Smile-Gang #527 & 528

First, let me say thanks for all the “take care”, “get well” messages! They meant a lot to me. The wound has closed and it’s not hurting as much anymore. 🙂 I don’t know why I keep injuring myself in stupid ways. XD;;

Anyway, as promised, double coverage of Smile-Gang 527 and 528. They’re must-listens. So I suggest loading both up and setting aside some time to actually listen to both of them.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第527回

Smile-Gang 527 starts off with Nana asking where Misato’s hometown is. Misato replies that both her and her parents live in Tokyo, but if she must trace it back, then it’d be Saga-ken. With that answer, Nana starts questioning why there is no Saga Channel on Smile-Gang.

Nana: Because you are not showing enough love for the place!
Misato: *intimidated and mumbles in the background* But it’s not really my hometown…
Nana: It’s important not to forget your parents’ heritage!
Misato: R-right.

Lol. Rare to hear Misato being under fire from Nana. XD Anyway, we can all guess where this conversation is heading. We have the Ehime Channel coming up! Before that though, we have the title call with small trivia. Nana says the times she remembers she’s from Ehime is when she eats tangerines (mikan). For Misato, she says that the times she is reminded that she is from Tokyo is when she feels uneasy when surrounded by mountains… resulting in the following reaction from Nana:

Nana: You city girl!


After that, Nana asks where Misato would like to live if she was in Ehime. Misato, being unfamiliar with the place, says she doesn’t know. Nana says she’d pick Niihama herself, so Misato ends up picking Niihama as well. XD

And that leads into the Head Nanau corner.

With all this talk about Ehime, it’s natural that Nana would talk about her being appointed as the Tourism Ambassador of Iyo. And if you saw her blog post from April 17, you will notice the orange mascot… That looks like a cross between a mikan and a dog. As it turns out, it really is a dog. It was born just last year on November 11, 2011, thus “one one one one” = “wan wan wan wan” (generic dog bark in Japanese).

As the tourism ambassador, Nana’s job is to promote the entire area. Apparently, she said in an interview that an Ehime Channel has been established on Smile-Gang and she will be spreading information about Iyo/Ehime there.
My reaction was the same as Misato’s when I heard that part.
Is that really a good idea? No way. Smile-Gang is never known to do anything seriously… ^^;;
Somewhere between all of this, Nana takes out her new business cards and hands one to Misato.

Anyway, whether it’s a good idea or not, we’ll find out soon enough.

Ehime Channel – START!

Uhm… I’m not really sure how to describe this section. Chaos? Hilarity? I-don’t-know-what. XD You have to listen to this. Really. The contents don’t compare to what you will hear… Because Smile-Gang-created-character Imabari Mikan (voiced by Mizuki Nana) enters the scene.

Bascially, before much can happen, Imabari Mikan launches into a rant about how there’s a lot of people in Ehime, it’s not a village, loads of delicious food, THERE’S A STARBUCKS (why this is emphasized, I don’t know XD), etc. until Misato calms Imabari Mikan down.

Once “calmed down”, we hear the E-H-I-M-E chant/song. Now this is a must-listen. XDD

After that, the channel proceeds in a quiz show of sorts where Imabari Mikan is the host and Misato is the guest/challenger. Wow, for once, Nana is doing the questioning and Misato the answering. xD

Mikan (Nana): What do you like about Ehime?
Misato: Mikan.
Mikan: And?
Misato: Udon.
Mikan: And?
Misato: Onsen.
Mikan: And?
Misato: That’s it.
Mikan: Hey, come over here for second.
SFX: punching sound
Misato: Ow.

Hahaha. It’s nice to hear this role reversal once in a while. XDDD

Following this part is really a trivia quiz corner involving questions such as what Ehime’s tunnel is known for (answer: being the first toll-free tunnel), what the high school baseball teams are known for, and which store Mizuki Nana ate out at often when she was young.

With regards to the last question, it’s a store that Nana’s father took her to every once in a while when she was young. It’s a yakiniku place that has now unfortunately closed down.

After all the questions are done (Misato didn’t get a single one correct XD) and Nana is released from her role as Imabari Mikan, she is regretting the fact that she told the interviewers about this Ehime Channel on Smile-Gang. XDD

Following that is the letter reading corner to take up some time. A listener sent in a mail talking about common phrases that come and go with time. This topic arose from playing Memories Off. Misato and Nana remembers certain words and phrases being extremely common at one point in time but eventually faded out. In fact the excessive use of “super” is starting to fade out too (hm, it’s true now that they mention it). Misato then says that she is well aware of these type of things because she often has to be careful when doing adlib for high school girl roles. Heh.

