Smile-Gang #522 – 11th Anniversary – Tria”sma”lon START!

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第522回

I honestly laughed out loud less than a minute in.

Nana: Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang ends its 10th anniversary and enters its 11th year!!
Misato: Congratulations!
Nana: Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang ends its 10th anniversary and enters its 11th year!!
Misato: *laughs* What is this? Congratulations!
Nana: Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang ends its 10th anniversary and enters its 11th year!!
Misato: *giggling* Nana-san?
Nana: Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang ends its 10th anniversary and enters its 11th year!! (Misato in the background: This is getting scary)
Misato: Right! What you just heard was a pre-recording of Nana-san’s voice. Today is a day worth celebrating, but our Head is not here at the studio! Where is she? Let’s go live to the scene.

Misato: Let’s call her! Head~
Nana: Hello. This is Mizuki Nana.
Misato: AHAHA! Let’s get right down to the questions. Where are you right now?
Nana: Um… You can see Rainbow Bridge behind me. It’s a very pretty place. I can feel the gentle breeze — actually, it’s cold. Very cold!
Misato: It’s cold outside?
Nana: Of course!
Misato: How are you dressed?
Nana: I’m dressed lightly so that I can move around easily. I’m in a track suit.
Misato: Oh, is that so?
Nana: I came prepared as you instructed me to be last week. With running shoes and all that.
Misato: Yes, so you’re dressed ready to run.
Nana: Yes.
Misato: As you heard. Nana-san is currently exactly 1km away from the Bunka Hosou studio. To be exact, it’s between Tokyo and Minato kaigan icho-me. Nana-san, you do understand why you’re being put into such a situation, correct?
Nana: Yes…
Misato: So what are you trying to do?
Nana: …Running a marathon.
Misato: CORRECT!
Nana: *laughs* No no no. This is not something to be happy about.
Misato: If this had been a quiz, you’d have gotten an answer correct. Now, today marks the beginning of the long 6200km marathon!
Nana: Uwah… Is this for real?
Misato: For real.
Nana: No no no no. Shouldn’t it have been fine simply for everyone to have said “You did well.”?
Misato: No no no. Smile-Gang has always been “What’s put into words will be done.”
Nana: Seriously?
Misato: All right, Nana-san. Today is the celebratory first kilometer. As the Start signal, please do the title call.
Nana: Understood… Mizuki Nana Tri-a-sma-lon!
Misato: START!!!!!!

Then we have to usual opening jingle — except only Misato’s voice comes through during the “Shassu!” call. She quickly recaps the situation — how it is the 11th anniversary of Smile-Gang yet she is alone at the studio. Apparently, Nana has remained on the phone so Misato calls out to her. You can hear Nana panting a bit, which means she has begun her run. Except… I do wonder how fast she is running. She’s holding a phone in one hand, script in the other, and running. Anyway, interesting conversation between Misato and Nana below:

Misato: How are things going?
Nana: My legs are heavy.
Misato: That’s kind of weird (referencing how much she runs during her performances).
Nana: It’s so different from running around during a live.
Misato: Why is that? Is it because your feelings are weighing you down?
Nana: *laughs* That might be true. But it seems that when I don’t have people waving their light sticks, my power decreases.
Misato: Ganbare! Run, run!

XDDD Now, if you’ve been following Smile-Gang for the past while, you will know why Nana is out running. For those of you who don’t, Misato explains briefly; because Nana was unable to gain 10000yen from the Quiz Corner, she must make up the difference by running. Let’s take a look. She won 3800yen, meaning she lacks 6200yen. That also means she must run 6200km. ^^;;
As revealed by Misato, 6200km is the distance between Ehime and Hawaii. I loved Misato’s reaction (“Hawaii ma de”) when she revealed that. XDD

Misato: What awaits her at the goal? Will it be glory? Scenes of hell? Or absolutely nothing?

Then Misato asks what Nana sees right now as she is running.

