World of M #153 & Smile-Gang 536

This is a late post with late thoughts… But bear with me, RL has been extremely busy lately… ;_;
Anyway, the good news is that NicoFox is now working again. Yay. 🙂

So before I listen to the latest World of M and Smile-Gang (which let me say hasn’t aired yet as of this moment I’m composing this post)… Let me catch up on last week’s.

World of M first, followed by Smile-Gang under the cut. I say Smile-Gang is worth more of a listen due to the Misato Channel. xDD

水樹奈々のMの世界 #153 (2012,07,07)”

This one aired on July 7th. Right on Tanabata. And also on the day Dog Days’ (read as Dog Days Dash) aired.

And partly due to that reason, we got to hear FEARLESS HERO on World of M before Smile-Gang.

Before going onto my thoughts, let’s go with Nana’s description of the song on World of M… Again, she tried to aim for 77 seconds but ended up with 79 seconds. ^^;;

Basically what she said:
– Opening for Dog Days’ Dash
– composer is Nara
– lyrics written by Fujibayashi
– listened to many demo type, but when listening to this melody by Nara, the team felt like this one is the most fitting
– lyrics was very fitting Dog Days

She was so close. Off by 2 seconds!

Now onto my thoughts…

For me, I watched Dog Days’ first before listening to World of M last week. In other words, I heard the song along with the opening sequence animation.

First thought (which is pretty much the exact same thought when I watched the opening sequence for Dog Days with SCARLET KNIGHT) — it doesn’t fit very well.

The song is great. The animation is great.
But I can’t help but feel there is a mismatch.

Both SCARLET KNIGHT and FEARLESS HERO are paired with a light, carefree adventurous opening sequence… which is not what I’d imagine if I had listened to the song alone. I’d think of a more battle-focused anime. Therefore, I can’t help but feel that it’s mismatched.

Admittedly, yes, FEARLESS HERO does carry a summer adventurous feel… so I guess it’s the idea that Dog Days is a bit of a too carefree anime. Ok, that last sentence probably made no sense to anyone other than myself. ^^;;

Oh, before I wrap up with World of M… Last week, Nana is a Ultimate top 7 for “7 requirements of the ideal man.” The previous week, she listed the top 6, leaving the 7th characteristic for listeners to guess.
She revealed the 7th one this week, so the complete list is as follows:

1. Nice muscles
2. Knowledgeable
3. Hard working
4. Has a dream
5. Someone who cares deeply for friends and family
6. Won’t get annoyed easily
7. Can eat a lot



And now let’s move on to the ever hilarious Smile-Gang… Which is even more hilarious with the Misato Channel.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第536回

Smile-Gang 536 opens with broken Kansai-ben. That’s to celebrate Nana being able to perform at the Osaka-jou Hall 3 years in a row for her live concerts.

In the Head Nanau corner, she speaks of the cover jacket photo shoot for her BRIGHT STREAM single. The cover is meant to depict a light yet sad feeling. She’s near the sea, holding fireworks. The fireworks is meant to symbolize a light that disappears quickly — yet the light is remembered as the hope.

About the photo shoot itself, taking pictures of fireworks is not easy. The timing needs to be perfect for things to show up well. They took a total of 10 photos… and coincidentally, the 7th photo was chosen to be the cover photo as it was the best one.

For those who haven’t seen it already (it’s been up on the internet for a while now) — you can see the cover jacket for BRIGHT STREAM on Nana’s official website.

Time to move onto my favourite corner.


The following line describes my feelings towards the Misato Channel.


On the one hand, we have Nana’s awesomeness shining through. On the other, we have Misato’s “other side of awesomeness.” It takes a lot of skill and courage to purposely do what she does here. XD

Give it a listen. You’ll laugh. I’m sure. XD

After the Misato Channel, we get a brief FEARLESS HERO talk. Nothing we don’t already know, pretty a repeat of what was already said on World of M…

We’re pretty much at a close after FEARLESS HERO. 🙂


And that’s that! Now to wait for this week’s Smile-Gang…


8 comments on “World of M #153 & Smile-Gang 536

    Long time no speak xD Hope you’re well.

    Anyway, onwards to commenting about M no Sekai, the fact that Nana wants a guy who can eat a lot doesn’t surprise me at all xD Maybe her dream date is her and that guy eating all-you-can-eat-curry-buffet hahahaha! That was interesting tho. The ‘Nice Muscles’ part especially xD

    And I don’t know if it’s just me, but the BRIGHT STREAM cover makes me laugh. Hard. >>;;;. The look on Nana’s face was priceless…but but she’s still pretty tho! And your long line of LOLs sums my reaction to Misato channel as well that lady is nuts…in a good way xD

    Anyway, thanks for the report as usual. Take care *waves

    Will there be hope for you to translate Nanoha Movie 2nd stage greeting like last time? xDDD

    • Long time no speak indeed! I’m… sorta well. Could be better, but I’ll manage. Hope you’re well too? =3

      You know what’s funny? When she first said nice muscles, I thought about her love towards DBZ and Yu Yu Hakusho… until she explained further that she doesn’t want overly muscular. XDD

      I’ll admit that her facial expression for BRIGHT STREAM was quite unique. XD I don’t think she smiled that way on any covers (CD or DVD/BD). In fact, for a lot of her CD covers, she’s not smiling very much.