Finally, we get to the Marathon corner. Not much to say here, so I’ll just post the results.

Total for the week: 1058.6km
Total overall: 5046.1km
Amount Left: 1152.9km

That’s pretty much all for Smile-Gang 527. The Marathon Project is a good lead-in to Smile-Gang 528…


水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第528回

Smile-Gang 528 aired on Mother’s Day. Unsurprisingly, they begin with talk about what Nana did for Mother’s Day. She sent flowers to her mom as her mother loves “cute” flowers. Speaking of flowers, Misato then thanks Nana for the flowers she sent her (for the Stage Play most likely). She said it was the most amazing (most attention catching) one at the entire entrance hall… which probably means Nana sent her something very big or very sparkly (or maybe both). XDD

Anyway, breaking the usual proceeding of things, they decide to start with the Marathon Project. Why? Because the total kilometres accumulated throughout that week was 1146.8km, bringing overall total to 6193.9km. That leaves only 6.1km. The Smile-Gang staff did some running that week too — totalling 4.8km (neither Misato nor Nana ran that week though XD). That means the overall total becomes 6198.7km, leaving 1.3km.

With only 1.3km, what should be done? Misato says the Head should take responsibility for the last 1.3km in which case Nana readily agrees. Then Misato tells her to get out and run the last 1.3km immediately. As Nana gets kicked out of the studio (actually she just needs to take the taxi to somewhere that is 1.3km away from the studio), they play Metro Baroque. In a brief talk before Nana leaves, it is revealed that the composer is very young. In fact, he’s a recent graduate. When he first sent in the demo tape, he was still in university. Misato then points out that, judging from the information, he was only in elementary school when Smile-Gang first began. To that Nana only had one thing to say: Osoroshii! >< (That roughly translates to "Scary" XD).

After the song and CM, Nana has arrived at her starting point. It is slightly different that her previous starting point (of when she ran her first kilometre 6 or 7 weeks ago). When Misato asks how Nana is feeling, she says that she's glad not many people is around. Somewhere during the talk, a "real" runner passes by her which gets her all nervous and embarassed.

Misato: Don't worry. You're a "real" runner too.

As Nana begins to run, she passes by many more of these "real" runners. Nana says that these people seem like they're all trying to distance themselves when they saw her.

Misato: They probably think you're weird.


Suddenly, Nana says that talking while running is extra tiring. Randomly, Misato asks if Nana will pass by a Convenience store any time soon. If yes, she wants her to go buy a magazine. Nana refuses and then asks why. Misato explains that in one of the magazines, Fukuen Misato is ranked 3rd in some seiyuu ranking. In fact, she has the magazine in front of her right now, which gets Nana asking why she'd want her to go buy the magazine if she already has one. XD A little bit of free talk as Misato wonders how this 3rd place came to be. Also, in her profile, Smile-Gang and Mizuki Nana is mentioned. XD (Misato's solo free talk is still awkward XD).

Then Misato asks where Nana is at that moment, in which case the answer was a "I'm not sure." Nana explains that the route is different from last time, which got the attention of everyone in the studio. That was not supposed to be case. XD

More free talk from Misato follows after that. She says that she wants to go overseas (specifically, she says that she wants Nana to take her overseas). Where? Hawaii. Nana at first agrees, and only hesitates when she realizes that Misato means going to Hawaii as Smile-Gang (all staff included) instead of just the two of them. XD

Misato suddenly asks Nana to go buy gyoudon (like she asked her to last time too). Nana says she already passed it so no. Not giving up on causing trouble, Misato asks Nana to sing while running then. Of course, the idea is met with a firm refusal. XDD

After the CM, Nana says that she is very close to the studio already. Misato takes this chance to explain the amount of letters they received from everyone for this Marathon project. The "thump" sound you hear is the throwing down of the stack of papers in an attempt to show just how thick the amount of letters have accumulated to. Then Misato mentions that she actually finds this whole idea of throwing Nana-san out of the studio to be a very fun idea. She'd like something like this to happen again. XDD And as this talk is happening, Nana-san reaches the GOAL~~~!!!!

