Lyrical Nanoha Movie 2nd A’s – Full trailer w/ Bright Stream

^Am I the only one who felt a sudden surge of emotions when watching this trailer? Especially when Nanoha yelled “It’s not the end! I won’t let it end yet!”
I feel like this trailer packed all the desperate feelings of the characters together to create something that pulled at various emotions (especially for those who knows what happened in the A’s series).

Also, Bright Stream is previewed here. I certainly understand why Nana described the song as “aggressive, full of strength, yet sad.” I only caught bits of the lyrics here and there (when there is no screaming and shouting XD), but from what I can hear, it is already fitting to the A’s storyline. I’m also getting PHANTOM MINDS-vibe from BRIGHT STREAM, which makes it an even more fitting opening for this movie. I believe Smile-Gang is going the preview the song tomorrow, but don’t take my word for it… We’ll see.


6 comments on “Lyrical Nanoha Movie 2nd A’s – Full trailer w/ Bright Stream

  1. So fast updates one after another … Awesome! Just when I want to comment on the previous post.

    Yesterday I watched the shorter PV of 0:30. I loved the intro violin of BRIGHT STREAM. Then it got cut off >__<

    • Great now my post got eaten somehow… it really got cut off now >_<

      I think BRIGHT STREAM is a great follow up for Phantom Minds. It has the right melody and rythm. Feeling being thrown here and there … and just the right scene with Nanoha and her ''I am the whilte devil, I will make you listen to me''! Just loving it! The animation is right on par with Movie 1st. Cant wait for the release …. however must resist the spoling camrip

      PS: I am very sorry to double post like this … orz

      • I personally loved the piano intro that led into the violin parts. =D

        I agree. BRIGHT STREAM is a very fitting follow up to PHANTOM MINDS. Then again, they had consciously tried to make it like PHANTOM MINDS with bits of ETERNAL BLAZE, and I think it worked out quite brilliantly.

        I can’t wait for the release either! A’s is my favourite series out of the Nanoha series, so I’m quite excited to see this in its full movie glory. The downside is having to wait until the BD release. ;_;

        PS: No need to apologize. I understand that WordPress eat replies every now and then. =S

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