Smile-Gang #529 – Guest: Washizaki Takeshi

Speeding through this post because I FINALLY got myself a Blu-ray player last night but managed to watch only 2 hours of Disc 1 of Queen’s Night. It’s taking a lot of restraint now not to be glued to the TV and BD player. XDD

But anyway, prepare yourself for a chaotic Smile-Gang if you haven’t already listened to it.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第529回

Misato: This is a hot topic on many radio programs tonight, but will you, Nana-san, watch the annular eclipse tomorrow morning?
???: Me? Why?
Misato: Will you be watching?
???: I, Nana, have no interest in the sun.
Misato: Oh, Nana-san, you have no interest in it?
???: Isn’t it better to be drinking sake during that time?
Misato: Huh? I don’t recall you liking sake.
???: I love it — oh, recently, I prefer Hoppy.
Misato: Hoppy?
???: White or black is fine with me.
Misato: Is that so? What food do you prefer to be served with the sake?
???: I wonder… Recently, it’s been eihire (dried seafood).
Misato: The salty stuff.
???: Especially when I combine it with soy sauce instead of the usual butter potato. I, Nana, love that.
Misato: Last week, when it was announced that Washizaki Takeshi will be guest this week, Nana said that “He’s someone I can leave everything to without worry.” And thus, we decided to leave Nana-san’s very existence to Takeshi-san. So, Nana-san, what did you think?
Nana: You have completely misunderstood the meaning of “leave it to him.” This is very wrong. It’s a completely different person!
Takeshi: Or so she says.
Nana: All you did was add the word “Nana” in your sentences. It’s not “Nana” at all!
Takeshi: There was no explanation as to what was happening, so I did that so people knew I was you.
Nana: It was plain weird. Even you knew it.
Takeshi: But you like Hoppy, don’t you?
Nana: Hate it! Hate! I’ve never drank it before. I’m no good with alcohol.
Takeshi: Oh, is that so?
Nana: And now, I will take over — I mean, I, Mizuki Nana, will take over–
Takeshi: That sentence sounds awkward.
Nana: I was caught off-guard with all that happened… Anyway, let’s get on with the show–
Takeshi: Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang! =D
Nana: CHOTTO! D<

LOL. Another chaotic week on Smile-Gang. For those who don't know who Washizaki Takeshi is, he is a radio host as well as a singer himself. He hosts AniSpa!, which is the radio shows where Nana has appeared as guest several times before.

Back to Smile-Gang, Nana and Misato officially welcome Takeshi. Apparently, he has heard "rumours" of Smile-Gang already from Miyano. Mamo kept telling him that if you don't be careful, you're not going to get any promoting done. I laughed when Misato said "That may true." Takeshi immediately reacted to that and replied, "What? You're telling me there are radio shows that actually do that?"

^Again, Smile-Gang is not kind to guests. XDD

Then Misato asks how long Takeshi and Nana have known each other. Apparently, Nana appeared on AniSpa! when that program was still very young… As AniSpa! has been going for 8 years, that would also mean they first met 8 years ago. After that, Takeshi would appear at her fanclub events and do cosplay, and he was even the MC at Mishi-P's wedding ceremony. Misato adds that Takeshi was also the MC for an event she was at recently. Wow, looks like this man does all sorts of jobs everywhere. XD

Nana: He's like a 'onii-chan' to all of us.
Takeshi: Say that. Say that. That is enough reason for me to be here.

Not long after that, the "guest bullying" begins.

Misato: Now, Washizaki-san, can you say a few words before we begin.
Nana (pretending to be Washizaki): Tonight, I'll be giving away all the cash in my wallet to one listener as present. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.
Takeshi: Wait, what? You're Washizaki-san… Wait that's me. No, so Washizaki is Mizuki Nana?
Nana: That was me trying to get back at you.
Takeshi: Are you being serious (about the cash)?
Nana & Misato: We're serious.
Takeshi: Did Miyano-kun have to pay as well?
Nana: Yes yes.
Takeshi: Seriously?
Nana: Seriously.
Takeshi: How much–
Misato: Show us how much you have on you.
Nana: As you do that, let me remind everyone that we have Washizaki Takeshi-san with us tonight. Also, there's new information to be announced tonight, so please stay with us til the end.