Touching moment. Well, sort of. XDD

CM again, followed by the announcement of new song revelation of Smile-Gang!!! Song name is 'ONE' and it is the ending theme for the show Animaru "Wan"da~ (Animal Wonder). The lyrics carry the image and meaning of the importance of all life – how it connects to the future.

I have to say — I quite like this song. More so than Metro Baroque (though that has its own charm). I admit that 'ONE' doesn't leave much of an impression, but I feel like it's been a while since Nana has sang a soft yet upbeat song like this. It's nostalgic yet fresh at the same time. 🙂

After the song, Misato points out that Nana is covered in sweat. She suggests that she go shower/change before she catches a cold.

And that pretty much brings us to an end for Smile-Gang 528. =D

Smile-Gang 529 summary will be coming soon.


18 comments on “Smile-Gang #527 & 528

  1. Hugemongous post! It seems you are back on track. Banzai, Kasumi~! (^3^)/

    I got heartattack when Nana changed her voiced on 527. That is just too cute. However until a part where Nana used her angry ”yakuza” voice to Misato, I dont remember what Misato has said.
    However I did expect Nana to use the voice of ”Ehime-ke” (do I pronounce/write it right). Which I want to share with you all. It is from 47都道府犬

    On the next broadcast, Nana san do have a great stamina. Perhaps after extensive day, she still has to run a 1,3 km marathon. The other runners must think; ”Running and talking, is she taking this srsly?”
    Pretty awesome I must say, because about 6000 km in just a matters of couple months. Almost in a blink of an eye, It is incredible. Must be the power of Nanatards around the world.

    Great post as always!! Thanks!

    • For me, more than cute, that voice was hilarious. XD
      The dialect is officially known as “Iyo-ben.”

      And thanks for the links! I didn’t know about this 47都道府犬 and it was highly amusing. XDD It’s ridiculous and funny all at the same time.
      Nana-san always had amazing stamina, if her running and singing during her lives is any indication. XD

      Indeed. This whole marathon project ended in just 6 weeks. I’m sure it exceeded everyone’s expectations.

      And as always, thanks for reading! =D

      • Is that the kind of dialect they use in Ehime? Like Osaka has its own dialect?

        Yes I agree with 47todofuken. It is almost to the degree of happy tree friends. But much likeable and nicer.

        Btw already preordered TIME SPACE EP, yet? ^-^?

        • Yes. Iyo-ben is the dialect used in Ehime.

          Nope, I haven’t pre-ordered yet. The announcement of her 28th single is making me hesitate. I’m thinking I’ll purchase both at the same time, among other things, so that I’ll save a few more dollars on shipping if they come in one package (I can wait 2 months for her singles — albums are different story). With the amount of purchases I’m planning to make this summer, I must not let a single dollar sacrifice itself meaninglessly. Lol. XDD

          • Yes it caught me by suprises. (not in a bad way) I didnt think for a sec and I preordered TSE right away. In just a couple weeks time more good stuff were announced. Both upcoming Seiyu Animedia and Grandprix has Nana on the cover.

            My wallet is crying while I am ordering like an idiot. OTL

  2. I’m now very convinced that you’re a natural born dojikko. I’ve lost count of the many times you fell or injured yourself from reading your blog(s) ^^;.

    I don’t really know where to start here, maybe with the Mikan mascot. For some reason I don’t really like it coming into smilegang. I don’t really know why, but I feel like it’s intruding into Smagang’s nonsensical bubble. I mean, I know Nana is doing her job as the ambassador, but still…though having Misato bullied on the show for once is a nice treat, it’d be better if Nana does it herself rather than use the mascot xD

    And on the second smagang, I have a feeling that Nana sent the big sparkly flowers to Misato as a form of revenge lol, aside from a congratulatory of course. I also like Misato’s blunt’“They probably think you’re weird. “. LOL ahhh priceless. Misato and her tendency to cause trouble for Nana is the gem of this show sometimes LOL.

    And we should have Nana running more often, it’s really entertaining xD

    I like Metro Baroque more than One after looping it for a week, because I like MB’s classy jazzy feel, but I agree with you, it’s been a while since we have Nana sing soft upbeat song like that. Reminds me of Futari no Memory for some reason.

    Anyway, thanks for the reports as always. And next time wear armor when you go out to avoid injuries xDDD

    • I’m now very convinced that you’re a natural born dojikko.

