Smile-Gang #526 – Absolute chaos with Guest

I am no longer following a schedule with these summaries. But I still try to post before the next Smile-Gang is out…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第526回

This week’s Smile-Gang caught me by surprise. As you might have gotten a hint from the post title, it was for the most part, total chaos. In a good way.

Except because it was so chaotic, it was a little difficult for me to figure out how to go about writing this post. In the end, I decided that the most efficient way to go about this is to say it in two words:

Miyano Mamoru

Why yes, Smile-Gang got Miyano Mamoru on as guest. Not the first time he’s been on, but things were not too different from last time (you’ll see why I say so soon enough). He’s mainly there to promote his new album – FANTASISTA this time though… Not that Nana and Misato gave him much time to do so. (Note: Smile-Gang is not known to treat their guests properly)

If you know Miyano Mamoru’s personality, you can probably imagine what would happen if you throw him on the same show as Mizuki Nana. If you’ve ever heard Mizuki Nana and Miyano Mamoru together (whether if it was on a past Smile-Gang or World of M or any interviews), then I don’t think I even need to describe it.

Smile-Gang #526 is one of those things you will have to listen to… even if you might not understand Japanese. Especially the beginning (where they do the Smile Hits Collection). Heh, even Misato sings a line near the end. I must say, it sounded pretty cool. :3

These 3 actually get along very well. They see each other almost on a weekly basis after all (since they work on common anime). If they hadn’t mentioned it after the title call, I would forget Mamo is the youngest out of the 3. XD
Speaking of which, as common as it is to refer to him as “Mamo,” it was interesting to learn that Nana calls him that too.

Some interest facts when they were talking about their birth (Mamo had a dangerous birth — nearly suffocated), Nana had been a big baby (3900g at birth! — in which case Mamo tries to ask when things went wrong/when she started shrinking), and Misato was born tiny (and remains to be tiny — 1980g at birth). ^^;;

Anyway, since we have another artist on the show, we begin with the Artist Channel that was mentioned last week. Misato, in her role as MC/host of this made up music channel, makes up a list of guests (who are obviously not present other than Miyano). And because it’s almost impossible summarize their conversation as they jump topics waaay too quickly… below is a rough translation of their conversation.