We go to the CMs as Takeshi digs out his wallet. Once returning from the CMs, we officially enter the Artist Channel. Tonight, it will be called "Washizaki Takeshi-san to rescue this corner!" Before we get an explanation as to what that means however…

Nana: So Washizaki-san… How much?
Takeshi: *laughs* You know…
Misato: How much? *pounds on the table* (I laughed more at Misato's behaviour XD)
Nana: How much?
Takeshi: 11000yen.
Misato: That… is a nice number.
Takeshi: I just reloaded my SUICA last night… And then there's the Tower Records card…
Misato: So 11000yen…
Takeshi: Here's some coins.
Misato: Oh hey, a key…
Takeshi: Yes, a key– No, you can't have that!
Everyone: *laughs*
Takeshi: There's 507yen here.
Misato: That's perfect!
Nana: Yes, perfect. Not too much, not too little.
Takeshi: This really is a Smile GANG. You guys forcefully take money while smiling.

Now we finally move onto the Artist Channel. Basically, this week, we have Takeshi talk about the “difficult” topics that have appeared on Smile-Gang before. These are themes where Nana has trouble talking about either due to lack of knowledge or something else. Since Takeshi is an expert on talking, they decided to get him to “rescue” them on these topics.

Difficult topic 1: Red Leaf
Nana explains that, when Smile-Gang first started, they were inexperienced with free talk. Thus it was decided that they’d be given a random topic to talk about. One such topics was Red Leaf. Takeshi’s first reaction was “This is a problem with your scriptwriter.” Lol. As Nana and Misato grow older and more experienced with free talking, red leaf remains one of those that they are unable to feel any excitement towards and have no idea as to how to talk about it. Eventually, one of the challenges was to link humour with red leaf. They don’t pass the topic unless it got the staff laughing. Even Takeshi thought that was highly difficult. XD He tries, and he gives up in the end after being relentlessly attacked by Misato. XD

The second part of this topic needs listening. You will know why once you hear it. XDD

Difficult topic 2: Onna no Gou
Remember Miyano Mamoru’s reaction when he was asked to speak about this? Well, this is how Takeshi handled it.

Takeshi: First off, what is gou? What is meant by gou? That’s what I don’t know.
Nana: It includes a lot…
Takeshi: “A lot”…
Nana: We’re adults now! We experience more things… So, Washizaki-san, how’s onna no gou?
Takeshi: How? Onna no gou… What is that? Is it something like “where women can be scary/evil”?
Nana: Yes, that can be part of it.
Takeshi: Well, my ex-girlfriend told me some guy proposed to her and left me.
Nana: What? *laughs*
Misato: Immediately?
Takeshi: Immediately.
Nana: EHHH!?
Takeshi: This fits into onna no gou topic, doesn’t it? I never thought the two of you would come at me this way in the middle of this topic.
Nana: That was surprising…
Takeshi: 4 years ago. That was 4 years ago.
Nana: Is it ok to continue?
Takeshi: And after that, I haven’t had a woman beside me. Ironically, my first album was released 4 years ago. 2 years later, my second album was released. Another 2 years passed since then, and now, my 3rd album. Even though my CDs hold a bunch of love songs, in those years, I didn’t have anyone with me.
Misato: Yet you continued to write those songs.
Takeshi: Yes.
Misato: Then where did you get the inspiration?
Takeshi: From my worries… No, it’s all SF! SF! (SF=Seikatsukan [life] Fiction not Science Fiction) XD
Nana: So what you do if you had onna no gou as the theme (for a song)?
Takeshi: What do you mean? Like about hatred?
Nana: Not necessarily.
Misato: Do you write based on what you experienced?
Takeshi: Not entirely on what I experienced… But rather, what I feel at the time.
Misato: Oh, looks like this topic is cleared!
Takeshi: (I’m not going to bother describing this… Just listen. XD)

Difficult topic 3: The world of ‘I love you’

