Smile-Gang #524 – Subaru yo~

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第524回

First, if you haven’t listened to Smile-Gang yet, I suggest loading it up. It contains surprising parts that words won’t be able to describe. You’ll know whenever you hit upon that point. 😛

The beginning few minutes of this week’s Smile-Gang is self-explanatory. Nana is singing clips of hit songs from 1980 (the year of her birth). Lovely voice and quality as always~
Misato thinks they should stick with this kind of opening from now on, but Nana is quite reluctant about it. XD Though she’s reluctant mostly because she fears the idea of having to know so many hit songs. Nonetheless, she didn’t outright reject the idea. XD


Anyway, straight to Head Nanau corner…

The first meeting for Live Union has taken place. It basically consisted of talking about any idea that comes to mind, regardless of it being possible or impossible. Especially for idea/themes involving the QVC Marine Field because it will be the first completely ceiling-less performance.

As it is going to be in the summer, Aniki (from the Cherry Boys) suggested something along the lines of jumping out of the water (something he picked up from being a part of other live concerts)… Nana described it as similar to Suiton no jutsu (Naruto fans should be familiar with this one), where they’re performing under a veil (more like streams) of water. Too many potential problems with that idea, so it’s already written out. XDD;;


After the CM, it’s the letter-reading corner.

First mail is someone trying to explain why Nana couldn’t win anything from the scratch cards. He believes it is due to her overly strong desire to win. He says this because, once, when there was this draw where the participant either wins a pack of tissue or a trip to Hawaii. His wife had wanted tissue for immediate use and thus went for the draw — and won the trip to Hawaii instead. Lol. The wife was actually a little bit disappointed because she wanted the tissue. XD
As for the guy himself, he bought himself a scratch card once (not expecting to win) and ended up with 10000 yen.

Hence his theory of “the secret to winning anything chance-related is to possess a lack of desire.”

^For better or worse, I’m among the people who believe in that theory due to personal experience… ^^;;

The second mail is about the person finding out about his sempai’s past unexpectedly. He borrowed a textbook from this sempai to study for an exam (of which the sempai happily gave to him), only to find a bookmark with the words “I’ll propose to _____-san if I pass!” written in red ink over and over again. In fact, he said it looked more like a curse to him than anything else. XDD He knows that his sempai is still single as of this day, which means the proposing part must have failed. ^^;; He then asks Nana and Misato if they’ve had similar experiences before.

Misato said she has, although it’s a little different. Someone left behind a notebook and, wanting to find out who it belonged to so that she can return it, she flipped through the pages. The pages were filled with monthly expenses and income… Meaning she found out a bit too much about her friend’s financial life than she intended to… ^^;; Must’ve been quite awkward… Especially when she went to return it.


More CM and then followed by the Marathon mails.

There’s a mail sent in from Germany. The person is a Japanese student studying abroad in Germany who ran 4.5km. So any of you outside of Japan thinking to join in the marathon, feel free! =D

Anyway, the sum of this week’s distance (from everyone combined — including those whose mails were not read) was 1142.3km. Quite a jump from last week’s sum.

Combined with the distance ran last week, there’s still only 4564.3km left. Nana thinks the distance would be covered by the first day of Live Union. From the looks for it, there’s a possibility the distance won’t last until Live Union. 😛


And that pretty much brings Smile-Gang #524 to an end.

But not before Nana asking if Misato did any running. Lol.

So did she run?

…Surprisingly yes! :O
She ran 1km! And so that brings the remaining distance down to 4563.3km.

Heh. Looking forward to the upcoming Smile-Gang to see how many more kilometers have been ran. 😛


13 comments on “Smile-Gang #524 – Subaru yo~

  1. Hence his theory of “the secret to winning anything chance-related is to possess a lack of desire.”

    ^For better or worse, I’m among the people who believe in that theory due to personal experience… ^^;;

    Woah, me too! And it works like a charm most of the time as well xD But I’ve never gotten something as big as a trip to Hawaii before tho O_o that woman has awesome luck.

    And darn, people have started running. I’ve been waking up late these last few days so no running from me anytime soon =______=

    Thanks for the report as usual, I didn’t expect you to update on Thursday too xDD

  2. So Live Union is coming. Got any plans to go to Japan, Kasumi?

    Lack of desire to win? I haven’t won anything big too. The biggest I won was to free scratch card to play again. OTL Afterwards I always mourn over the what-if situations lol

    It is getting less and less. 1142km in one week, all nanatards are working up. Nana must be proud of her fans.

    I have an idea about the marathon for Nana, haven’t thought about if it is doable. How about we (I mean all the commentors and Kasumi) have a run, next week we gather our achievements and send it to the Smile Gang mailbox in one mail. And we can say from which country we are. I mean it would be amazing hear in the next weeks about the said mail. Foreigners fans run for Nana. BANZAi!

    Something completely out of context of Smile Gang (which I hope Kasumi doenst mind >_o<
    But beware when you watch it to 2.49 … I got a heart failure TWICE HHNNNGGG.
    People said that Korean girls band are cute. But they are nowhere as cute as Nana imho in light years. (sorry should keep my fanboyishm in check orz)

    PS: Sorry for being late, I hope you got the time answer my post.

    Thanks and greets, Kasumi (030)/

    • Unfortunately no, no plans for Live Union from me. It’s only been a little over half a year since I was last in Japan. I don’t think I’ll be going back there until at least next year (or possibly more)… ^^;;

      About the marathon idea, there are a few things we would need to work out for that (however, it is doable in my opinion provided there is enough interest from others), but before sorting those out, there is one fundamental problem (that is solvable but will probably require time)… And I will apologize beforehand because the problem arises from me… But we will need to find someone to write the mail in Japanese…

      Regarding the second last part to your comment… Was there supposed to be a link or video? 😮
      And don’t worry, I generally don’t mind off-topicness since I do it all the time. XD

  3. True that … if no one can write in Japanese, we are practically doomed. Still thanks for sharing your point of view.

    Yes there should be a link here:
    I am headbanging myself for it. I knew I forgot something in the previous post.
    Anyways let me know after you have seen the video. But I presume you already saw it, it is the special broadcast of Music Japan about Nana. *getting heart failure for the third time*

    • Ah yes. That’s the one where the camera followed her from morning til night for several months. XD Thanks for the link. It’s good to be able to watch it again. =) And that “cute” moment you were referring to… That’s the part where she’s holding the wand thing and making those cute faces, right? =D

      • Yes indeed, imo the cuteness of Nana just comes off very natural. I just rewatch the scene and said; Now that is just the definition of being cute. You are welcome, I am very glad I have found the link before Youtube goes on rampaging for copyprights >_o<

  4. Damn something ate the last part of post. I am very sorry for double posting.
    But do you know the song at the start of the youtube link? Its first time I heard over the song. It sounds very cute and lovely.

      • Ooh bummer … just as I was excited for it. In general buying Nana singles or DVD/BD aren’t the issue, it is those exclusive TV broadcasts for only in Japan. As most of the Nana fans in foreign countries will miss them, unless you know how to watch live tv streaming. Ohh well I am happy with what I can get it.

        • That, if I’m not mistaken, is the song sung when she is introducing Team Yoda during the live. As the DVD/BD is to be released soon, you won’t have to wait long to hear the song in more detail.

          And I agree with you about the TV broadcasts. They never release them on DVD or anything, so there’s no legit way to see it most of the time…

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