Smile-Gang #523 – 492.4km covered after first week

I feel like I’m getting lazier and lazier… Anyway…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第523回

Nana: Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang!
*BGM: Aoiiro *
Nana: Hepolis! Smile-Gang Head, Mizuki Nana here.
Misato: Hepolis! Smile-Gang vice-Head Fukuen Misato here… NO THIS IS WRONG. STOP! STOP!
*BGM stops abruptly*
Misato: Can we get an explanation on our current situation?
Nana: What is it?
Misato: Normally, we start off with random talks before moving to the title call. Not only did we start with the title call, the atmosphere was more lively than usual. Starting with Aoiiro… Also, what was up with Hepolis?

Never a dull moment with Smile-Gang. XD So why the sudden change of replacing “Shassu” with “Hepolis” as well as beginning with the title call right off the bat? They never did get to properly celebrate Smile-Gang’s entry into the 11th year, so here’s their attempt to do so.
And more importantly, they want to try new things… And they will be continuously trying out new corners.

But in the end, those several minutes were the the disguised “random talk” that normally starts off Smile-Gang. The second “official” title call comes after… Followed by the annual baseball league champion prediction that will result in punishment points if their guesses don’t hit their mark.

If you’ve been following Smile-Gang for at least 2 years now, you will know the general pattern with their predictions. Nana, being the Hanshin Tiger fan that she is, will pick Hanshin Tigers as her choice for Central League. The choice for Pacific League is generally affected by where her live is held. Such as this year, she will be holding her live at QVC Marine Field — home to the Chiba Lotte Marines.
Misato, for the most part, don’t know too much about baseball. But she’s been forced to do this so many times now (for 10 years afterall), Nana wonders if Misato has started developing more knowledge or interest in baseball. The answer was an apparent ‘no’. Either way, Misato puts her two choices as: Kyojin for Central League, Softbank Hawks for Pacific League.

Misato’s choice of Softbank gained the following reaction from Nana (because Softbank seems to be among the favourites this year, judging from comments Nico members left behind). Misato’s answer cracked me up.

Nana: Aa~ Hey, you are becoming more knowledgeable on baseball!
Misato: Nana-san, do you know Wikipedia?

Hahaha. The ever reliable Wiki. 😛

Then both are asked to say words of “encouragement” to the teams they’re supporting. Nana’s message was rather normal, stating things such as “Please win this year!” and “I’ll be cheering you all on!”
Misato, on the other hand, gave an amusing message.

Misato: To everyone at Kyoujin — my father is a big fan of the team. To everyone at Softbank — I’m using an iPhone.



In the Head Nanau corner, Nana speaks of her “allergy-like” symptoms during the current hay fever season. She refuses to admit its hay fever though, so she emphasizes on “allergy-like.” XD She’s getting symptoms such as dry throat, small red bumps on skin, and simply not feeling too well.

Nana: What do you think of it?
Misato: Isn’t it clearly hay fever?

Nana tries to deny til the end. XD Misato as well, when Nana forces the idea that maybe Misato has hay fever too. xDD


Next is the letter reading corner. They manage to read one letter here (more to come later, but for a different topic). The mail is about a guy playing ping pong (table tennis) during gym class and hitting a miracle shot that, by total accident, sent the ball into his friend’s mouth.

Nana recounts her experience in the table tennis club. It was a very strict club. First years were not allowed to play. They’re all only made to pick up ping pong balls. Only until they reach the 3rd semester, they’re allowed to hit the ball against the wall. But no first years are allowed to use the table. Misato wonders why Nana would stay in such a club, in which case she answers “I wanted to play at the table no matter what.” XDD;;


More letter reading the short CM. Remember last week, they began the project of getting people to run and cover Nana’s distance of 6200km. Nana ran 1km last time, so there’s still 6199km. Here, in this corner, they read letters of the people who ran for Nana’s sake. There are too many letters, so they couldn’t read them all, but they did sum up the distance of everyone.

In total… After only the first week, they already had 492.4km covered. Wow.
They only have… 5706.6km… left… Uhm… Looks like there is still quite a lot left. ^^;;


That’s all the highlights for this week. 🙂


6 comments on “Smile-Gang #523 – 492.4km covered after first week

  1. Misato, you never cease to amuse me. That is one ‘powerful’ message HAHA! So only softbank has iPhone in Japan? And I wonder if Nana knows about wikipedia…she doesn’t use computer much does she?

    I’m hardly surprised when Nana said she preservered at the club because she wanted to play at the table. She’s one ambitions woman alright, so much that it’s scary haha.

    And a lot of kms hasn’t been covered….kasukasu, you run too! xD

    As always thanks for the report.

    • I don’t know enough about phone companies in Japan to answer your question about iPhone, but I’m pretty sure the answer is no. But judging from her “message”, it’s simply that she’s using an iPhone that’s released under Softbank. XD

      And Nana knows Wikipedia. It’s kind of hard not to know that website. XD

      Lol. What about you? Why aren’t you running? XD

  2. がんばって! Kasumi. We all look forward to each week update of your blog. At least I do.

    I just burst out of laughing when Misato said ”I am using an Ipone”. She never fails to amuse the listeners. Since when is having hayfever embarassing? Somehow I can understand. No one wants to see his/her idol with a snotty nose and red face.

    About table tennis, I am srsly suprised that Nana wanted to play table tennis. If I remember correctly – might aswell rewatch it – in the DVD of Smile Gang 5, Nana had to play table tennis with different things (her phone, a bra, dried fish). I could see that Nana has the right technique and position. I mean how in the world can someone hit a platic ball with a cup D bra. Now after listening to the broadcast, it does explain a lot.

    Mhh I wonder if they also accept marathon run of fans outside of Japan … o3o;

    Looking forward to your next update, Kasumi!!!

    • Thanks! It’s getting difficult to keep up with the “post every Sunday when Smile-Gang is uploaded”, but I definitely will post before the week is over so as not to fall behind too much.

      A large part of the reason Smile-Gang is so amusing is because Misato. That’s why I enjoy Smile-Gang much more than World of M or Power Gate. XD

      Nana once said in an interview that the reason she wanted to play table tennis was because it was the “boom” at the time — everyone was into table tennis.

      Lol. Yes, I especially liked the part where she used the fish as the racket in that DVD. Specifically, the part when the fish broke apart. It was absolutely hilarious. XDDD

      They do accept marathon runs from those outside of Japan. In one of the letters that was read, there was a Japanese student who is currently studying abroad in Germany who ran. =D

  3. I’m still waiting for the day Misato gets out there and run^^

    I cried laughing at that flying fish when I watched it. It was really hilarious, plus the sound effects. LOLOL. And yeah, Nana sure knows how to play table tennis. In that shassu video, I remember her giving the ball a spin with the small spatula or something^^v

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