Nana: Right? There’s a sukiya.
Misato: Sukiya? Oh, I see. Hey, go buy something.
Nana: Eh? Wait wait wait wait wait. That’d be strange. I’m supposed to be running!

Why am I not surprised Misato would ask her to do something like that? XD

After the CM, Misato calls up a King Studio staff who is watching over Nana as she runs. When asked what kind of expression Nana has at the moment, the staff member replies “Is it all right for me to be completely honest? Ok, she’s grinning.”
Of course, we’re all wondering just why she’s grinning. Putting Nana on the line again, rather than asking the reason, Misato tells Nana to turn back to the ‘sukiya’ she passed by earlier and buy her gyudon. Lol.

As they wait for Nana’s return, they play JET PARK to take up some time. Before the song ends, they call her again, and this time she says she’s at the bottom of the studio already. Misato being Misato, says that it’s really hot at the studio right now, so she tells her to go buy some ice. Nana, obviously, refuses to do so. XD

And then it’s Misato free-talk time!!! Why is it so awkward whenever she is asked to do so? First, she talks about how she couldn’t get the nabe pot she wanted because the last one was taken by a child and his/her parent in front of her. Since it was the last one, she was forced to go to another store and buy one of different colour. Then all of a sudden, she randomly starts about how if they made her run next week (whether by herself or with Nana-san), she would not do so. No matter what. She has begun walking more lately, but she refuses to take up running. ^^;; Then, awkwardly, the topic jumps back to the nabe pot… Not 3 sentences in about the reason she had to buy ANOTHER nabe pot (the one she got previously was too big), our MIZUKI NANA RETURNS!!!! WOOHOO! GOAL!!! XDD

Panting heavily, she mumbles about how she’s feeling way too hot (from the running). Misato cuts right down this time to asks the question we’ve all been wondering about.

Misato: What were you grinning about (during the run)?
Nana: Oh, uh… I was thinking that it was kinda fun…
Misato: Oh really?
Nana: And then… I also began wondering to myself… Exactly what am I doing? The more I thought about it, the more I realise how funny this whole thing is.

^Lol. I guess I understand how she feels.

Nana then proceeds to talk about how this marathon thing is different from the punishment she is subjected to annually. The salarymen on the streets didn’t look her way at all as she ran. In fact, most ignored her completely (of which she’s glad, I guess). xD Although I suppose she probably didn’t look all that different from someone who was exercising while talking on the phone… And probably picked up a stack of papers on the way? XD

Before that topic completely comes to an end, another one pops up:

Misato: Where’s my gyudon?
Nana: I was running! It was a marathon so… Misato, you should buy these stuff yourself…
Misato: And the ice?
Nana: *exasperated* I’ll buy it for you next time.
Misato: Oh? So there’s a next time! (<–Nice, Misato! XD)
Nana: No! I'm not running anymore!

Hahaha. Anyway, Nana says that there is something she'd like to announce, but she wants to get a drink of water first… So she asks if they could go to the CM as she settles down.

After the CM…

Nana: Mizuki Nana makes her Emergency Strategic proposition!
Misato: Hai…
Nana: I've been thinking about this for the entire week.
Misato: What is it?
Nana: Now that I've done 1km worth of running, I've made up my mind. If I'm allowed to say it.
Misato: Please go ahead.
Nana: …There's no way for me to run 6200km…
Misato: Uh, Nana-san. If you give up, that's when the match ends (Slam Dunk reference again. XD)
Nana: Sensei, I don't plan on giving up. I don't plan on giving up, but doing 6200km by myself is not an option. Now that I've done 1km, I'm sure of it.

