Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha 2nd A’s Official Stage Event Report [translation]

Long post title is long. ^^;; Anyway, thanks to ranran for the heads up (because to be honest, I wouldn’t have checked otherwise — and I certainly would not have done this).

So here is the translation of the ACE 2nd A’s Movie stage event as posted on Official Lyrical Nanoha website. Consider it a follow up to the Compilation Report I posted previously.

As the first stage event since the official production start of the Movie 2nd A’s, the air was understandably filled with anticipation. With the streaming of a never-before-seen promotional trailer on the big screen, the passion felt from the event hall rival that of Lyrical Party. Before the trailer-generated excitement died down, Producer Mishima Akio (hereby, P) made his entry. “This event received an unbelievable amount of support, thank you very much. Though it’s true that we had the highest ticket ratio, the fact that 96.3% of the tickets led to this event means we ranked first out of all events.”

The excitement of the audience rose with talks about the story of Nanoha. Then, finally, the cast makes their way on stage. It has been a long time since Tamura Yukari (in the role of Takamachi Nanoha), Mizuki Nana (in the role of Fate Testarossa), and Ueda Kana (in the role of Yagami Hayate) gathered on the same stage. Ueda-san greeted every with “Minna~ genki ni shitetaka?” in Hayate’s voice.

In the random chat corner – “Iyo iyo 2nd A’s nano!”, they talk about the recording. Tamura-san revealed her thoughts towards the recording with “Ya…yarikitta zo~” which was followed by the same comment by Mizuki-san & Ueda-san. It would seem the boke gassen has already begun… (laughs).

Returning to the topic, the movie 2nd A’s is a loaded 2 and a half hour this time. This script was split into 2 thick sets. The recording took up 2 days and it was said that it got tough at times. When asked about the impression of A’s after almost 7 years since the TV version…

Tamura: I was…moved… no, I can’t put it into words properly, but I was truly moved!

Mizuki: It felt like time hadn’t passed at all and it was as though the characters had been with us the entire time. Even after 7 years, everyone was still fresh (laughs).

Ueda: After 7 years, my kids (WolkenReitter) become noisier. When the 4 of them showed up at the recording, the studio instantly became more lively… (laughs).

According to Mishima-P, despite the passing of 7 years, rather than becoming older, everyone was highly energetic. They rode through the recording from morning until night like that.
The following corner is the “2nd A’s Awareness Survey nano!” Same as during Lyrical Party, the casts’ true feelings are revealed in the form of a button pressing survey. If the answer is “yes”, they are to press the button discreetly but…

Mizuki: Wouldn’t it be obvious (as to who pressed the button)? (laughs)

Mishima: I would prefer if you didn’t say that and proceed calmly. (laughs)

First question: There is something I’d like to say to the staff for the Movie 2nd A’s.
The result was… (*sound effect*) 1!

The 3 on stage immediately began their attempts to figure out who was the one (while that one person tried to cover up). In a rebuttal against something Tamura-san said, Ueda-san revealed that “I received preferential treatment this time~” As Hayate was the central character in The MOVIE 2nd A’s, her words were very convincing.

In the end, it was revealed that it was Tamura-san!

Tamura: Today is April Fools, so what I’m about to say are all lies~ …….Why did I have so little screen time?”

It seems that during the recording, Tamura-san had to endure long wait times. Before she could say anymore, Mishima-P carefully moved on to the next question….

Second question: Doing the recording again after 7 years, there are cast members who changed the (personality of) character.

Result was… (sound effect) 1!!

Once again, they try to find out who that person was, but Mizuki admits it to be her with honesty.

Mizuki: I didn’t remember the WolkenReitter to be so noisy. Vita was yelling when she first appeared, but the most amazing one has got to be Zafira!

The topic moved towards Ichijou Kazuya (Zafira)’s passionate acting. Mishima-P commented that “It is a power up remake after all.” In the MOVIE 2nd A’s, please pay attention to Zafira!

Third question: If there is a “3rd”, I’d like to be part of it!

The result was… (sound effect) A surprising 2!!

