Anime Contents Expo 2012 – Nanoha 2nd A’s Stage COMPILATION report

Because I sort of promised I’d do this… ^^;;

^Image taken from Ueda Kana’s twitter.

Let me say emphasize one thing. This is what I label to be a COMPILATION report. Meaning this is something I put together by reading blogs of those who attended the Nanoha stage at Anime Contents Expo (with my thoughts and weird imagination added in). I was not there personally as Japan is too far away.

Please see source blogs at the end of this post.

Anyway… onto the stage event.

It started with the showing of a 3 and a half minute brand new PV for the movie, followed by Mishima Akio’s entry. As with pretty much all Lyrical Nanoha events, King Records’s Producer — Mishima Akio (hereby nicknamed Mishi-P) is the MC. Mishi-P has told everyone not to write/reveal too much about the PV, so that might explain why there’s not much information on it.

After brief introduction and getting the crowd all excited, our 3 seiyuu make their way on stage. First to appear is Tamura Yukari (dressed in a cute pinkish white short skirt – which was prepared by her stylist). Then Mizuki Nana (red dress… I wonder if she dressed that way with Blood-C in mind?). Finally, Ueda Kana!!! Who introduced herself with slight kansai-ben mixed in, apparently. =D (Hayate~!! o(≧ω≦)o)

Because the event was to only last 30 minutes, they immediately went into the talk corner. Mishi-P asked “How did you feel after the recording?”
Yukari: Yarikitta zo!
Nana: Yarikitta zo~ *laughs*
Mishi-P: In most comedy shows, there is something called a 3 part joke. Now, Kana-chan, how did you feel after the recording?
Kana: Ya…Yarikitta zo—

Lol. For those who didn’t get it, Kana’s line was the punchline. XD

Although the phrase “Yarikitta zo!” is fitting. After all, they were given a very thick script and the recording took 2 days to finish. One of them complained that the script was so heavy that it hurt their hand. XD
As you might know or have guessed already, such a thick script means long movie. 2 hours and 30 minutes. Mishi-P reminds everyone to use the washroom before they enter the cinema.

After that question, Mishi-P asked each of them their thoughts on the A’s movie this time.
Yukarin: I… I was deeply… moved…
^The crowd reacted to that. Those who know Yukarin’s personality will know why this seemingly normal answer is rather abnormal. XD

Mishi-P also points out that she’s saying something she doesn’t mean. Heh.
Yukarin: No, it’s true! I can’t express it properly… But I’m sure Nana-chan can.
Nana: Don’t raise the bar on me! But everyone gave off the same fresh atmosphere as 7 years ago.
Mishi-P: Really? *laughs*
Nana: Whaaat? *looks at Yukari*
Yukarin: U, un…
Nana: You’re all supposed to agree! Agree!

LOL. Why is it that I can imagine Nana saying “Notte yo! Notte!” so clearly. XDD

As for Kana, her thoughts was that…
Kana: The recording studio was crowded.

^Lol. I’d hate to imagine how much more crowded it would be if they made StrikerS into a movie. XDD

Aside from the talk corner, they had what they call an “Awareness Survey” corner. They did it during the Lyrical Party events too. Basically, a question is asked and they press the button in their hands to vote “yes.”
Now there’s only 3 of them on stage (Yukari, Nana, Kana), so as Nana said on her blog, they’d immediately know who pressed/did not press the button.

There is no way for me to determine whether the following consists of ALL the questions that were asked, but these were what I was able to collect from various blogs.

Question: I’m glad the producer was Mishma.
Number of people who pressed the button: 0
Mishi-P: Oi!

Our 3 seiyuu’s excuse was apparently: The button is broken! XDD

Mishi-P: Fine, let’s change the question. It would’ve been better of the producer was NOT Mishima!
Number of people who pressed the button: 3
Mishi-P: Oi!

^Lol. It was April Fools after all. XDD

Mishi-P bullying aside, they move on to something slightly more related.
Question: You have something you want to say (complain) to the staff.
Number of people: 1

Who is it? Obviously it’s… Yukarin!

Yukarin: Because! I (Nanoha) didn’t get much screen time despite being the main character! There was too much wait time in between. I got less lines than Masumin (Linith’s voice actor) in the 1st movie!
Kana: While I got preferential treatment. =D

^Hahaha. Nice one there, Kana!

By wait time, she means the time when Nanoha does not appear in a scene. Yukarin then said that because the wait time in between was long, her only source of enjoyment was the snacks.

Now next question…

Question: Compared to 7 years ago, there are characters who became different due to the voice actor.
Number of people: 1

And the person who pressed the button was…
Nana: …It was me who pressed it. I didn’t remember the WolkenReitter to be so noisy back then.

