Smile-Gang #531 and Shin Domoto Kyoudai

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第531回

^Smile-Gang 531 is loaded with hilarity and interesting facts. It’s well worth the listen, because the Misato Channel is something that I can’t describe. You’ll know why when you get there.

Nana also talks about her appearance on Shin Domoto Kyoudai in the Head Nanau corner. I just finished watching it and… Haha. It really is as she described. XDD I guess I’ll be talking about both (what she said on Smile-Gang and what actually transpired) at the same time.

Anyway, Smile-Gang 531 starts off with some…err… weird breathing sounds. It’s actually Nana practicing the Lamaze technique (a childbirth technique). After all, her 27th child is going to born soon (I’m a week late with this coverage so her 27th single hadn’t been released at the time of Smile-Gang 231). ^^;;

The title call follows, with Nana throwing out a random trivia. “How far ahead in her schedule does Nana remember?” Misato guesses one day, and Nana says she’s not far off. The truth is, she tries to remember her full week’s schedule, but because things keep changing (jobs get added, certain events gets cancelled, etc.), she bothers to only remember what she has to do in a few hours now. Well, we all know she’s a busy woman…

In the Head Nanau corner, as I mentioned up above, Nana talks about her appearance on the Shin Domoto Kyoudai show. Nana says she had been nervous (didn’t look like it, if you ask me XD) because it’s been 14 years since she last saw Domoto Tsuyoshi (they were classmates, for those who don’t know). And yes, 14 years, which means they hadn’t seen each other since they graduated. Not only that, but the two didn’t get much of a chance to talk even back when they were classmates. Nana was more or less an introvert back then and Tsuyoshi wasn’t at school all that often (he was already an actor at the time after all). However, they were in the same class for 3 years and they did sit next to each other, so it’s not like they never interacted at all. Nana would show Tsuyoshi her notes/homework to help him.

What’s funny is that, on the show, Tsuyoshi mentioned that he’d always show Ichikawa his notes to help him… And Nana jumps in here and say that “But I was the one who lent you my notes first.” Lol. In other words, it’s always Nana who lets Tsuyoshi copy her notes, and in turn, Tsuyoshi lets Ichikawa copy his (which is actually Nana’s). XD

Another thing that’s extremely obvious if you’ve seen the show already and is related to the fact that they were classmates, was that Tsuyoshi kept calling Nana by her real name (surname). Nishikawa mentioned that the first time Tsuyoshi said “Kondou-san,” Nana visibly blushed. Right after Nishikawa said that, Tsuyoshi said “But Kondou-san…” before Nana loudly reacted to that. She kept trying to emphasize she is “Mizuki” now (everyone else around her tried to help as well, but Tsuyoshi never heeded it once XD — hilariously, even Kouichi started calling her Kondou-san near the end XDD).

Tsuyoshi even said that the reason he never realized Nana was the same Nana he knew until a few years prior was due to the change in surname. He thought she looked familiar/similar to the Nana he knew back in high school, but because 1) different surname and 2) the Nana he remembered was aiming to be an enka singer, he didn’t think Mizuki Nana was Kondou Nana.

And although Nana didn’t mention anything about this on Smile-Gang, on Shin Domoto Kyoudai, Tsuyoshi actually says at least twice that “This isn’t the Kondou-san I know~!” It’s as if the current Mizuki Nana is breaking his image of Kondou Nana. XDD

Finally, a brief talk about her Metro Baroque performance on the show. As the song is performed by members on the show, Tsuyoshi tells her that it’s the most difficult song they have performed to date. Several times, Nana was asked to rest during the rehearsal while the band kept practicing. Tsuyoshi grumbled about the tempo being too fast, in which case Nana replies that she has many more songs that have even faster tempo. This caused another one of those “This isn’t the Kondou-san I know~!” moments. XDD

Shin Domoto Kyoudai was absolutely hilarious. Apparently, I laughed so much alone in my room that my mom thought I was on the phone. ^^;; Do watch it if you have the time. Some parts don’t require understanding of the Japanese language to enjoy. Such as the voice acting segment. :3


After the Head Nanau corner is the long-awaited MISATO CHANNEL.

It’s basically another corner with no set theme. It’s supposed to contain the most variety out of all the corners (in other words, it’s another one of those “do whatever comes to Imanami’s mind (scriptwriter for Smile-Gang) that week” <– that is strictly my opinion though XD). But anyway, what I originally expected was Misato's sadistic characteristic coming into full play here against Nana (after all, Misato is supposed to lead the corner here)… But instead… It looks like the tables have turned! The target in Misato Channel is none other than Misato herself! Why yes, that's why Misato is less energetic than usual when we get to that section. XD

Although near the end, Nana doesn't escape embarassment either.