Misato: Welcome Miyano Mamoru-kun. It’s been a while.
Mamoru: Who are you?
Everyone: *laughs*
Nana (in the background): The sunglasses…
Misato: Welcome to Smile-Gang. What have you been up to lately?
Mamoru: Ah, I’ve been quite busy.
Misato: So you’ve been at it.
Mamoru: Uh, yeah, I’ve been at it…?
Misato: How long has it been since you’ve talked to Nana-san?
Mamoru: It was during a recording…
Nana: Since last week?
Misato: So you two have met up recently. Seems like you two are getting along well.
Mamoru: We are getting along.
Misato: Tonight, we have two people from King Records who are of the same level here. For this, we have this planned — Nana’s keyword talk!
Nana: What is with the sudden —
Mamoru: You were changing back gradually.
Nana: You were trying too hard to change back.
Mamoru: She was doing it gradually.
Misato: *ignores* Nana-san said there was a lot she wanted to talk to you about.
Nana and Miyano: *continues laughing*
Misato: Up until this point, Miyano-kun hasn’t done anything.
Mamoru: True, it’s been only you two up until this point.
Misato: Right, so Smile-Gang has prepared various keywords for you as you see lined up here.
Nana: There’s a lot.
Mamoru: Wow, you’re right.
Misato: We have Miyano-kun’s recently released 3rd album from April 18 titled Fantasista. Keywords relating to this are here.
Mamoru: Thank you! Now let’s see if I can talk about it…
Misato: In this corner, Nana-san chooses the themes to talk about.
Nana: So I get to choose?
Mamoru: Then please go ahead and choose Nana-san.
Misato: Start!
Nana: I guess this is where I should start…
Mamoru: Yup.
Nana: What do you like about Ehime?
Mamoru: Eh? Isn’t this a little weird?
Nana: Eh? But you’re on Smile-Gang, so it’s normal for me to ask you about my hometown. See? I’m even wearing mikan-coloured clothing today.
Mamoru: Ah, you’re right! It is mikan-coloured.
Nana: So what do you like about Ehime?
Mamoru: I say… culture…
Nana & Misato: Culture?
Nana: Aren’t you being a bit too vague?
Mamoru: And… Demographics. There’s a lot of mikan-mikan people.
Nana: Ok, that’s enough.
Mamoru: That’s my image of the place.
Nana: Thank you.
Misato: Let’s go to the next one.
Nana: Next! Who do you predict will be the (baseball) league champion this year?
Misato: I want to know too.
Nana: The two of us have punishment games to go through depending on who wins. For me, see, Hanshin-colour. Yellow.
Misato: Yellow works for everything.
Mamoru: Ah I see. Yellow works for everything.
Nana: Misato is supporting Kyoujin.
Mamoru: Do you know about sports?
Misato: Not at all.
Nana: We do this every year, but she’s not learning anything.
Mamoru: Then why Kyoujin?!
Misato: Kyoujin and Softbank.
Nana: Her source says they’re probably strong so she went with those two. So Mamo, what about you?
Mamoru: Lions for me.
Nana: Ohh. That makes sense. Bunka Hosou, Lions Rider…
Misato (in the background): Wha? That–
Mamoru: Of course!
Nana: And Saitama…
Mamoru: Yes, I was born in Saitama after all. I’ve been to Seibu Kyoujou… I’ve been going there when it was still “kyoujou” (note: It’s now Seibu Dome)
Nana: So it’s Seibu…
Mamoru: Yes, Seibu…
Nana: What should I go with next… Oh this! I’m interested to know. About onna no gou. (Note: I’m still not sure to this day what the proper translation or exact meaning of this is… Except google reveals to me that it’s societal difference between men and women… but don’t quote me on that).
Mamoru: Eh? Wait, wait! Isn’t that too heavy a topic to speak about on radio?
Nana & Misato: But it’s our theme for this year.
Mamoru: Onna no Gou? This is deep.
Nana: As sempai we… need to know how to deal with it.
Mamoru: Ah~ I guess… See, hasn’t there been an increase in carnivorous women? Just as there are more vegetarian men nowadays?
Misato & Nana: Ohh~ *pause* … *breaks out laughing*
Mamoru: Um, that’s what I think… It’s sort of like a comeback.
Nana: Oh, I see… (Note: That sounded highly unconvincing XD)
Misato: True… (Note: You too, Misato, unconvincing XD)
Nana: I guess it was wrong of us to ask a guy.
Misato: Their answers won’t lead to anything.
Mamoru: Why couldn’t we have gone with more kiddy themes?
*momentary lapse into laughing for all 3*
Misato: Now then, next.
Nana: What’s your favourite Fanta flavour? (Note: for those who don’t know, Fanta is a canned beverage)
Mamoru: FAVOURITE FANTA FLAVOUR? !?!? (note: sudden loud reaction was unexpected. XD)
Misato: Favourite Fanta flavour.
Mamoru: Fanta flavour… Sista. (Get it? Fantasista? XD)
Nana: Sista… Hey, I just remembered! Fantasista! Let’s hear about Fantasista. Time! We’re running out.
Mamoru: Out of time? Already?
Nana: Congratulations on the release!
Mamoru: Thank… you… I thought I was supposed to talk about Fantasista today.
Nana: I was reminded because of Fanta.
Misato: That’s was close. We almost forgot.
Mamoru: This program (Smile-Gang) is something to beware of.
Nana: Fantasista…
Misato: Ah!
Mamoru: Not ‘Ah!’ (Don’t sound as if you’ve only seen it for the first time!)
Nana: We’ve listened to it already, of course.
Misato: I’ve listened to it.
Mamoru: You had me sweating there for a second.
Misato: We listened to it in detail.
Nana: Yes, in detail. Honestly.
Mamoru: Really?
Misato: Really.
Nana: Isn’t it great? It has 12 songs!
Misato: *laughs* Why are you talking about song count? About the cover, it’s the usual Mamo-san…
Mamoru: This is great… It’s the first time anyone has ever complimented my CDs with song count. (Note: In case you’re not actually listening to this for whatever reason, I hope you realize Mamo is being sarcastic here ^^;; …)
Misato: 12 songs…
Mamoru: 12 songs.
Nana: Right. It has the rough style of Mamo…
Mamoru: The studio was American-style.
Nana: Quite cute.
Misato: Cute indeed. But there were also songs that brought out the rough guy characteristics.
Mamoru: Yes, guy characteristics.
Nana: Also, I’ve watched PV.
Mamoru: Thank you!
Nana: Very, very cool.
Misato: I want to see it. I’ll go watch it when I get home.
Mamoru: Please do.
Nana: It’s in the DVD.
Mamoru: Yes, it’s in the DVD that comes with the CD. The Limited Press version.
Nana: Egoistic. The dance was cool. More than the other dances you’ve done so far, it has a lot more guy-ish characteristics.
Mamoru: More adult sexiness.
Misato: The CD gave me the feeling that you’re an adult now. It may be weird coming from me who’s only a year older, but…
Mamoru: Looking down from above. I’m finally an adult now?
Misato: Yeah, you’ve become an adult… I meant it sincerely.
Mamoru: *laughs* Thank you.
Nana: For me, it’s like an older sister watching her younger brother raised into a fine young man.
Mamoru: I’m grateful to a lot of people and the experience I’ve been getting has brought me this far. I’m able to meet with more people now…
Nana: Yes. Back to your songs, you’ve got some energetic songs. You wrote a lot of lyrics for the songs yourself.
Mamoru: Right. It was a challenge I wanted to take on.
Nana: There’s a lot where it gives people the strength to look forward and there are songs that allow people to become one during live performances.
Mamoru: Like “Everybody gonna clap your hand”
Nana: Yes, yes, yes. At first, I thought “What’s up with that?”
Misato: How did that come about?
Mamoru: You mean the “Everybody gonna clap your hand”?
Nana & Misato: Yes.
Mamoru: Well, that’s basically from the concept of wanting people to come and dance together. So I wrote the lyrics myself and thought about easy dance moves.
Misato: So you thought about the dance moves yourself?
Mamoru: Yes. They’re very simple moves to allow everyone to dance along (during my lives).
Misato: But I’m sure that since you’re the one who came up with the moves, your fans will be more than happy.
Nana: Everyone will definitely be “We want to do this!”
Mamoru: It’s in video form, so it’d be great if people could learn it and dance to it when they come see my lives.
Nana: Now, let’s select a song from this album “Fantajita”… I mean, Fantasista…
Mamoru: It seems like only the “Fanta” part got stuck with you.
Nana: Fanta is easier to remember! Anyway, let’s listen to one from Fantasista. If you could do the song introduction please.
Mamoru: Ok. Miyano Mamoru – Egoistic.
*song plays*
Misato: And that was Miyano Mamoru-san’s Egoistic. Thank you very much for today.
Mamoru: What? That’s it?!
Nana: Really, thank you!
Misato: Before we end off, can you tell us of your plans this spring?
Mamoru: You really are planning to send me off. My live is May 6… at Pacific Yokohama. It’s part of my 2012 Live Tour – Fighting.
Misato: That’s soon!
Nana: I know!
Mamoru: Yup.
Nana: Are you ready?
Mamoru: Pretty much. I hope it’ll be a fun live for everyone. It is the biggest arena I’ve been at so far.
Nana: There’s a lot to pay attention to in your live… Um, I think we’re all good now? Nothing much left to say?
Misato: *laughs* You’re cruel.
Mamoru: If you want me to tell the truth, I have everything left to say. I thought I could talk to you two more. There’s a lot I thought we could talk about.
Nana: Well, we did talk about many things that we normally wouldn’t have talked about. Oh yeah, what do you think of the next election?
Misato: Oh yeah… If we could know about your thoughts…
Nana: If you could answer this last question…
Mamoru: I…um… I say… it’d be better if citizens voted.
Everyone: *laughs*
Nana: That’s true. That is very important.
Mamoru: We shall watch to see what happens.
Misato: And so today –
Mamoru (in the background): Are you serious?
Misato: Our guest, Miyano Mamoru!
Misato & Nana: Thank you very much.
Mamoru: I’m not leaving. I’M NOT LEAVING!


