Radio StrikerS 2nd #1 – Guest: Tamura Yukari

I don’t know how this took me days to write, but it did. It’s late, it’s delayed, and it deserves a post. Get set for a long post!

Radio StrikerS 2nd

RADIOアニメロミックス~ラジオStrikerS 2nd 第1回

It’s back! It’s baaaaack~

You have no idea how I missed Radio StrikerS. I know I never got around to writing about this radio program back in 2010 but it was always on the top of my “list of things to listen/watch” every single week at the time.

Why? Because it’s fun. It’s HILARIOUS.

And most of all, it’s NANOHA.

When Mikako said “Tadaima!” I literally, excitedly, said “Okaeri~!” out loud without really thinking.

Because, yes, I didn’t realize how much I missed this until a few nights ago when I was listening to the revived Radio StrikerS that is now known as RADIO STRIKERS 2ND.

Enough with my non-sensical rambling and let’s move on to… more non-sensical rambling directly relating to the first broadcast of Radio StrikerS 2nd. XD

And it’s worth noting that the guest for the first week is Tamura Yukari. So for the most part, I was either grinning maniacally or laughing until I fell out of my chair.

Also, if you’re like me, you’re probably not going to be able to hit the F5 key on your keyboard for a while without giggling after listening to this. XD

You have been warned… Haha.

Takahashi Mikako starts the radio program off by introducing herself and what Radio StrikerS 2nd is all about; behind-the-scenes information and news regarding Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A’s.

It’s only the first broadcast, but fans have already sent in letters congratulating Mikako and the revival of Radio StrikerS. What’s more? Everyone is referring to Mikako as mei-personality (translation: famous host).

Understandly, Mikako finds the word “mei-personality” to be highly nostalgic. I do too, albeit for slightly different reasons. I still remember the way Inoue Marina said “Yo, mei-personality” back when she was guest on Radio StrikerS. The way she said it was cutely funny. XD

And this is where we got Mikako’s “Tadaima!” =D
(All right, everyone, 1, 2, “Oka~er~i~!!”) XD
She launches briefly into why she is saying “tadaima” — with the obvious reason being that Radio StrikerS existed back in 2010 to promote Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 1st and so now she’s back.

Then we get a super brief promotion of BRIGHT STREAM (if you could call it a promotion… All she said was the background song is Mizuki Nana’s BRIGHT STREAM), after which she announces that the creator, Tsuzuki Masaki, is present. XD

Mikako: Creator Tsuzuki has come to have fun– ah, no, he’s here to work.

Tsuzuki is too much of a workaholic. XDD
Hey, that’s why most of the characters in MSLN are workaholics too.

After this point… Prepare yourselves. THE HILARITY BEGINS.

Our guest, Tamura Yukari, enters the scene! >D

Quick trip down the memory lane. Mikako recaps about how Yukarin was present at the very first broadcast of Radio StrikerS 2 years ago. Somehow, Yukarin had been completely unaware of that.

Yukarin: You mean I was the first guest.
Mikako: No, I meant first broadcast.
Yukarin: First guest on first broadcast?
Mikako: Yes. You turned into a baby and *laughs* did that incomprehensible promotion. That was the legendary first broadcast. And it’s been 2 years since then.
Yukarin: Oh~
Mikako: Now we’re at Radio StrikerS 2nd. The movie opening is nearing too. And we’re going to be hearing a lot from Yukarin today, so with a certain air of nervousness, let’s begin–
Yukarin: I want to throw up.
Mikako: WHY!? No. Don’t say stuff like that!!
Yukarin: I’m so nervous I want to throw up. *laughs*
Mikako: Wait wait. You have how many of years worth of radio experience, Yukarin?
Yukarin: *in the background* I, just, no, I don’t want this
Mikako: I’m counting on you here! If you say things like that I’m the one who’s going to throw up! We have a lot to go through on this spartan radio, so it’s only going to get tough…
Yukarin: Right.
Mikako: But because this is the first broadcast, let’s combine our powers and work hard together.

Yukarin, you honestly crack me up. The “I want to throw up” part was very unexpected. XD Mikako’s follow-up is wonderful too. XDD

Just in case there are those of you unaware, Yukarin has MANY years of radio experience under her belt.