Takeshi: Here it comes!
Nana: This is really difficult topic!
Misato: I agree.
Takeshi: Baka baka baka!
Nana: No matter how many times, this remains hard.
Takeshi: Baka baka!
Misato: Yeah–
Takeshi: Baka! Baka seiyuu! You two baka seiyuu! Baka seiyuu! Chotto!
Nana: Hey, wasn’t the ohagi delicious?
Takeshi: Hey, it’s something else if I was releasing “red leaf.” If I was releasing “Red Leaf” at Atomic Monkey, I’d tell everyone to check it out. I’m telling you that I’m releasing this!
Nana: Is that so?
Misato: Ehh~
Takeshi: Not “Ehh~”!
Misato: So, The World of “I Love You”…
Takeshi: The World of “I Love You”…
Nana: How is it?
Takeshi: “How is it?” You guys suck! There should be a limit as to how bad you can be at this!
Everyone: *laughs*
Takeshi: The World of ‘I Love You’ is to be released on May 23rd.
Nana & Misato: That’s soon!
Takeshi: Yes, very soon. And it’s because I want this to sell that I came here onto Smile-Gang.
Nana: Ah, thank you very much.
Takeshi: I heard from Miyano-kun that “That part is the worst” but now I’m feeling it personally. Now I look bad.
Nana: No no no, you’re still great with the talks.
Takeshi: You two were laughing at me.
Misato: *laughs* When did you say “I Love You” last?
Takeshi: I didn’t say it — oh, during the recording. Especially the chorus parts.
Misato: Ah, you would’ve said it a lot then.
Takeshi: Without realizing it, I’m already 38.
Nana: Already?
Takeshi: This year, I’m turning 39. I had nothing in the last 4 years.
Nana & Misato: Oh…
Takeshi: Really… I had nothing. (Washizaki, what in the world are you trying to say?)
Misato: (I don’t know what she said here)
Takeshi: Um… Not even those one night accidents.
Nana: What? That– We didn’t ask!!
Takeshi: But Fukuen-san wouldn’t let it go. You two are talking with different tones here!
Nana: MISATO! I’m going to have a word with you later.
Misato: I’m sorry…
Takeshi: Nothing happened. I had nothing.
Misato: I’m sorry…
Nana: I’ve never had such conversations with Washizaki-san before so it’s kind of embarassing.
Takeshi: Yes, we don’t talk about this. But I’m the idiot who suddenly started talking about this on Smile-Gang.
Misato: This is getting dangerous, can we move onto the song?
Takeshi: Ah right. A total of 13 songs on the album. Composition and lyrics were all done by me.
Nana: There’s a lot of variety in the CD. Many where girls will love.
Takeshi: Well, I don’t know how girls wil feel when they hear my songs. But from a guy’s perspective, I think they’ll understand the meaning…
Nana: Most of your songs are lively though.
Takeshi: Oh, you’ve listened to it!
Misato: Yes, we did.
Takeshi: Say so earlier! That’s an important point! Now I’m glad I came. It makes a world of a difference.
Misato: I listened to it and I really liked it.
Takeshi: I’m feeling 5 miles better now.
Nana: It was really great!
Takeshi: Another 5 miles ahead. 10 miles now.
Misato: Was there a reason why you stuck with “I Love You” in the title?
Takeshi: I wasn’t necessarily stuck on it. I’m bad at coming up with titles…
Nana: But your songs all have titles that make me want to listen to them.
Takeshi: Really? But because I’m bad at it, I looked at all my song titles and chose the one that seemed like a plausible album title.
Nana: Huh? It looks like it’s almost time.
Takeshi: Already? Seriously?
Nana: This topic seems like it’s about to rise to the sky. Or maybe it’s the feeling of wanting one song to be played.
Nana & Misato: Washizaki-san, dou?
Takeshi: Me? If this rose to the sky (went to heaven), you’ll hear the chant instead of my song. I want my song to be played!
Nana: Then the introduction please!
Takeshi: From The World of “I Love You” that is to be released on May 23rd — 女の子の髪の匂いを一日中かいでたい

I, uh, am not sure what to think of the song. He has a nice voice, but the song is…uh…yeah… >_>;; Apparently, this was requested by Misato. There’s some speed talking after the song as they need to kick Washizaki out. But not before some laughs.