I half expected Mamo to still be around after the CMs, but I guess they had to kick him out… Every time they get a guest on Smile-Gang, the guest never stays long. A large part of it has to do with Smile-Gang being very time-constrained to begin with. However, I don’t see a problem with keeping the guest for the entire length… I do feel bad for Mamo. In the end, there wasn’t much promotion for his album. ^^;;

But I’ll stick in something for him… since I’m a fan of Mamo’s singing too. He’s got some pretty cool songs in Fantasista and Egoistic certainly has K-POP influence. Check out his songs if you haven’t already. They’re quite interesting… Although my favourite songs from him are actually character songs. 😛


Ok, there is actually stuff after Mamo leaves. And that’s the Marathon corner. Will cover that later if I remember… I just want to post this before something happens to my internet again. XP

4 comments on “Smile-Gang #526 – Absolute chaos with Guest

  1. LOL

    I feel sorry for Mamo. Those two carnivorous woman didn’t give him enough time to talk about his album LOL. Oh wow, this is gold xDD

    Thanks for the report as usual, and hope your internet would stay sane until the next update huehuehue xD

    *sorry couldn’t resist xDDD

    • LOL. I didn’t think about it like that. XD

      Part of the reason I got through this translation was because I didn’t have internet. 😛

      PS: Yes, I know! =D Next is the Champions League.

  2. Awesome!! Almost the whole broadcast translated, I did relisten. Thanks a bunch.
    Cuz I couldnt follow it most of the time.

    Quite interesting talk here and there. I do feel sorry for Miyano Mamoru. Feeling a bit pushed aside by his female sempais. All the time he just went ”yeah yeah.. Eeeh” Not saying that our lovely smile gang couple is heartless. They treated him as real little brother. lol I did enjoy a lot. Probably after the broadcast they had great talk.

    As Mamoru I like him both as seiyuu and as singer for those glorious roles and also for Ultraman. For the singing part I only got his song ”ヒカリ、ヒカル” I guess I need to expand my music collection. OTL

    Is it mentioned there will be another artist? Or are they going for other corners?

    • I wasn’t sure how else to do this aside from translating that entire section because it’s not something I can put into a few sentences, nor is it something I can write paragraph after paragraph about. ^^;;

      Mamo is a great seiyuu in my opinion. He can voice a wide range of characters ranging from insanely aggressive to heartbreakingly sad and lonely.

      There probably will be another artist, but for the time being, they’ll be going for other corners. I’m guessing they’ll cycle through the 7 corners over the year… Which means it’s likely we won’t get to hear the artist corner (maybe with guest, maybe not) until 7 weeks later (or 6 now).

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