      ^I actually started laughing when I read that (and I was still lying in my bed at the time). XDD Let me tell you that you’re not the only one. My mom thinks the same… But really, I don’t recall any other injuries other than this incident and the last where I fell down the stairs?

      The Mikan mascot on Smile-Gang is not the same one as the “official” one though. Seeing as it’s usually Misato who does the voice acting for random characters on Smile-Gang, it’s a little refreshing to hear Nana doing it for once. Although Misato seems to make it more interesting when she does crazy characters. XD

      Lol. I admit to the fact that I find Smile-Gang much more enjoyable than World of M purely because Misato is there. XDD

      I was at home when it happened. 😛 Hence wearing armour when going out won’t help. XDD

      • LOL

        Well, maybe that’s the only injuries you remember?. What if you count the injuries you’ve gotten daily? Like stubbing a toe or or something? How many in total? hehee xDD lets hope that you won’t slip on a banana peel or I’ll make you a website banner with ‘Dojikko Inside’ written on it xDDD

        So the mascots are different? Ah okay, Dun like the formal one to be butting into the show, but indeed you are right, Misato makes everything more interesting haha. With Misato (or Yukarin on the very rare days) on the show there, it’s always a guaranteed fun xDD Well, witnessing Nana being bullied is all around fun >89

        Hoe? you were at home? Whatever happened??? And okay fine, forget about the armor, go buy bubble-wrap!! It’s eco-friendly, cheap, and you can be the next lady gaga!!


        • From what you said, I can only conclude that you must injure yourself on a daily basis. How else would you know such details? XDD
          HAHAHA. I’ll bet you’re already tempted to make that banner. 😛
          If I do slip on a banana peel for whatever reason, it will be all your fault. lol.

          Bubble wrap don’t protect from knives and blades (the latter of the two objects was the cause of my injury this time). 😛

          • LOL and yes, you are right. But my level of clumsiness is tiny compared to yours, you natural-born! xDD

            And indeed, I am VERY tempted. Just wait until I get the right picture and I’ll put them together. With your name on it! AND DOJIKKO INSIDE xDDDD
            lol, now now lets not cross our fingers on this. Don’t go anywhere near banana in the future for safety’s sake >89.

            …blades? O_o. What were you doing? wushu??
            Okay, forget the bubblewrap, go buy yourself a glass case for god’s sake. invest on it. Heck maybe you can be the first walking greenhouse! xD
            Okay, I’ve had a wee too much sugar…

    • Thanks! =D
      I’m not surprised that they completed the marathon, but I am surprised it was completed in such a short time.
      But yes, the “power” of loyal fans!

  3. I think this has been addressed before, but since im relatively new to smile-gang ( ive backtracked to like 300 of your posts today, and watched some of those before though) im gonna ask… Is Nana really so unknown that people don’t recognize her on the streets :O it really seems so from all these experiences! If I saw nana mizuki on the street, lol idk wat id do haha, but lol – “they probably think you’re weird”” xDD

    • Wow, that’s a lot of posts you backtracked through. Thanks for reading (hopefully my older posts weren’t too bad)! XD
      About your question… Personally, I do not think it is an issue with being not so well-known, though it is true that she is not as well known as the bigger phenomenons like AKB48 (which to be honest with you, I have no clue who is who there).
      Neither Nana’s photos nor her name is printed everywhere in Japan. However, I have some confidence that if she were to walk down Akihabara, the chances of her being recognized would be higher.

      I think it’s more of the fact that she doesn’t look and give off the same presence when she is wandering the streets compared to when she is on stage, TV, or in magazine photos.

      I don’t know if you went through the post where there were 2 girls who thought she was Mizuki Nana but wrongly concluded that she couldn’t be Mizuki Nana because she was too short. That is an indication to me that it’s the gap between who she is as a normal girl and who she is when she is “Mizuki Nana.” =)

      • Yeah I do remember Nana said that about the 2 girls. She was depressive about it. I think behind the ”Mizuki Nana” facade, she is acutally like any other ordinary Japanese girl.

        Last time I met a girl who is an exchange student from Japan. On Twitter I said I like ”水樹 奈々” (which should be correct). However she read her name as ”Nana Mizuguchi” and didnt who she was. She is from Yokohama. Afterwards I thought perhaps not every people know who Nana is. … which made me quite depressive (T^T)

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