After a brief pause/break, we get into the Q&A corner where Yukarin kept giving answers that made me want to facepalm. ^^;;
Due to the fact that Mikako introduced the corner as “One question, one answer” format… It seems that Yukarin took it literally.

Q1: If you were to describe Nanoha in one phrase, what would it be?
A1: A normal girl in third grade

…Really now. I know that’s how Nanoha described herself in the series, but… From an everyday perspective, a normal third-grader don’t go flying around and firing Starlight Breakers as far as I know!

Q2: When you were in the role (of Nanoha), was there anything you had to be consciously aware of?
A2: Yes!

Mikako: …
Yukarin: …
Mikako: …That’s it? Makes me want to ask.

Yeah, we were all expecting Yukarin to elaborate, but that obviously never came. XD

Q3: When Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A’s was confirmed, how did you feel?
A3: Uh… “Yatta!” …I think?

Oi~! Can this be considered classic Yukarin answer? XDD

Q4: What were your thoughts for doing a Nanoha recording after such a long time?
A4: It didn’t feel like that it’s been a long time.

*nods* Because it hasn’t been all that long.

Q5: At the recording site, what left an impression on you?
A5: There were a lot of snacks!

LOL. Why am I not surprised that she’d say that? This is probably revenge for not getting any snacks during the Movie 1st (Nana stole all the leftovers <–true fact according to the after-talk for Movie 1st).

Q6: Please leave a message to people that’ll make them want to watch the movie in theatres.
A6: Everyone worked very hard to create this movie. Please come watch it.

…Very…uh, normal answer there. So normal that it’s very abnormal as it’s Yukarin we’re talking about here. XD

Mikako: As predicted, your answers were very simple
Yukarin: You said “one question, one answer”!
Mikako: Ok ok, I admit to that one. So let’s dig deeper now.
Yukarin: Yosh. Fine.

Unsurprisingly, the first one she wanted to dig deeper into was question #2. What did she have to be consciously aware of?

Yukarin: Oh, I said ‘yes’ to that one, didn’t I?
Mikako: What are you saying now?
Yukarin: My mind is blank at the moment. I don’t remember what I said.
Mikako: Yukarin~ how many years of radio experience do you have??
Yukarin: I feel like I was forcefully dragged here.
Mikako: It’s not that I don’t understand. We have a lot of staff here watching us because this is the first broadcast.
Yukarin: They’re all looking this way!
Mikako: I hadn’t expected so many people to be here today
Yukarin: Is there no curtain we can put up here?
Mikako: Agreed, so that we won’t have to see the other side. Right right. Anyway, you said “yes”.
Yukarin: Right, I did say “yes.” Um. It’s being conscious of the feeling of “doing everything I can as best as I can”

^That does describe Nanoha’s character. She’s always pushing her limits to carry out what she needs to do.

The second one they attempted to delve deeper into was the “It doesn’t feel like it’s been a long time” answer in response to how she felt after doing a Nanoha recording after “such a long time.” It really hasn’t been all that long for them. The reason is that they did game recordings in between (drama CDs too), as well as all those Movie promotion CMs.

Finally, Mikako casually tries to make a conversation out of Yukarin’s “There were a lot of snacks” comment.

Yukarin: There were HUGE amounts of snack.
Mikako: I was left out, so I didn’t get any.
Yukarin: You didn’t get any?
Mikako: Snacks… Well, Tsuzuki-san did get me a pack of snacks afterwards.
Yukarin: Eh? What’s this!?
Mikako: He gave it to me as a present.
Yukarin: What!? Being left out was the lucky outcome then!
Mikako: Why?
Yukarin: You get snacks all to yourself! That’s unfair! We had to share at the recording site!
Mikako: It’s better to eat with everyone
Yukarin: We all shared ONE thing
Mikako: Snacks can be bought! You have money!
Yukarin: Snacks! Unfair~!
Mikako: You’re not one to talk!
Yukarin: Unfair! I’m jealous!
Mikako: You were able to eat one of each type at the recording site, didn’t you?
Yukarin: No. There was only one.
Mikako: You’ve got that lying expression on you. *laughs*

This conversation got me laughing hard. They sounded like two little kids here. Hahahaha. Yukarin lying and Mikako trying to make a comeback with “You’ve got money!” I definitely wasn’t expecting that one. XDD

In an attempt to change topics (and do more promotions), listeners are reminded of all the food collaborations that involve Nanoha. They’ve got bread, cafe au lait, and tissue crossovers. Mizuki Nana posted up a picture of the set a little while back on her blog (June 27th post), but I’m pretty sure photos of these goods aren’t hard to find elsewhere.

