does not lose to Gunma!

Misato: You chose the one you knew FOR SURE would be correct.
Nana: This is the first one and I AM the Iyo Tourism Ambassador after all!

Haha. True. If she messes up on first try, that would hurt her as a Tourism Ambassador. XD She gets the second one wrong though. XD But so does Yui. Third one — both gets correct, so they end with a tie.

After that, they let Yui do her promotion by talking about her debut single and PV. Apparently, Yui studied Nana’s PV for her own PV recording because she never had any experience with “cool, agressive” songs.

Once the talk is over, we get a preview of Yui’s debut song. Sounds pretty cool, the beginning made me think of Yukarin for some reason. Not sure why… Hm…

Anyway, after Yui’s song is Nana’s BRIGHT STREAM. With the two played almost back to back, there’s not much time left afterward. That’s pretty much all that happened on Smile-Gang 537. =3


4 comments on “Smile-Gang #537

  1. I always wonder why Misato calls Nana ‘Nana-san’ even though Nana just calls her Misato. Is it because she’s the Head? I think that’s the first time I’ve heard Misato call her that and never just her name.

    Not surprised about SSA though…I have the impression that she’s possessed or something during Formula…and now with her recent performance during Journey, she’s still as crazy as ever when she performs there. If only she performed OrcheFan there again (;´д`)

    • We will probably never hear Misato refer to Nana as just “Nana” (without the honorifics). The senpai-kouhai system (and seniority system as a whole) is quite rigid and the honorifics is never something to be dropped casually (unless you’re very close to the person).

      The relationship between Misato and Nana has been discussed on Smile-Gang before (in the recent years) in which case Nana has pointed out that they’re not quite “friends” with Misato adding that because they are senpai and kouhai. Nana emphasizes that she treats Misato as family though.

      Also, Misato occasionally calls Nana “Mizuki-san” in more formal settings (in the recording studio) which apparently weirds Nana out. She asked her to stop that. XD

      About the bit on Saitama Super Arena… Yeah, that might explain why Live Formula remains to be my favourite live performance to this date.

  2. I laughed so hard … Nana just became all serious when Misato said ”Nana chan”. ALmost could her say ”Should I slap your shit? know your place, Misato”

    Yeah I am always wonder about their relationship. Nana san is her senpai but it is always Misato who teases her. Or is this all calculated? However listening to so many Smile Gang, Nana san does cherish Misato; inviting her to Lives, gives her a CD single as present etc. I guess everyone wants Nana san as onee same ><

    I was a bit weirded out how our Smile Gang hosts are so nice to their guest. I mean the previous 2 males didnt get any room to breath before getting crushed. Perhaps it is morally wrong to tease a kouhai of 16years old. Nana san did go on rivalry mode when it came to comparing prefectures.

    Is your favourite live also Formula? Mine too *high fives* .. thinking to rewatch it soon

    Thanks for the post! Cheers!

    • The teasing mainly only happens on Smile-Gang. The reason I say this is because there have been several instances where we have heard/seen the two of them together elsewhere and Misato behaves quite differently around Nana.

      What left a particularly deep impression on me was the time Nana called Misato on “Say! You! Young!” (the show made up of the usual Smile-Gang staff minus Misato). Misato started the conversation extremely politely before Nana told her she’s being recorded as part of the show — which triggered our usual Misato behaviour.
      Admittedly, Misato was half-asleep at the beginning of the call, so that could be why…

      The other time was on Blood-R. Nana and Misato exerted an air of familiarity with each other, but Misato’s behaviour was nothing like the one she puts on during Smile-Gang. Granted, here, Misato was terrified and sounded like she would like to be anywhere but there… ^^;;

      About the guest part on Smile-Gang… I think it depends on the guest. We’re not going to get much of a reaction out of the 16 year old if they went the same route as they did with the previous two guests, so it wouldn’t be funny.

      And yes, Live Formula is my favourite! *high fives* I got very excited right from the beginning with the opening video footage; the one where she got into the Formula One race car and Kevin J. England (voice actor for Bardiche on Nanoha) doing the english voice over. And then Bring it On! as the opening song — I just thought the set list planning, the staging & lighting, the performance, everything was done exceptionally well in Live Formula.

      Ok, I should stop ranting now. Lol. XD

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