      It’s always fun when Misato becomes the target of Smile-Gang’s sadistic ways. XD

      There is always hope. Lol. Although it’ll probably fall on you to tell me when the Nanoha Movie 2nd Stage Greeting is up. ^^;;

  2. Ehh, I’m okayish. I mean, can’t complain I guess :p Watcha been up to lately?

    Lol, it’ll look weird if she’s dating an overly muscular guy xD I mean she’s tiny…and he’s…huge >>;;; erm hahaa. But I thought she likes the type with deep voice? Didn’t she say that one time ago? Why’s that not on her list? *ish curious

    Unique indeed xD It’s like…she’s on top of the world! I dunno…she looks pretty like that, but the wings on her back doesn’t really help her expression >>;; still pretty still pretty xD And yea, her usual CD covers are dramatic and cool xD

    Haha! indeed xD when things go against her, that’s when we roll in laughter.

    Haha, I’ll try my best x3 I dunno if I can get the vids, but I’ll try to get blog entries about the Stage Greeting >83

    • Should I take that positively or negatively in terms of your well-being?
      I haven’t been up to much… aside from the usual. RL has been hectic but that was to be expected…

      Lol. You’re right, I almost forgot about that. Nana even prioritized voice over appearance. XD But maybe voice is among her top 10 but not her top 7? *shrugs*

      *nods* She does give off a bit of the “wee~ I’m flying~” type of feeling in that photo. XD

      P.S. I recall the official video of the stage greeting for the Movie 1st didn’t get released until almost a year later (I think it was around the time when the DVD/BD was announced). But I could be wrong and that I only got to it a year later back then. ^^;; I dunno, but I’ll keep an eye out too. =3
      And yeah, blog entries (the only one I read so far was Nana’s entry which didn’t really reveal much except it happened XD)… which means it’s google time!

  3. LOLOL. Misato’s amagi goe sounds like she’s scaring and seducting someone with the way she’s singing. That ohhh~ came out of nowhere lololol XDDDD

    And why did they laugh when Misato started singing the next song?

    • Lol. I know. And I would never know what song she was singing if it wasn’t for the “amagi goe” part. XD

      Misato was the one who broke down laughing first at the beginning of the second song… And that’s because she realized she forgot the melody. XDD

  4. Sasiburi, Kasumi~!

    Well I couldnt have guessed the 7th one. Perhaps Nana san wants someone who can also share her love of curry. I downloaded the first episode of the second season DD just for the opening theme. Like you said, the song and the animation somehow don’t match up. I couldnt put my finger on what it was. However it took me awhile to like FEARLESS HERO, it didnt struck at first like BRIGHT STREAM (do I have type all this titles in caps lock? www) Do you watch DD’?

    I had to relisten to 536 just to remember how funny it was. Nana san trying Osaka ben .. I really wanted to hear her say; Ankan ankan!. www. and Misato had a try on Amagi (is this right?) more like obaa san singing. Then Nana san was like ”This is how it is done” Thrilling it was. Goosebumps I got. It was as funny as the first I listened. Another part I laughed was the catchy song with ”nanananannana” but what was that all about? I only heared Nana san; ”uhmm yeah ;>_>’

    Srsly who the hell did the CD jacket for BRIGHT STREAM??? I thought you couldnt do cheaper then POP MASTER photoshop. But this is just a photo on a plain field. At least TPE was somewhat postmodern and different. Almost like ”yeah whatever, those nanatards will buy anything as long as Nana is on the cover” … I MAD! ><

    Cheers for the update! o(^-^)o

    • I’m not liking FEARLESS HERO as much as BRIGHT STREAM at the moment, but they’re both songs I liked on first listen.
      And yes, I am following Dog Days’… The transformation scene in the second episode is enough to turn me away though. It’s too overboard with the fanservice. But like with the first series, despite being completely disappointed with how things went, I think I’ll watch til the end.

      The catchy song was Misato dancing in front of Nana (and then Nana showing Misato how it should be done). In the end, Nana says that her advice for Misato did not help at all after watching Misato dance twice (once before she gave her the advice and after). XD

      Hm… I still think POP MASTER is the cheaper photoshop CD jacket. At least Nana was holding fireworks? ^^;;

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