Takeshi: Ok, I’ll take my money and leave now.
Nana: Please leave them there.


After Washizaki leaves, Nana briefly talks about the Metro Baroque PV. Due to the presence of Nihontou and dragons, there’s the idea of time travel/time warp involved. It is quite interesting. They then play Metro Baroque to promote her single that is to be released soon.
As you can all guess, there’s not much time left after the song. We’re pretty much at the end after the song.
Oh, remember the “new information” she mentioned earlier?
It’s referring to 2 things.

First is the August 1st single that will include Movie 2nd A’s opening and insert song, as well as the Dog Days opening.
Second is the place of her Special Live event (for the Tokyo Manga and Anime Fair 2012). It will be taking place at Heian Jingu… And titled ~蒼月之宴~ which roughly translates to Banquet of the Blue Moon.

To end off… *sighs* Why don’t money grow on trees?



7 comments on “Smile-Gang #529 – Guest: Washizaki Takeshi

  1. Ooh, I like him. Didn’t know he sings lol. So Nana and Takeshi have known each other for years huh. Maybe that’s why they have good chemistry during interviews or maybe he’s just a really good host. Probably both^^

    LOLOL. I think he’s got done in much worse than Miyano. Spilling his love life and err *** life like that. Misato’s such an S.

    PS. Really like smile gang’s cm for Metro Baroque XD

    • I didn’t know he sang until listening to Smile-Gang either. ^^;;
      I think it’s a combination of both as well (being a good host/MC and having known Nana for a long time now).

      I’m actually surprised Misato would actually try to insinuate that on radio. XDD Granted, Smile-Gang is a midnight program. Lol.

      It’s CMs like these that Yukarin once commented that Nana had “weird” CMs. XDD

  2. BANZAI \(^0^)/ Kasumi~.. must be the best purchase in century. Gotta catch them all, Nana BD’s!! lol How did you like Live Castle? I just finished it yesterday. It was amazing and special. Let me know what you think about it.

    I am ashamed of myself I dont know much about Washizaki Takeshi. I only knew he is a famous person who has interview with loads other people. I think he fared quite well. He did a great job at the start. After that he didnt made a comeback with the infamous hosts. lol I want to pity him but it was too funny. Go Misato!!

    I am also on a slippery slope for anything Nana related. But but I can’t stop it either. I refuse to NOT to preoder/buy it.

    Something off topic, I recently made a blogpost about ”get to know other mizuki nana fans meme” (ttp:// I had a great fun write about Nana. It is actually 27 questions about Nana. You can how much you want. It would be great to read if you also do it. At least I am looking forward to it… onegai ^_< wink*

    • I wouldn’t say the Blu-ray player is the purchase of the century. Maybe the blu-ray discs. 😉
      I only managed to watch -Queen-. Haven’t found the time to watch -King- yet. I’ll gather all my thoughts after I’ve watched -King-, but so far, all I can say is that I agree; it was truly amazing and special.

      Lol. I think Washizaki Takeshi just crashed and burned once entering the “rescue the topics” corner.

      I checked out the questions in the meme. It looks difficult! Lol. It’s all asking to select ONE song from an album. XD
      But anyway, yes, I’ll do it. It’ll be a good start and reference point for when I finally get around to writing that Mizuki Nana essay (about why she remains to be my favourite singer after so many years) that I’ve been meaning to write for a while now. ^^;;

  3. haha i like how they “bullied” takeshi XD so funny =3

    and yea i couldn’t stop laughing when they reached the part where he talked about his love life XD

    NEW SONGS!!!! king record sure knows how to keep us nana fans happy =3

    • I agree. I laughed more when Takeshi said “This really is Smile-GANG.” XD

      It’s as funny as it is unexpected that he’d blab away about his love life like that. XD

      Lol. You mean King Record sure knows how to take money away from us Nana fans.

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