Smile-Gang #525 – Smile FIGHT!

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第525回

If you think Nana and Misato are speaking differently than usual at the beginning, you’re right. They’re trying to talk in a “manly way” with male speech. Funny how awkward it comes out sounding as they’ve both voiced male roles before (especially for Misato).

In keeping with this “manliness”, Nana does the “Smile-Gang Fight” title call only be to interrupted by Misato.

Misato: Stop. Stop~ Not only is the BGM wrong, you’ve got the name of the program wrong too.


Keeping with this theme though, Misato asks if Nana has any behaviours that resemble a stereotypical guy. Unsurprisingly, yes, she does. Surprisingly, however, it’s her behaviour of going to ramen-ya alone and eating at the counter.
Also, if she’s meeting up with a female friend and taking her out for lunch, she would make sure to pick her up and escort her properly. Misato comments that it sounds as if she’s the boyfriend. XD But Misato is actually the same. They say it doesn’t feel right for them to be on the receiving end.

Near the end, they say they’re simply not the type to act all cute and sweet.


Normally, what follows here is the Head Nanau corner. However, that’s taking a break this week as they take this time to go through potential new corners for Smile-Gang.

They do it in the form of a conference (hence you hear random camera shutter sounds in the beginning). At first, Misato (reporter-style) asks Nana about her feelings towards Smile-Gang, in which case she replies that she can’t sum it up properly in words aside from it being a very special radio program. Misato jumps at that last bit, saying that Smile-Gang should not stop at being simply a radio program. Just as there are many different channels on TV, Smile-Gang should evolve into something with 7 channels, with the channels consisting of the following:

Artist Channel – the channel where Nana reveals and talks about her new songs as an artist. Misato emphasizes to Nana that no other “world” should beat this channel/section in revealing new information or songs. ^^;; During other times, they may either get Nana to imitate other singers or have guests in to talk about music.

Mail Channel – the anything goes corner. Nana will ask questions or suggest a theme and fans are to send in letters regarding that.

Don Channel – They crazy happy youth corner. This will include things such as getting Nana to eat celery and tomato, going bungee jumping, etc.. You know, the party stuff that gets people laughing.

Ehime Channel – The Ehime promotion corner. Pretty self-explanatory, except Smile-Gang staff would like to raise a character called “Imabari Mikan” in this channel. Voice actress will, of course, be Nana. Go listen to this. XD

Drama Channel – Also quite self-explanatory. Misato and Nana will both be asked to act out different characters… Putting it in other words, it’s a voice-acting corner with a script.

Misato Channel – I broke out laughing just at the explanation of what this channel entails. First, the theme song is “Protein Misato” (Misato asks for the song to stop as soon as it began playing). It’s basically the section where Misato leads and does whatever to Nana. It slightly overlaps with Don Channel, so it isn’t hard to figure out that this is the place where Misato’s ドS comes into play fully. >D

Re-broadcast Channel – Past activities, characters, corners since the beginning of Smile-Gang… The popular ones will be revived here. Nana really wants to hear Sakajou Mickey once more (one of Smile-Gang’s character voiced by Misato).

And those are the 7 channels. I must say, I’m quite looking forward to a lot of them. XD


Next is the Marathon running corner. The general summary below:

Total for this week: 966.1km
Total over the weeks so far: 2602.8km
Remaining distance: 3596.2km

Tadokoro (Smile-Gang director) is having trouble keeping up with the mails due to the flood in Smile-Gang’s mailbox. XD

About this marathon running thing, fellow Mizuki Nana fan, Ken (@flying_mug) has made an interesting suggestion. Quoting his comment below:

“I have an idea about the marathon for Nana, haven’t thought about if it is doable. How about we have a run, next week we gather our achievements and send it to the Smile Gang mailbox in one mail. And we can say from which country we are. I mean it would be amazing hear in the next weeks about the said mail. Foreigners fans run for Nana. BANZAi!”
— Ken (@flying_mug)

^I haven’t thought about this in detail… and I’m not sure how much I can contribute to this aside from spreading the word and maybe running a few kms… but I just want to get the word out there first.
Note: Please don’t start going out and running 20kms, because this idea might not end up taking off. ^^;;


And that’s pretty much the end of the week’s Smile-Gang.

6 comments on “Smile-Gang #525 – Smile FIGHT!

    • Lol. I forgot about the Bear-san in the Forest until you mentioned it. I should re-listen to that some time and have a good laugh. XD

      The Misato Channel and Drama Channel are the two corners I’m most looking forward to. =3

  1. All the channels are great ideas, I do fancy to have a listen. It was very funny to hear Misato; please stop the theme song. I lol’ed. But isnt the drama channel the same as what Nana does at the end of M no sekai broadcast? A small part of voice acting on the request of the listeners. Till now mostly I heard are Nana doing her cute voices saying stuff like; ”I will forgive for this Chu~” ”Dont be angry, onii chan”. Althought all of them are heart attack inducing. But I do want to hear Nana to do an impression of Norio Wakamoto. It will be glorious.

    @Kasumi. Thanks for the spreading the word. I do hope there will be readers who will be interested to make it true.*crossing my fingers* I am a bit curious. How much are you willing to run for the marathon? ^_^

    • Drama channel differs from M no Sekai in the sense that there is an actual story behind what they voice act. They had something similar in the past called “Drama Club” when they still had the “Smadai Campus Life” corner and it had been full of laughs. XD

      I’m a little ashamed to admit this, but considering how I haven’t ran in a long time (and thus is completely out of shape), I think 3-4km is the tops I can handle at the moment… ^^;;

  2. once again, good job with the translation =w=b

    i like how misato tries to explain all the channels LOL kinda looking forward to hear those channels if they ever implement that XD

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