Smile-Gang #532 – Funny CMs corner

The Euro Cup is distracting. Lol. I still haven’t gotten around to actually sitting through Live Castle -King-. Although I must say, in the hour that I’ve watched it last week, I think I like it better than -Queen- already. But full thoughts when I finish watching the entire thing.
Anyway, the usual weekly update… There’s more than just Smile-Gang to listen to this week, but one at a time… ^^;;

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第532回

Smile-Gang 532 starts off with Misato and Nana talking about the casing of TIME SPACE EP. It follows the same style as her 17th single – Starcamp EP because of its… 17th and 27th. See the connection? XDD;;

I’m going to fast forward to the Head Nanau corner. This week, Nana talks about her experience on MUSIC FAIR. The recording began very early in the morning, and likely due to that reason, everyone was full of energy/exhibited high levels of excitement. Especially during talk/Q&A panel, things got quite interesting. Sitting beside her during that session was Onitsuka Chihirou. She was apparently so intrigued with the fact that Nana is a voice actress that she kept touching her at one point. Her reason was “I’ve never came in contact with a seiyuu before so I’m taking this chance to touch one.” LOL.
Nana mentioned that before the actual recording, Onitsuka asked Nana what her age was. When the answer of 32 came, she immediately said “Hey, I’m 31. We’re pretty much the same age. Same graduating year. Let’s get along.”
Due to these 2 incidents, Nana realized that Onitsuka is a highly interesting person and is nothing like the media-conceived impression she had of her. XDD

Then there is Tokunaga Hideaki. The general impression is that he’s the cool and silent type. Except the MUSIC FAIR recording this time, he kept getting himself involved in almost every topic available. It’s quite funny. When Nana and Katou Izumi were speaking about Ehime (they’re both from Ehime), somewhere along the way the host Megumi got confused with the geographics… That is when Tokunaga jumped in and said “Leave the Japan map explanation to me.” According to Nana, he just took off from there as he kept going on and on about the geographical area. Again, it’s not what Nana would’ve expected originally. Through this experience, Nana says that she now believes that regardless of how they appear in various media or the impression they give off, individual artists themselves are actually all very unique and interesting people.

Finally, she mentions that her recording of Metro Baroque on MUSIC FAIR was done at 2am in the morning. A Metro Baroque done at 2am is different because she is on a natural during that time. XDD


The next corner that follows is the Artist Channel. This time they reveal how they create and choose the crazy Smile-Gang CMs that go on air. As you all know, the current CM used for TIME SPACE EP is the Imabari Mikan one. In this corner, Misato and Nana act out 4 CM candidates and go through the process of choosing one that will work (or, rather, explain why they don’t work XD). One thing to note is that one of the CMs is thought up by Misato herself. That’s more than enough to catch attention.

This is where you must listen to understand why it’s funny. Nonetheless, I’ll still list out Nana’s reasons for rejecting these CMs.

CM 1: As funny as it was, it did nothing to promote the CD. A commercial loses its function if no one understands what it’s trying to do. XD Misato mentions that this CM fits with Smile-Gang style though, and I must say that I agree. XD Misato follows up saying that this is the alien version… since it’s Time SPACE EP. The SPACE part calls for the aliens. XDD But what doesn’t work does not work, so we move onto the next CM.

CM 2: I laughed so hard at this one. Even Misato started laughing as she did her part. Nana says she doesn’t even know what’s being said half way through. And it was long. XD
Ok, reason why it won’t work as a CM. The “rap” took attention away from the Metro Baroque preview playing in the background. And then Misato’s narration overlaps on top of everything, which created total chaos.
Nonetheless, despite the chaos, the rap part was so hilarious that I’m still laughing even now. XD

CM 3: Self-explanatory as to why it won’t work well. Wrong song. XD

CM 4: Double Mikio!!! It’s been a long time since we heard Misato’s Mikio Mouse. =D
To be honest, I actually quite like this one. It was quite cute and very much in Smile-Gang style. The problem was with the conversational lines. They said they should make something VERY similar to Metro Baroque as their castle’s theme song and must keep it a secret from King Records. XD (I see nothing wrong with this since this is Smile-Gang XD). By the way, for those who don’t understand/know Mikio’s character, Mikio is a play on Mickey Mouse, hence the talk about castle and theme songs. 😛

CM 5: This was AWESOME. Nana plays 4 characters at once in this CM. What’s more awesome is that this CM is penned by none other than Misato herself!

