Music Fair 2400th Anniversary – 5th Night

The final part for Music Fair 2400th Anniversary.

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PWD hint: Same as before.

As with the past 4 nights, there is great music throughout and well worth sitting through the whole thing. I sort of want to leave it at that, but since this is the last episode of this 5-part special, I’ll randomly write down some of my thoughts with regards to JUPITER.

Despite it not being the first time these two did a duet, the JUPITER collaboration between Hirahara Ayako and Mizuki Nana remained to be one of the most looked forward-to performance for me. It didn’t disappoint. It was a great performance (they both did an awesome job), though I still get the feeling that some parts of the lyrics were a little forced. Or maybe I’m just too used to an instrumental/orchestral version of it.

I must say though, I think the performance would’ve much more powerful had they added a trumpet part. I can’t help but always feel that the trumpet captures the “Jupiter” theme the best.
Trumpet version here

Getting a little side-tracked here, so before I stray into La Corda d’oro anywhere else, let me say that despite how “grand” the final song was (with everyone on the stage and having their individual voices heard even when not all of them got a solo part), the lyrics made me want to cry a bit. And it’s times like these that I think “Music really does have strange powers.”

Anyway, Music Fair 2400th Anniversary has come to a close, but they will still be airing Music Fair 2400th Anniversary SPECIAL next week. It’ll be a compilation of fan-favourite performances over the last 5 weeks along with some footages that hasn’t been shown yet. Might still be worth looking into. šŸ˜›


5 comments on “Music Fair 2400th Anniversary – 5th Night

  1. Watched the performance; it was better than I expected, because before that I was expecting Nana to maybe mess up a bit? I dunno? Cos Hirahara Ayaka is soooo good at her songs (that she would just show anyone up) and I don’t think Nana really suits those powerful, heart-rendering ballads. I think Nana did a really good job though, even if I find her low parts a bit weird and I don’t think she successfully grasped the rhythm and feel of the song? (too few rehearsals maybe?) But she was great, they both were, yea. šŸ˜€

    • And Nana’s not too good at free-styling, you can tell, hahaha. I don’t think her enka training had ever prepared her for that. 8DD

      • Damn I can’t stop watching the performance; sorry for the continuous spam, ahahahaha. I really really love the first few verses, especially the crescendo to ‘hoshi ga’ and decrescendo on Nana’s part. And the first part for their duet where Nana harmonises her soprano to Hirahara’s alto! kjflksajfskl;a so perfect.


        Ok I admit I didn’t listen to the other performances that properly. Will do so in a bit, after I finish looping the Jupiter performance another 10101010 times.

        • No need to apologise! You know I enjoy reading your comments. =D

          JUPITER was a great performance. It wasn’t perfect, but I did loop it a few times myself. I think I know what you mean by it being better than expected. As you said, it’s because Nana isn’t suited for these type of songs, which means awkwardness is bound to show. My opinion of it still holds true… There were still parts that I felt was awkward, but it was much MUCH better than what I braced myself for.

          And yeah, Nana certainly does have difficulties with free-styling. Not surprising though. ^^;;

          Lol. 10101010 times? That’s an interesting choice of number. XDD

          • “There were still parts that I felt was awkward, but it was much MUCH better than what I braced myself for. ”

            Yes, yes, that’s it, exactly. As usual thank you for your wonderful ability to sum up all my incoherent ramblings into one nice sentence. 8DD

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