The specific “noisy” characters were Vita and Zafira. Everyone agreed that Zafira (Ichijou Kazuya) deserves special attention. Even during the recording, as he screamed and yelled (during the battle scenes) in the recording booth, everyone else outside couldn’t hold in their laughter.

Now onto the final question…

Question: If there’s a 3rd movie, I’d want to be part of it!
Number of people: 2


Yukarin: The total came out before I got a chance to press it!


(Bonus) Final Question: It all depends on the salary.
Number of people: 2

It was said that Yukarin pressed the button like no tomorrow. XD As for who the other person is… Two of the blogs wrote: Let’s leave that to imagination. Whether it was because it wasn’t revealed or they REALLY wanted to leave that to our imagination, I don’t know… But I’m pretty sure it’s clear as to who it is. 😛

Right before the stage event came to an end, Mishi-P made some announcements.
– Mizuki Nana will be in charge of the new opening
– Tamura Yukari will be singing the ending
– It is unknown whether the insert song by Ueda Kana will be kept at this moment

^About the third point… The fact that it was MENTIONED indicates to me that it’s highly possible. I think what’s “unknown” is whether they would get her to sing a new song or make an arranged version of Snow Rain.

Finally, it is time to part. Mishi-P asks the 3 of them how they’re feeling.

Yukarin: It… was fun… *deadpan* …*laughs*… No, it was honestly fun… Your turn, Nana-chan!
Nana: Me!? *laughs*
^Well, it’s no secret that Nana and Yukarin get along. ^^;;

That seems to have been pretty much it. The general consensus seems to be that this 30 minute only stage was waaay too short. And I guess it would be, considering it’s those 3 (plus Mishi-P) on stage. Next to look forward to would be the stage greetings when the movie starts… Unless there’s some other event in between.

Source (listed in no particular order):
水樹奈々 公式サイト NANAPARTY
田村ゆかり OFFICIAL WEB-SITE [ Tamura | Diary
K’s Laboratory~声優・植田佳奈オフィシャルサイト~

11 comments on “Anime Contents Expo 2012 – Nanoha 2nd A’s Stage COMPILATION report

  1. OMG sorry for the late reply! I was having too much fun playing xDDD

    Anyway, Kana-san!!! Speaking about Kansai ben, I find that accent very very hard to understand. without subtitles, I’d never be able to understand Hayate’s speech perfectly…>> How about you? D’you have troubles translating/understanding accents like that?

    And lol at Kana, the recording room was crowded…I can imagine them shoving each other playfully while waiting for their turn to speak hahaha. If StrikerS is going to be made into a movie, they’d probably have to split the movie into two or something Dx too many characters and stuff to cover in just 2 and a half hours.

    The Mishima bullying was genius! April fools or not, I can bet Nana had some fun taking a part in that xD usually she’s the one being bullied fufufufu.

    One of the best things about the Nanoha events is of course, Yukarin’s on-stage-awesomeness. And this event didn’t disappoint. lol YUKARIN SAIKOU. I laughed so hard when she said she didn’t get to press the button LOLOL OMG. And when salary talk came I nearly ran out of breath. Money-loving Yukarin ftw!! Other than her, who is the other one who pressed the button? Kana? O_o

    Insert song! PUT INSERT SONG!! I don’t even care if it’s Snow Rain or not (hopefully it will be Snow Rain) BUT HAYATE HAS TO SING!! The climax scene won’t have as much impact without her song Dx

    Nana and Yukarin got a long so well lol I feel sorry for Kana….Share the love you two!! Dx

    30 minutes is truly waaaay to short when it’s four people talking…and two of them likes to go off topic too 😛 I don’t think there will be any other event after this though, I mean, July is only 3 months away…so it’ll probably the Movie Stage Greeting after this…(and I’ll wait for a report for that event from you too Kasukasu-san xD Sorry for the trouble!).

    Anyway, THANK YOU so much for this compilation report. I really appreciate you for doing this. I’d give you a hug if I could haha xD

    • Playing what? 😮

      You mean you find the accent hard to understand or the dialect itself? I’m not very familiar with kansai-ben either, but I try to manage something through context. ^^;;

      Even if StrikerS was split into 2 parts (which they SHOULD if they’re going to do that), the studio will still be very crowded. XD And that’s already taking into account the fact that most of the cast does more than one role. ^^;;

      Lol. I know. I can see the situation clearly in my mind where Yukarin is pressing the button repeatedly at the salary question. XD Judging from what we know of Nana’s personality, your guess is as good as mine with regards to if that other person is her or Kana. XD

      If it’s anything like last time, there should be a video for the Movie Stage Greeting. Though the video wasn’t released til a year later, if I recall…
      And it’s no trouble. I won’t agree/carry through with things if I didn’t want to. 😛

      Virtual hug accepted then. =D

      • Sengoku Musou on 3ds. It’s like a dating sim game and I got addicted haha! xDD

        The dialect itself as a whole I mean, its really hard to understand with the ‘-hen’ and ‘-ya’ all over the place @_@. Through context? haha you made it sound so easy xDD

        Oh yea, Natsuko Kuwatani did two roles and Chiwa Saito did what, three or two? I think other than splitting the movie into two parts, they would have to write out several characters as well. Like they did with the Lieze twins for A’s movie >>.