That’s all the CMs they prepared. They say that, in actuality, despite all the problems each CM contains, they’re not completely written off as potential CMs. This is Smile-Gang after all… They never follow logical thought. They can probably use any of the above CM without getting into trouble. XD


Near the end of the week’s Smile-Gang, Nana announces the title for her next single. It’s called ‘BRIGHT STREAM.’ According to her, as it is the opening for Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the Movie 2nd A’s, the song is sad yet aggressive and filled with strength all at the same time. The second song is DOG DAY’S 2 opening theme “FEARLESS HERO.” The third song on the single is the insert song for the Movie 2nd A’s “SACRED FORCE.”

^This single certainly sounds very interesting. =3


Anyway, that’s all for Smile-Gang 532.

There’s a whole bunch of Nana things to catch up on due to the recent release of TIME SPACE EP. My to-do list keeps growing and it doesn’t look like it’ll shorten any time soon. :S


11 comments on “Smile-Gang #532 – Funny CMs corner

  1. Very interesting corner, all of them are different from each other. But CM3 was soo wrong. Just by playing other songs than from TPE was weird enough. I laughed so hard all of them. But this was first time I heard Nana do a mickey voice.

    WHen is the release date for Nanoha Movie 2nd? I guess Yukarin will probably do the ending theme this time.

    I didnt know that you have been watching EC? For which country are you cheering?

    • CM2 makes me laugh out loud regardless of how many times I listen to it. XD
      And you’re right! This is the first time I’ve heard Nana do a Mickey voice too!

      Release date for Nanoha Movie 2nd is July 14th. Less than a month!
      And yes, Yukarin will be doing the ending theme this time as well. Ueda Kana might be doing the other insert song, but still no official word out yet (at least, not as far as I know right now).

      Haha, I’m a huge football (soccer — which ever term you prefer) fan. Normally I’m an England supporter, but Germany’s always been up there among my favourite national teams and they’ve been utterly amazing so far. I also really enjoy watching Spain play (their pass work/team play is awe-inspiring). So yeah… I’m cheering for those 3 teams and keeping myself neutral this year if/when they go up against each other. ^^;;

  2. Euro Cup is really distracting, I can’t believe Holland won’t get through ;____; orz
    Germany is a beast and Torres is still not scoring lol.

    Anyway thanks for this…particularly interesting and amusing report, I’ll blab back once it’s done downloading for moi >:3

    • Euro Cup results so far are quite surprising. But that just goes to show that football can be a very unpredictable sport where anything can happen as long as the players don’t lose heart.

      And Torres did score. 😮 He scored 2 of the 4 goals against Ireland. It certainly looks like his confidence is coming back. =3

      • HE SCORED? wut! O_O OYEAH today’s Spain against Ireland!! Fudge! I FORGOT!! ARGHH orz orz orz.

        And yea, thank god his confidence’s back xD Cos a little birdie told me that Abramovich’s been eyeing Schweinsteiger…and I don’t really wanted Torres to get shifted aside like Scheva did >>

    • I’m so embarrassed when I heard the rapping on CM2 LOL omg, can’t-stop-laughing. And when CM3 started playing for a second I felt like I was listening to the wrong radio show hahahaha nuts! It goes without saying that CM5 is the best…and the normalest amongst them all hahaha god xDD

      About the Nanoha songs, I’ve only heard a part of Yukarin’s ending, but none of Nana’s yet…and Kana’s as well >_> KANA R U SINGING? orz

      And the only way to catch up is to write one huge report compiling everything you’d missed until now and post it at once xD That’ll get a lot off your shoulders yea?

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