Our dear Yukarin’s reaction to these Nanoha bread, cafe au lait, and tissue products…

Yukarin: *deadpan tone* Wow.
Mikako: We’re awful (radio hosts). Too awful. By the way, I had the bread — the one with Nanoha and Fate…
Yukarin: I ate that. I ate that.
Mikako: That bread had an illustration of Nanoha and Fate. It was quite delicious.
Yukarin: Yes, it was delicious.
Mikako: It was caramel flavoured
Yukarin: And there was cafe au lait?
Mikako: The cafe au lait was with Nanoha or Fate packaging. Taste is the same though. It has an adult taste. Also, the tissue is on sale now, so everyone please check it out.

After this brief promotion, we get more letters. The person in the letter asks if there are any scene in the TV series that Yukarin and Mikako took a particular liking to. The person then adds, as a PS: Welcome back, mei-personality!

Yukarin: I’ve been wondering for a while now. What’s all this about mei-personality? How is the ‘mei’ written? In the positive way (名) or the “lost/confused/mystery” (迷) meaning kind of way?
Mikako: Everyone so far have been writing it the positive way.
Yukarin: Ah, you’re right. It’s all written with ‘mei’ used in “famous” (名)
Mikako: Yes, ‘mei’ as the way it is written in ‘famous’
Yukarin: How did this come about?
Mikako: I wonder about that too.
Yukarin: Did it happen suddenly? Everyone is tilting their heads, is everything ok?
Mikako: I don’t really remember, but as I continued doing this radio program, it was something that was constantly brought up. It’s something that continued…
Yukarin: Ah, I understand now. Very fitting of the name “mei” personality.*
Mikako: Wha~aat?
Yukarin: Huh?
Mikako: … “mei-personality” is a compliment, right?
Yukarin: Of course it’s a compliment~
Mikako: Really? I’m starting to doubt…
Yukarin: It’s a compliment!
Mikako: The more people say it, the more I feel–
Yukarin: No one is writing “(laughs)” in brackets after “mei-personality” so it’s got to be a compliment!

Yo, mei-personality (laughs). XD
*Yukarin’s “mei” here could be referring to the lost/confused (迷), or more likely, (謎) meaning mystery.

Going back to the question now… Their favourite scene in the TV series.

For Yukarin, it was the scenes where Nanoha was waking up/getting ready in the morning. From those scenes, she got the feeling that Nanoha is the type who has a bit of trouble getting up and is very cute during those times when she is half-awake. Nanoha exerts the normal girl vibes at those times… fumbling around for her phone in order to shut off the alarm. :3

^I’ll agree that those are very cute scenes that don’t seem to reflect the 19+ year old Nanoha we’re accustomed to. The other thing I wanted to point out is that… I think it’s a little misleading to say Nanoha has trouble getting up. 9-year old Nanoha wakes up at 4:30am (though yes, she crashes at 8pm) and I’d imagine most people to still be stuck in dream land at that hour. XD;; For those of you wondering where I got that info… You’re better off wondering why I remember such info. It’s stated in Lyrical Nanoha A’s the Comics.

As for Mikako, her favourite scene (with Chrono) is the one where he said that famous quote while bleeding (in the 1st series and in Movie 1st). The bleeding is the main point here. XDD

Mikako: No one else was bleeding, and he showed up out of nowhere with such good timing while delivering a cool speech…
Yukarin: I wonder what happened there.
Mikako: Nanoha was still clean and pretty
Yukarin: Because she’s strong *laughs*
Mikako: Strong? No, I think Chrono is quite strong too…
Yukarin: Un.
Mikako: So yes, I quite liked that scene
Yukarin: Wait. Liked?
Mikako: Well, I guess rather than “like”, it’s more of it leaving behind a large enough impact that I can’t forget it.

Ignoring the bleeding, that was one of my favourite scenes too. His line left a deep impact on me as well.