        Man I can’t wait for the stage greeting. What awesomeness would Yukarin do this time? Muahahaha.

        Okay virtual hug it is! (ノ゜ω゜)ノ Thanks very much once again~!

  2. Well I think it got the info we need to know about the upcoming movie. I would say. Job well done, Kasumi. Thanks for the info!

    Quite a shame that is only 30min. I can imagine that the 3 big female seiyuu got also other important agenda things to do. I found the quiz interesting. I lol’ed hard at the first question.

    About the movie 2nd, I am very much worried. 13eps of already stated greatness is going to be cramped into a 90minutes movie – hopefully for a fully 120minutes, I doubt it – it is not going to end well. I am not biased that movie retelling is bad. It is just because I truly enjoyed Nanoha A’s.

    @Kasumi, you are pumping each week translation for all us like no tomorrow. Even now and then I forgot to listen to weekly radio and just read your blog. I am ashamed of myself. ;_; Btw did you have the time to watch the seven pieces? 😛


    • You’re welcome. 🙂

      Yes, all 3 of them had other stage events to attend.
      Haha, the first question being the Mishima one? XD

      It’s stated that the movie will go for 2 and a half hours, which is quite a bit longer than the first movie. I think things will be fine. =D

      Woah, sorry, I completely forgot to get back to you about the Seven Pieces. Yes, I did watch the one you linked me to (which was episode 3). I’m not going to make a separate post on that because there is nothing (aside from the video footages) that we don’t already know from other interviews. In fact, putting it another way, a large part of this interview felt like a detailed recount of Shin Ai.

      A brief run through of the interview on ep.3 of Seven Pieces:
      – Nana talks about how she got into music (because of her father — had she been born a boy, then it wouldn’t be music but baseball)
      – her training sessions with her father (no rest or break from singing lessons even if she’s not feeling well or had test the next day)
      – the singing/karaoke contests (and winning one eventually)
      – getting accepted to Horikoshi (supposedly bright future)
      – no debut
      – teachers asking the harsh question of when she’s going to make a debut
      – Nana being jealous of those who were not at school due to having work (while she went to school like a good student every single day)
      – her decision to go to voice acting
      – her debut in Noel La Neige
      – meeting with Mishima Akio (and then creating the demo tape to bring to King Records)
      – her debut CD “Omoi” (which couldn’t be found in many CD stores)
      – it didn’t even make it to the oricon charts
      – about her live concerts, she feels that she is most like herself while she is singing
      – in the final 14 minutes, she speaks about her father (from the time he became hospitalized to when he passed away)

      Hope that helps! If there’s a particular part you want more details/translated, let me know. I’ll see what I can do. It’s just that translating the whole thing might be too much for me as it’s long… ^^;;

      • Good to hear that the movie will be longer. Can’t wait for it.

        Thanks for the translations. Now I understand it better in the parts where Nana got emotional. Then I mostly said to my screen; ”Nana san …頑張って ” then I looked retarded. I facepalm’d very hard. >_<

  3. Potatoooooooo-san lol. Just a small head’s up, has a new trailer out (the one they showed during ACE xDD) and a full report of the Seiyuu event….

    please? *looks with puppy eyes and holds up a Rein-chan plushie*

    • Give me Rein-chan plushie first. 😛

      Anyway, thanks for letting me know. I’ve read it and translated 3 sentences so far. Progress won’t be as quick as usual… Because a potato needs to be a potato. XDD Jokes aside, I’ll probably need the weekend to get the whole thing decently translated. Hope you can wait that long. :3

      • *gives Rein-chan plushie* the 3D form has to wait until Good Smile company decides to mass produce them xDD

        Lol, it’s no problem, take as much time as you need, I’m already happy that you would translate them~~ gambatte potato-san! hahaha

      • *gives Rein-chan plushie* the 3D form has to wait until Good Smile company decides to mass produce them xDD

        Lol, it’s no problem, take as much time as you need, I’m already happy that you would translate them~~ gambatte potato-san! hahaha

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