Smile-Gang #535 – Drunken mishaps of the staff XD

NicoFox has stopped working for me. 😦 Oh well, hope it’ll work again with the next update or something.
And this is totally random, but I think I am more productive when working with Notepad than MSWord… Weird…

Anyway, this is mainly a Smile-Gang post with a miniature bit on World of M at the end.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第535回

During the title call, Nana makes a reference to last week’s Smile-Gang by saying that she waited for Misato at Shimane, but she never came. Lol. Why am I not surprised?
Misato will be in Osaka for about a week in July, and so will Nana, but it would seem their timing doesn’t work out as they’re not there in the same week. Nana is really trying to get Misato to attend one of her live concerts. XD (If memory serves, she always tries to attend at least one of them anyway… though it might have to do with Nana’s persistent invitations. XD)

Onto the Head Nanau Corner…

Here, Nana talks about the happenings of the after-concert party at Shimane. They ate and ate and ate until none of them could move. ^^;;
Aside from it being an after-party, it was also meant to celebrate Itaruvich and Yoda-sensei’s dance assistant (Hisao)’s birthday, hence the amount of food and drinking involved. Haha.

Apparently, Ohira got drunk (I have trouble imagining that for some reason — Tom-kun always struck me as the type with a lot of self-control), took Itaru’s iPad, and snapped 1,000,000 photos. They then commented that those one million photos could be put together to make a motion movie. XDD
Adding to the oddity of it all, while drunk, everyone tried to do squats, and things got crazy.

Despite all the craziness, the next day at the airport, they were all looking for food again. According to the Cherry Boys, regardless of how much they eat, they’re still hungry. This is due to the set list for Live Union being too high-paced (all the fast songs that are normally put in the latter half of the live concert are being performed before they even reach the halfway mark).

Next is the Mail corner featuring Ehime Corner.

Normally, the Mail corner is the corner where they read letters sent in by listeners regarding a particular topic they set the previous weeks. However, it’s a little bit different this time because…

Imabari Mikan is here!

The only character on Smile-Gang in my memory to rule over Misato the way it does. It’s very obvious how Misato can’t get a word in/doesn’t know how to react to Mikyan’s forceful nature. XD

Anyway, listeners send in letters about the good/interesting points about their hometown… Only to have Imabari Mikan one-up them by telling us how it’s even “better” in Ehime. For example, someone sent in a letter saying how their ramen is famous for being delicious, and then Imabari Mikan would tell us how there’s a local ramen store in Niihama that have delicious ramen. XD

And I only realized when listening to this week’s Smile-Gang, but this Imabari Mikyan on Smile-Gang is the same as the “official” Ehime mascot. You know, the orange dog that doesn’t really look like a dog? The one that’s born on November 11, 2011?
^My mistake. Please ignore. Imabari Mikan is simply promoting Mikyan. This is what happens if I try to make a post after listening to Smile-Gang only once. ^^;; But anyway, “Imabari Mikan” supposedly had a picture of Mikyan and introducing it to Misato.

Here’s a rundown of Mikyan’s profile:

Name: Mikyan — the “kyan” part of “Mikyan” is a pun on both the word “ken” (dog) and the Ehime dialect’s constant use of “yan.” And of course, the entire name itself is a pun on the word “mikan.”

Birthday: One one one one (wan wan wan wan — generic dog bark) — November 11, 2011

Gender: Unknown
^Misato found it hilarious that the gender is “unknown.”

Also, it would seem the made-up song Nana did several weeks back (the E-H-I-M-E chant) has now become Mikan’s theme song… as it was played in the background. Lol.

That’s pretty much all the highlights of Smile-Gang 535. Nothing particularly special/overly hilarious, but still an enjoyable listen.

And then there’s this week’s World of M, but the only thing worth noting was Nana’s attempt to promote BRIGHT STREAM in 77 seconds. Due to the fact that she was not allowed to have a timer, she “failed” in her promotion in the sense that she fell 12 seconds short. She spoke about BRIGHT STREAM for 65 seconds only instead of the full 77 seconds.