A brief background music to break things up and we get to perhaps the most hilarious part of this 26:43 minutes radio program. The Lyrical Memorial corner. It’s basically a quiz corner where, depending on the difficulty of the question, each will receive anywhere between 10 to 50 points. The one to receive the higher number of points will win. All the quiz questions were made by Tsuzuki-sensei himself.

The winner will receive the title of “winner” and a round of applause.
The loser will have to go through the batsu-game (punishment game) of doing the ending news & info secton in the character/voice as specified.

Yukarin: I don’t like this.
Mikako: You know, about being the winner…
Yukarin: That. I feel cheated.
Mikako: Yeah! The winner gets an applause. Only an applause! Yet the loser faces the batsu-game.
Yukarin: Exactly.
Mikako: Here is where we start getting sparta–
Yukarin: Also, I don’t need the title of “Winner.”
Mikako: *laughs*
Yukarin: No need for it at all
Mikako: But… Well… At least we’ll give it our best?
Yukarin: I’ll give it my best.
Mikako: Let’s aim to be the winner.
Yukarin: Hoi!

See? See? Yukarin cracks me up in times like these. XDD

Yukarin and Mikako tries to determine who goes first through a game of rock-paper-scissors. Mikako won, and so she gets to make the decision of getting Yukarin to go first.

Mikako: You must decide what level of difficulty you wish to go with. 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50.
Yukarin: What should I do… FIFTY!
Mikako: Right away!? Why would you go with the most difficult one right from the start?
Yukarin: Eh!? But if I get this one right, I’d get a lot of points in one shot.
Mikako: Yeah, but… You’re amazing.
Yukarin: Eh… Maybe I shouldn’t…
Mikako: No, let’s try it. With 50.
Yukarin: 50!
Mikako: Ok, I’ll read the question.

Question: Please state the song name of the Movie 2nd’s Ending theme along with its date of release and what CD single count this makes for Tamura Yukari.
Answer: 微笑みのプルマージュ, August 15, 21st single.

Yukarin: Yatta~!!!!
Mikako: Yukarin, you’re a genius!!
Yukarin: Yatta!
Mikako: Genius!…not. That question was about you! Why?
Yukarin: Wait. If I wasted time here, I won’t have to answer any more questions, which would mean I win, right?
Mikako: Stop messing around!
Yukarin: About my answer, let me expand on it.
Mikako: No. It’s fine. Everyone, buy it. Listen to it. Now my turn.

Lol. Yukarin is very smart when it comes to being sneaky. XD
Let me just say that for a question worth the highest number of points (50), isn’t that too easy for Yukarin? That’s basically more promotion! XDD
Although… I recall Yukarin has messed up her release date before when she was called onto Smile-Gang to fill in for Misato once. ^^;;

Next up is Mikako’s turn. She chooses the question worth 30 points.

Question: Nanoha and the other magic-users all have their own individual magic output colours. Nanoha is pink, Fate is yellow… What is Chrono’s colour?

Mikako: …Chrono can use magic?
Yukarin: He was covered in blood, wasn’t he? I suppose he can’t. It’s because he can’t do barriers that he ended up like that (with blood). *laughs*
Mikako: He can. He can!
Yukarin: It makes me think he can’t.
Mikako: There was colour associated with that?
Yukarin: 10 seconds left.
Mikako: Nanoha is pink, Fate is yellow… Chrono is… black!
Sound effect: Bi bii (incorrect)
Mikako: Eh? EHHHH!?!? Then what colour is it?
Yukarin: Wait, let me say it! It’s green! …Huh? That’s not right either? Oh, it’s apparently blue.

^HAHAHAHAHAHA. I don’t even know where to begin with this. How could they both not know. AHAHAHAHAHA. These two obviously weren’t paying attention during their movie previews.
Admittedly, I laughed more at Yukarin’s comment about Chrono’s inability to do magic that resulted in the bleeding. LOL.

Feeling the pressure of potentially losing to Yukarin, Mikako hurries into the next question. Yukarin chooses her 30 point question this time.

Question: A high or low question. In the first two days of the Movie 1st hitting the threatres, were the number of viewers higher or lower than 30000?
Answer: Higher.

