Notice – Break

Making this post reminds me of how up until 5 months ago, I probably wouldn’t have bothered making such a post as me disappearing for weeks on end (not updating) was not uncommon. However, what I noticed was that since this year began, I’ve been updating at a much more constant pace. I haven’t skipped doing Smile-Gang summaries for a long time now.

Anyway, I have no plans skipping Smile-Gang #527 but it’ll have to be delayed until next week (probably combined with #528). I’ve hurt my hand and believe me, typing with one hand is highly annoying.

So yeah, in general, don’t panic. I’m still alive. Just no summary or translations this week.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the Live Journey x Castle DVD/BD that you should all be in possession of by now (or at least, soon). XD

By kasumife7

12 comments on “Notice – Break

    • It’s better now. πŸ™‚

      *pats* Admittedly, they were quite expensive… I got the BD version in the end… And guess what? I still haven’t gotten myself a BD player yet. ^^;;
      Fail, I know. OTL

    • Thanks!
      …It’s ok. I’m unable to watch mine even if I got it… I’m lacking the proper device to play the discs (bought the BD version but I do not own a blu-ray player YET). XD;;

  1. Kasumi~ 倧丈倫???

    I am very glad you have a bit strength on your other hand to give us all a small update. Take a good rest. I hope it is not serious injury, is it?

    About the LIVE BD, I am still waiting. >_< It has arrived here in the country, yet the post office is slow. Have you received yours yet? I do hope the LIVE performance of Nana will relieve from your pain.

    Something again (orz) out of topic; have you listened to yesterday M no sekai? It was Metro Baroque on air. I do think it fits in the movie pretty well. But the song itself was not convincing and intriguing as Junpara. Just my 2 cents. Nonetheless I have already preordered my copy. \(^O^)/

    Take care and see you next week, Kasumi~

    • γ‚‚γ†ε€§δΈˆε€«γ§γ™γ€‚ πŸ™‚

      It wasn’t too serious of an injury so I’m a lot better now. Thanks!

      Nope. Never mind getting the discs, the more pressing problem is the lack of a blu-ray player for me. XDD Need to go buy one soon.

      Metro Baroque was quite interesting. It certainly fits as a movie theme (any movie theme, not necessarily just Blood-C). I agree that it didn’t leave as much of an impact as Junpara though.

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