I'm not going cover this section mostly because I don't know how to. You HAVE to listen to this part. Basically, Misato has to do imitations and Nana has to answer questions along the way. The last imitation is of Misato imitating Nana. THAT is a must-listen. It will cause you do either laugh or facepalm or both. XDD

Nana: Is that how you see me?

^I completely broke down laughing when Nana said that. XD

Misato: I'm bad at doing voice imitations, but I think I did well when I tried to imitate Nana-san.

^HAHAHAHAHA. What's more funny is that Nana, for whatever reason, says that she did resemble her during some parts. She thinks it’s because they see each other every week since Smile-Gang started. XD

The rest of Smile-Gang 531 is letter reading and playing of Metro Baroque. I have nothing to comment on about the letter (which is basically about someone hearing some unknown beeping sounds from the kitchen and him asking what Nana and Misato think it might be because he still hasn’t figured it out).

Hopefully I can get Smile-Gang 532 before the end of the week and get around to doing at least half the things I said I was going to do… ^^;;


16 comments on “Smile-Gang #531 and Shin Domoto Kyoudai

  1. Wow, and you didn’t need CPR after listening to this is a miracle itself xD
    I gotta listen to this quickly, but I’m kinda curious about Shin Domoto Kyoudai.

    Share the linky where you watched it? xD *bricked*

    And thanks for the report as always~~

    • Oh and a small note, I squee’d when you said Nana visibly blushed when Tsuyoshi called her ‘Kondou-san’. That is very sweetttt and I wannaaa seeeeee. Someone should kill my inner fangirl from bringing Tsuyoshi into Nana’s harem list lol.

      • She didn’t “visibly” blush that much on the show (though she was visibly embarassed). I’m not entirely sure if Nishikawa meant that she blushed when Tsuyoshi called her Kondou-san the first time behind-the-stage or if he, indeed, did mean that moment during the show.

        And judging from your comment below (and the YT links), you don’t need links anymore? :3

  2. Right on time, just before this week’s Smile Gang! Awesome job for the weekly post.

    Indeed I laughed a lot how Misato got cornered in the so called Misato Channel. Great stuff. I think I will relisten 531 just for the laughs.
    How kind of program is ”Shin Domoto Kyoudai”? Is it like talk about the past or Q/A with the main guest? I have never watch it. Anyhow I watch the episode asap. I want to see Nana got teased by the Tsuyoshi. lol And thanks for another Nanatard retweet I could watch it. Otherwise I would have missed a lot >_<

    See you next week! Kasumi~

    @Ranrannyan I do have the episode downloaded from Youtube before it got removed. Do you want me upload here for you?

    • I’ve never watched Shin Domoto Kyoudai until now either. XD

      If this single time with Nana is anything to go by, however, it seems to follow the general music variety show format in the form of “random talk, Q/A, performance.”

      And yes, the Misato Channel is hilarious no matter how many times I listen to it. Especially the Nana imitation part. XDD

  3. Thank you for this post! I’m currently watching part two of the Domoto Kyoudai show now, and was wondering if you’ve seen it and checked your blog, haha. I’ve been waiting for Nana to be on that show ever since it was reported that Tsuyoshi and Nana were classmates, lol. I enjoyed watching it even if I didn’t really understand what they were talking about. 😀

    • It was enjoyable. Especially the voice acting corner. Tsuyoshi cracked me up there. He even read a word incorrectly (that Nana pointed out almost immediately even though no one else noticed). XDD

  4. Just watched domoto and it’s HILARIOUS! That was fun!! Tsuyoshi can’t accept Mizuki lolol…and how did he say ““This isn’t the Kondou-san I know!” in japanese?

    As for Smile gang, Misato totally gave me a stomach ache with THAT Nana imitation. Well yeah, she sounds a little bit like her (esp with the mouuuu lol)…but a crazy, flirty, hiccupping drunk one. What’s with the breathy laugh anyway lol. XD

    • “Ore no shitteru Kondou-san ja na~i”
      ^That translates to “This isn’t the Kondou-san I know~”
      Near the end, he even asks “Are you REALLY Kondou-san?” XDD

      The breathy laugh was freaky yet was probably what made me laugh most for the Nana imitation. XD But yes, you’re right, “crazy, flirty, hiccupping drunk” is a fitting way to describe it. XD

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