水樹奈々のMの世界 #152 (2012,06,30)

It takes place at 13:38 for those of you who wants to hear it.

In those 65 seconds, she didn’t reveal anything she hasn’t already. Basically, she goes over how it’s meant to take after PHANTOM MINDS and ETERNAL BLAZE as it is the theme song for the power-up remake of MSLN, she wrote the lyrics, same composer as PHANTOM MINDS, how listeners should more love for Nanoha and the others when this song plays during the credits, etc..

Although she doesn’t say anything we don’t already know, hearing her trying to make the 77 seconds is rather amusing. XDD

And it’s also worth listening for the slightly higher quality stream of BRIGHT STREAM. ^^;;

EDIT (July 4, 2012): Wrong link for Smile-Gang. Updated with correct link.

EDIT 2 (July 4, 2012): Re-listened to Mail/Ehime Corner of Smile-Gang. Fixed the mix up/mistake. Imabari Mikan is a 15 year old girl (Smile-Gang created character), whereas Mikyan is the official Ehime doggie mascot.


4 comments on “Smile-Gang #535 – Drunken mishaps of the staff XD

  1. Back on schedule like before, isnt it, kasumi chan~? GJ / I am sorry I didnt keep track on the fast posts >_< But I did read them all … honestly (^3^)y

    @Smile Gang lol at the drunken party. Talking about Live Union the playlist is indeed full of fast paced songs. One after another, just amazing.
    I have wondered about this … Soo the cute orange dog thingie of ehime (from which I remember the 47都道府犬) is the same as Mikyan? In the small vids it appeared as a cute honest dog thingie from Ehime. But it has another personality on smile gang. It always gets me smiling when Mikyan appears. It gets soo bossy Misato couldnt get any words out. And Nana using that voice is Hnnggg cute

    @M no sekai … I couldnt fully understand the ultimate top 7. I did understand the topic was Nana's dream bf characteristics. I only could understand the seventh about being muscular. lol
    Also Nana san got hit many times because she did something wrong … but it was so cute.

    Nicofox doenst work for me too .. I hope there will be an update for it.

    Cheers for the new post!!

    • Lol. Not quite on schedule yet. Never know when I’m going get swamped with other priorities. ^^;;

      The orange dog in 47都道府犬 is called Ehime-ken, with ‘ken’ being a pun on ‘dog’ and ‘province.’ Imabari Mikyan is referring to this one here. And yeah, the way it gets its way with Misato is what makes me laugh the most. XDD

      About the M no Sekai, the “7 requirements for the ideal man” is listed as below. She counted up, so it went from 1 to 6, with listeners to guess what the 7th one is to be. She’ll reveal the answer is a few weeks.

      1. Nice muscles
      2. Knowledgeable
      3. Hard working
      4. Has a dream
      5. Someone who cares deeply for friends and family
      6. Don’t get annoyed easily
      7. (Listeners to guess)

      And her getting hit (or slashed) repeatedly is due to her inability to use her “internal clock” to count 77 seconds.

      But good to know it’s a wide spread problem and not something that just affects a few random people. Hopefully that’ll mean they’ll fix it/give us an update quicker. =D

  2. I thought i was the only one having trouble with nicofox…though I use nicoplayer more…
    My image of Tom-kun has been shattered…he’s always been like a small, cute , pink winnie the pooh look-alike cherry boy for me…I can never look at him the same again Y_Y
    LOL. I burst out laughing when I heard Mikan’s theme song again. She sounds like a strangled moe chara lol. I want full version nauuu…And they should release a soundtrack for smile gang from various eps…that’s surely going to be lololol.

    • I’ve never used nicoplayer, but I suppose if NicoFox continues to not work, I’ll have to start looking into that or other programs.

      LOL. I literally laughed out loud at your description of Tom-kun. XDD It’s a very fitting description to my image of him too. XDD

      Agreed! Full version of the theme song will be full of laughs. XDD In fact, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop laughing for a good hour if they did make a full song. XD

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