Nana starts recounting how she felt like her throat was going to give out. It became very dry as she ran. The more she tried to breathe, the more it began hurting. But then Misato points out that she was laughing. XD Anyway, Nana says that running 1km a week isn't logical. She has 6200km to cover, so that'd mean she'd be running for 6200 weeks. That's 115 years. Nana would be 147 years old and Misato would be 145 years old by then. She says that, most likely, at least one of them (if not both) would no longer be alive. Here, Misato proposes for Nana to cut the time in half by running 2km per week. They'd be 89 and 87 respectively when it all ends. XD

Nana: In the 10 years we've done Smile-Gang… I will use my "Rights as Head" for the first time!
Misato: Rights? We had such a thing?
Nana: We do!!
Misato: Oh, I see.
Nana: I am the Head after all! In other words… The mistakes of a Head is covered by the gang members. That's what it means to be a team.
Misato: You're supposed to be thanking your "gang members/listeners" not making them do hard labour!
Nana: My next live is titled Live Union. It carries the meaning of 'All for one and One for All'
Misato: Do you have any idea what you're saying?
Nana: The truth is, there was a letter that was sent in over the week.
Misato: Hai?

The letter was sent in by a listener. Basically, it suggests that, since it's very unlikely for Nana to be able to run such a long distance, the 6200km should be shared between all Smile-Gang listeners. If everyone ran 1km, they'd cover that distance in no time. Nana says she'd be very moved if they'd do that for her. It shows the bond between all the Smile-Gang members. XD
And so… "Smile-Gang-dan – Everyone runs 6200km Project!" is set up. How does it work? Well, basically, every time someone runs a certain distance, they are to report in to Smile-Gang in the form of mail. They need to write from where to where they ran as well as the distance. It is not good enough to say "I ran about 5km around the track today." They want place-to-place and exact distance.
Well… I suppose that's an interesting idea… ^^;;
But of course, not all the work will be left to the lower Gang members (listeners). All Smile-Gang staff will run too. Nana included. Misato included. XD There's 6199km left to cover.

Nana: Misato, you should run next week.
Misato: Why? NO!
Nana: But you're always only throwing out questions during the quiz corner. Smile-Gang has been something we all built together. That's why we BOTH should do something for our gang members (and that includes running).
Misato: seriously?
Nana: So Misato… Try running 1km next week.
Misato: I-I understand.

^Lol. Looks like Misato had the tables turned on her. XDD

Nana: Ah, but you can do so after your stage show is over.
Misato: How nice of you.


Now that the marathon talk is over, we go back to Smile-Gang randomness. And that's setting up a new slogan for the 11th year in Smile-Gang. The new slogan is… "Let's all be healthy." Misato admits that it's an important concept to drill into everyone's minds, but "Is that okay to be Smile-Gang's slogan?” XD (Apparently it is, because Nana says that she thinks her inability to “heal” from her fatigue after sleeping for a full day is related to not being healthy)

But you know what’s hilarious? It’s great that they’ve got a new slogan in place, yet as they mentioned in the ending, despite it being the first broadcast in their 11th year, Nana said “Tria-sma-lon” during the title call. Not Smile-Gang. XDD Oi oi, don’t get messing with the title of the show! XDD

That pretty much brings us to an end to this week’s Smile-Gang. It’s announced that “Metro Baroque” will be the title for the Blood-C movie theme. Choice of words is tied to the movie. As the final fight takes place in Tokyo, the “Metro” is meant to link to that. “Baroque” means “irregularly-shaped pearl” which is meant to hint something towards Saya.

And that’s really the end — but not before Nana picks on Misato and says that maybe running home wouldn’t be such a bad idea. (Is it just me or did Misato sound like she did panic for a moment there? XD). Since her stage show is coming up, maybe the running will make her movements on stage much better. Misato still tries her best to refuse to. XD That’s to be expected though. XDDD


17 comments on “Smile-Gang #522 – 11th Anniversary – Tria”sma”lon START!

  1. Smile Gang listeners should run Nana’s share? Ooooooohhh, I’m not doing that, I’ll uhh….run around a continent in pokemon for my share. Ehime – Hawaii probably equals to Kanto-Johto lalala.

    Thanks for the translation~

        • You know, I was just thinking… we say “continent”, but technically, Johto and Kanto are both based off of regions in Japan… So doesn’t that mean they’re actually it’s not a continent but in an area the size of Japan?

