World of M #150 – Guest: Watanabe Itaru, Ohira Tsutomu

水樹奈々のMの世界 #150 (2012,06,16) ゲスト:渡辺格・大平勉

Feels like it’s been a long time since I last made a post on World of M. I generally don’t nowadays unless a guest is involved, and even then, it can get selective. But I thought this week’s World of M deserves a post. After all, it’s Watanabe Itaru and Ohira Tsutomu, the guitarist and keyboardist of the Cherry Boys, on M no Sekai.

Even if you don’t particularly care about Nana’s back band for whatever reason (you should, because these guys are quite famous individually), Itaruvich does an guitar acoustic version of Romancer’s Neo here.

Part of the reason they are there is because the recording was taken at the place of rehearsal. That’s also why they sound further away from the mic/hear an odd echo.

In terms of content, there actually isn’t much to say. They begin with the story of how Itarvich and Tom-kun met (because ‘friendship’ is a theme that underlies the World of M). It is revealed that they have known each other since university and had met because they were both in the same music circle (approximately 30 years ago).
When Nana asked what kind of first impression they had of each other, they both responded that they don’t remember very well. Though eventually, they conclude that their impression of each other has not changed after all these years.

Then we’re in for a treat. Here is where we get to hear the acoustic version (it’s really only the first few phrases) of Romancer’s Neo by Itaruvich. It sounds awesome, by the way. :3

In the Mpod Shuffle corner, Nana, Tom-kun, and Itaruvich each select a song they recommend for dates. They each talk about why they recommend the song. Itaruvich talks briefly about his love life (how he took his girlfriend at the time to concerts/lives), and at the end of it all, Nana says that they should’ve listened to Tom-kun talk about his love life as she’s more curious about him. XDD

And that’s pretty much it. Like I said above, there isn’t much content. The Mpod shuffle section took up a huge chunk of time as they had to play 3 songs. Nonetheless, it was a good listen. =D


4 comments on “World of M #150 – Guest: Watanabe Itaru, Ohira Tsutomu

  1. I found it quite relaxing to listen. About the cherry boys, I think they are a class apart in terms of musicans. Just like performance of Metro Baroque on the different shows, it does show their skills. And that guitar solo was amazing to listen. I am suprised they did choose english songs as love songs.

    Nevertheless I enjoy it

    • I believe it was said that the Cherry Boys are very expensive to hire… and I guess it’s not hard to understand why. Their skills speak for themselves. =)

    • *nods* Their skills are definitely something to admire! And not only are her songs not easy to play, but they memorize all her songs (that can differ from one live to the next) as most of them don’t have music sheets with them during the actual performance.

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