^Can’t say I don’t feel bad for Mikako. Yukarin is getting the easy questions. ^^;;

Back to Mikako’s turn. As she now knows that she can’t win if it continues like this, she takes the risk with the difficulty 50 question.

Question: For the upcoming July 14th Stage Greeting, please list the 10 cast members who are attending. If you get one wrong, you’re out.

^Let me point out here that, as of the time of recording, the stage greeting hasn’t taken place yet.

Mikako: How would I know!? I don’t know! I haven’t even heard anything about it. So what is this? A prediction? Eh? I don’t know! I really haven’t heard anything.
Yukarin: The official site already has the full list up. You didn’t check? You haven’t been checking everyday? You mean you didn’t press F5 (refresh)?
Mikako: *in the background* You’re getting on my nerves *laughs*
Yukarin: Did you think it wasn’t going to be updated and thus never clicked on it?
Mikako: Annoying~ Eh– Wait. There would be Yukarin.
Yukarin: Ah, please state the full name.
Mikako: EH~ No! No!
Yukarin: Officially, it won’t be “Yukarin” that’s written down.
Mikako: …Tamura Yukari-san.
Yukarin: Hai.
Mikako: Mizuki Nana-san.
Yukarin: Ui.
Mikako: Me. Takahashi Mikako.
Yukarin: Ui.
Mikako: Ueda Kana-san.
Yukarin: Ui.
Mikako: Shimizu Kaori-san.
Yukarin: Ui.
Mikako: Now I’m getting scared… Sanada Asami-san.
Yukarin: Ui.
Mikako: Yuzuki Ryouka-san.
Yukarin: Ui!
Mikako: Who else is there… Ah, Hisakawa Aya-san.
Yukarin: Ui.
Mikako: Ah, Mizuhashi Kaori-san–
SFX: Bi bii–!
Yukarin: Yatta!!! Yatta Yatta! \(^o^)/
Mikako: Eh? Mizuhashi-san isn’t going?
Yukarin: The correct answer (of the remaining two) is Ichijou Kazuya-san and Kobayashi Sanae-san.
Mikako: Ehh…
Yukarin: By the way, did you know we’re all going to the same place?
Mikako: Huh? Really?
Yukarin: See? It’s because you never pressed F5 that you don’t know!
Mikako: Yukarin, you knew?
Yukarin: I knew. The both of us are going together.
Mikako: Oh really? Great! I’m kinda happy. Seriously?
Yukarin: Seriously serious.

^The F5 thing was brilliant. XDDD I couldn’t stop laughing at that. XD Though I felt bad for Mikako for being put on the spot for not checking the official Nanoha web site. XDDD

Ending results.
Yukarin – 80 points
Mikako – 0 points

Mikako: As a host yet getting 0 points… I’m a little scared because I think they’ll be angry at me.


Right after, the news & info corner begins.

Mikako: And here, we announce news & info–
Yukarin: Before that, Mikako… Because you didn’t know anything about Nanoha, it’s batsu-game for you! Please pick a piece of paper.
Mikako: I’m scared~
Yukarin: Please become the character as specified in the piece of paper and read the latest news (regarding Nanoha series).
Mikako: *laughs*
Yukarin: What is it, what is it? *laughs* Seriously!? *continues laughing*
Mikako: This is a miracle! It says baby!

Deja vu indeed! Except last time, it was Yukarin who had to read in baby talk.

To reduce utter incomprehensibility, Yukarin will read normally while Mikako does the baby talk.

…Mikako… What is that? Baby? Not a puppy? Really? ^^;;

And that pretty much brings us to an end. Mikako quickly announces the goodies available on the mobile site of Animelomix (bonus Radio StrikerS 2nd corner and photos). Apparently doesn’t work for Smartphones. >< Bleh.

Anyway, to end off…

Mikako: Next week, our guest will be Tamura Yukari again!
Yukarin: EHHH!?!
Mikako: Don’t “Ehh” me.
Yukarin: …Yatta!
Mikako: Yes, that’s what you should be saying.
Yukarin: I’m so happy!
Mikako: Yes, that. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu for next week too.
Yukarin: Onegaishimasu.
Mikako: And so, we have Takahashi Mikako and–
Yukarin: Tamura Yukari here!
Mikako&Yukarin: Bai bai~!