The one who didn’t press was….

Tamura: I was going to press, but it ended before I could.

Mizuki: It’s true that if there is a 3rd, we will have less of a presence, but let’s work hard nonetheless (laughs).

As the half-jokes (?) between these 2 caused more laughter, the Awareness Survey corner came to a close.

The event passed by quickly. Very soon, the ending came. At this point, Mishima-P revealed new information! Following the example of the previous movie, Tamura-san will sing the ending theme and Mizuki –san will do the opening. So “what about Ueda-san’s song?” Mishima-P said “Indeed, in the television version, there was Hayate’s insert song ‘Snow Rain’.” This comment resulted in an expectant “Ohh!?” from the audience.

Mishima: It is unknown as to what will happen to it… You will find out during the movie.

Ueda: Even I don’t know anything (laughs).

It would seem that, at this point, it is at the stage of “Please look forward to it.”

Finally, it is time for the 3 to give their message to the fans.

Tamura: It went by quickly, but it was fun. Thank you very much~

Mizuki: Being able to do so many things including the Awareness Survey in such a short time, I had a lot of fun. The movie is filled with content with many scenes that will make you cry, and there are also scenes where Nanoha and Fate are rabu rabu. Everyone, please look forward to it!

Ueda: It’s been a while since the announcement of the movie, but I’m very happy that we’re now finally able to deliver it to everyone. Whether it is the powered up Wolken Family or the Lyrical Nanoha series, please continue to watch over them. Please look forward to the movie!

30 minutes was a short time, but it was filled with fun and jokes as always for the fans. It was a fun stage (event) that has given presence to the MOVIE 2nd A’s as time moves towards its opening day (July 14).

4 comments on “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha 2nd A’s Official Stage Event Report [translation]

  1. Sorry I’m late!

    Anyhow, thank you very much for translating this! Of course, the way this report came out is less funnier than the blogs you translated the previous report from, since news is never funny =___=. but Yukarin’s lines still cracked me up xDD Omg, she’s awesome.

    It seems that during the recording, Tamura-san had to endure long wait times. Before she could say anymore, Mishima-P carefully moved on to the next question…. LAWL. Nice one Mishi-P, you avoided the bullet! xDD

    I see Nana made the rabu-rabu Nanofate jokes again…does she always say that? lol that’s just teasing. Anyway, now I can’t wait for the madness that is the stage greeting *Q* LET’S HOPE THERE WILL BE STRIKERS MOVIE.

    Or an OVA….I’ll take either of them happily.

    Thanks for the report! xDD *holds up Rein-chan plushie*

    • Yeah, it’s definitely less funny. It does add in some missing detail though.

      Haha. Nana is a real fan of NanoFate after all. 😛 She advertises that at every chance she gets. XD I think it mostly comes from the fact that she wants her characters to be happy.

      It will be terribly unfair if they don’t have a StrikerS movie… But of course, it’ll likely have to be split into 2 parts and… there isn’t any real climatic moments in the first half of the series so that worries me…

      *reaches out for Rein-chan plushie* =D

  2. @Kasumi. Thanks for keeping us updated. I am looking forward for the movie release 030b

    Just amazing, Nana is busy again. Recording her single for Blood-C, Doing the commentary for Live Journey x Castle, Live Union, her new single for the movie etc. Is she a superstarwoman?
    I do remember from an interview of the Nanoha movie 1st. Nana did said she had a bit difficulty to accustom her voice as Fate. But I think she will do just fine as always.

    Is it me or Yukarin is real rascal? As voice actor I thought she was always a cute side.

    • It’s sometimes worrying just how busy Nana is. It almost seems as though there is no stop in her schedule. :S

      Hahaha. Yeah, she did say that once. It’s because Fate is 9-years old in Movie 1st and Nana got used to the 19 year old voice from StrikerS… Though Fate never sounded or acted like a 9 year old to begin with, so she didn’t have to do too much adjusting.

      Yukarin is always hilarious at events. She makes comments that you wouldn’t expect and tries to be “cutely evil.” XD

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