          *sets up a barrier in case you get the urge to throw something at me*

          • =_______________= *throws bricks*

            but they’re continents in pokemonnnn! and why are we getting into details? lol.
            I’m still running either way >89 are you gonna run? xDD

            • Looks like I was right to set something up to protect myself. XD
              Um, because I’m detail-oriented? =D *runs* XD

              Running in Pokemon? Uh, maybe? XDD How are you going to measure the distance then?

          • Lol I can’t reply anymore.

            And yeah, you are D8 You like to pick pick pick at small details don’t you? lol that’s an interesting habit to have.

            Measure distance? Well, that’s what the EGGS are for >89 I’m trying to hatch some Eevees, and I know the number of steps to hatch one. Put that in km, and I’m done. MUAHAHAHA *waits for details picking*

            • Lol, I use the Notifications Reply box so the reply function always works. XD

              Interesting habit? Hm… That’s the first time someone has ever put it that way. XD

              …If you absolutely WANT me to pick at the details… XD How do you know how large your sprite’s stride is in order to accurately convert the steps to km?

              • Hey I use that too xD But I like the orange notif color so much so I only use that thing often >89

                Haha if it isn’t habit, then what is it? obsession with details? xDD that’s slightly creepy.

                Well, I can always zoom and measure it with a ruler. HA!!! xDD And eevee takes 8,960 steps, so even though each stride is only what, 0.001 cm, a couple of dozens of eevee eggs would have reach 1 km!

                And I’m looking for a female eevee, so that’s going to be a LOT of eggs to hatch >89

                more more! hahahaha

              • Um, ok?

                Oh, no, I meant it’s the first time anyone ever considered it “interesting.” ^^;;

                A “couple of dozens”? 0.001cm? I’m sure you can guess what I’m about to say, right?
                Lol. Happy Egg Hatching then.

              • ?? So…does that mean that most people consider it ‘annoying’ ?? 😯

                You know what, I think I should concede my defeat right here and now to avoid being cross-eyed in my attempt to measure the strides later and instead run all the way to school tomorrow.

                =w= fine your win lol.

              • Haha… If you guessed “annoying” then it means something, right? Actually, it’s a lifesaver during work, but yeah, I generally use it to annoy people outside of work. XDD

                Lol. Good. And I don’t think it’s healthy for you to overspend hours on Pokemon. ^^;; And as Nana said, physically running is healthy for you!
                Just as I need to go to sleep now to stay healthy. XDD

  2. I might stating the obvious. But now I am pretty much sure. Nana san is a M. It is already hard enough to run a short marathon and talking for a radio show. Yet she is just grinning. A bit absurd but it’s funny to imagine obaa san Nana still running for her batsu game for years ago lol. Fighto Nana, work off all those kilometers (not kilograms)

    Can’t wait for Blood C movie, although the trailer is hinted very bloody and gore. Not my taste, but I will watch it for Nana and her ”ii tenki” song. Metro baroque sounds very gothic. I wonder if we are going to get a deja vu with Mysterion

    @kasumi: Have you ever tried to mail the mail adress that Nana each time announced? Honestly I doubt any of us will make a chance. But i was just wondering.

    Do you know by any chance where I can find the song ”Onna ni nare”? I like it very much when I heard it for the first time on M no Sekai ( I do know it is a B side song of the single CD Powergate.

    Greetz and thanks for the lenghtly translation!

    • Lol. Misato has been saying that for years (that Nana-san is an M). XDD

      I don’t think I’ll be watching the Blood C movie. I don’t like movies with blood and gore. I couldn’t even last through the TV series and stopped after ep. 4, I think. ^^;;

      No, I haven’t tried to mail anything to Smile-Gang. To be honest, I don’t think I have the courage to even do so, never mind having it read… Haha…

      About the song… I’ve uploaded here on MF.

      Let me know if it doesn’t work. 😉

  3. Do you think the staff will ”priority” to the registered fan mail addres? It would be fun to hear your short message on radio read by Nana. 😛

    Thanks for the uploading! I love the old songs. They are great on their own.

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