The second broadcast is already out, but this took waaay longer to put together than I expected… Either way, Radio StrikerS will take priority over Smile-Gang until it ends. I haven’t seen any English translations done for Radio StrikerS yet, so I might continue with this format. =3


18 comments on “Radio StrikerS 2nd #1 – Guest: Tamura Yukari

  1. I am so very grateful to you for translating this! *glomps hard T^T*

    And seriously, whenever Yukarin’s on the show, its always very very entertaining! xDD I have so many Nanoha feels right now and I’ll loop this endlessly before making a more coherent comment.


    • Okay, I’m done rofl-ing and is ready to type coherently xDD

      I burst out laughing during the “I want to throw up.” part lol! So deadpan and she said it out of nowhere xDD and as you said Mikako’s follow up made it much more hilarious lol

      And I can’t believe they’re arguing about snacks again lol! But at least Yukarin gets to eat some now! xDDD

      And I have to agree with Yukarin that one of the cutest scene in the two earliest seasons are the waking up scene. Loli Nanoha is so cute!!! >u< *fangirling commence* I mean, 4.30 am or not, she must have her half-asleep moments xD and you never cease to amaze me with the Nanoha info details lol

      The F5 abuse part! AHAHAHAHAHA! OMG!!! AHAHAHA!! I'm going to name that the YUKARIN BUTTON now! LOL *rolls on the bed laughing* when did Yukarin find the time to abuse the poor F5 button I wonder? I can just imagine her with an eager look on her face pressing the button repeatedly while going “Ui! Ui! Ui!” with tap hahahahaha!

      The baby talk…oh god. Baby animal more like! xD Moe level too darn high! hahahaha! ahhh *dies

      And there ya go. Hahaha it’s like a giant…fangirling comment xDD
      Thanks again kasukasu!

      • You. You’re planting weird images of Yukarin abusing the F5 key in my mind. XD Not that she ever would have the time to do that. XDD

        Exactly! Mikako sounded like she was saying ‘wan wan wan’ repeatedly instead of doing baby talk. LOL.

        • lol! Hey, I like to share, even weird images of Yukarin! hahahaha xD
          Maybe she did it between radio recordings or something? haha. It seems like she’s slightly more knowledgeable in the computer arts compared to Nana xD

          • I’m sure Yukarin has waaaay more computer knowledge than Nana… Then again, it doesn’t take much to know more than our dear Nana-san when it comes to the world of computers, so I guess that’s not saying much. XD

            But seriously, if this keeps up, I won’t be able to hit the F5 without grinning/laughing for a longer period of time than expected. XD

            • Hahaha! I wish Yukarin has said the F5 line to Nana. She’ll be all “Eh? Eh? What’s that? F 5?” lmao.

              Lol, join the club. I’ve been pressing F5 for no reason just to laugh at the memory xDD

              • Exactly my point. She’s not going to pay for it so I won’t break it for that either.
                And let me just say that… As Mikako hinted, Yukarin is quite rich! XDD

                Sending me a F5 button doesn’t mean it’s fixed on my keyboard… lol

              • Lol quite might be an understatement! xD Yukarin loves money doesn’t she? I remember reading that from somewhere.

                LOL. Hey its the thought that matters xDD

              • I think I only found out when it was said that she reacted to “It all depends on the salary” during the Nanoha event at Anime Expo. XDD

                My keyboard matters too! XD

              • lolol! xDD I think she made a money-reference as well during Riripa 4…argh! when is it coming to dvd/bd? @_@

                Lol! right click refresh! xD

  2. Lol at the snacks part. Well, I can’t blame Yukarin, after all she’s sharing the food with the rest plus Nana who’s also a glutton like herself plus many others soo…^^;;

    *remembers the bed scene in Strikers* Good lord..the mental image of 19 year old Nanoha fumbling around for her phone…who knows what those hands will reach XDDD

    • I couldn’t hold back my laughter after reading the second part of your comment. XDD Ahaha, I think I’ve been away from the NanoFate fandom for too long. XDD

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  4. Thanks for the huge post. I enjoyed it .. alot. Yukarin is such a rascal. With the attitude ”I am not kawaii as you think I am”

    I laugh from the start till the end.

    Otsukare sama des~!!

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