Smile-Gang #521 – Scratch Card Data Results

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第521回

Yes, later than usual Smile-Gang update. RL drained away most of my energy. 😛 Anyway, last Smile-Gang in their 10th year broadcast. Starting this Sunday (April 1st), Smile-Gang will be 11 years old!

And so Misato starts off with asking Nana to:
1) thank the listeners — to which Nana thanks everyone modestly
2) thank Bunka Hosou staff — Nana thanks them for making it possible to be able to continue the series program for so long (Note: Nana does accidentally say ‘series/production’ before catching herself XD)
3) thank Misato — Nana laughs slightly before saying Smile-Gang wouldn’t have been able to go off smoothly without Misato around
4) Say something to the higher power who governs her Scratch Card luck — Nana’s excitement immediately drops as she says ‘thank you’ here. XDD
Nana: I wish you had been a little kinder to me
Misato: You’re speaking as if the final results are out
Nana: Ah, no no! Tonight! Tonight for sure, we’ll have drama-like happening, where we will say “Smile-Gang is amazing!” …Let’s hope it’ll happen.

With the final words of “Tonight, I’ll create a miracle!”, we head into the opening (where we get more Slam Dunk references). What is this? 3 weeks in a row! Promotion for Slam Dunk? XDD

Skipping ahead to the Head Nanau Corner…
Nana speaks about her recording of the Audio Commentary for Live Castle x Journey DVD/BD. It took her from 12:00 to 7:30 to record the whole thing. ^^;; Misato’s reaction is pretty much the same as mine. That’s an insanely long time to keep talking. Nana points out that during radio recordings, they get breaks in between in the form of CMs and when songs are played. During the audio commentary, there’s none of that. They just keep talking and talking and talking until the video of the live ends. She couldn’t even drink too much water. Breaks did come in the form of scene breaks. Especially for those who buy the DVDs, you will know that one Live is (usually) broken out onto 2 discs — and when they finish covering the contents of one disc, they can take a small break. HOWEVER. Nana has stuff scheduled after the recording, which means she’s got to hurry/can’t take long rests if she wants to finish on time. So for the most part, they talk one and a half hour non-stop at a time.

And remember the issue about Mishi-P looking as though he was falling asleep during the previous audio commentary recordings? Nana says that during the Queen’s Night recording this time, there were instances when he leaned away from the mic and sort of just faded out as he stopped talking as much. For King’s Night though, Nana said he was very alert and doing great at first. Unfortunately, in the middle, Mishi-P started not feeling too well. He started having a runny nose. Misato jokes that maybe the stress got to him. XD

In hopes to make things better next time (so that they’re not stuck in a small room for long periods), they’re trying to come up with new ideas on location and format with the future audio commentary recordings. XD

NOW. The moment we have all been waiting for. THE QUIZ CORNER!
This will mark the final Quiz Corner for the year.

Yes, one year ago, the Quiz Corner was established to get Nana to win 10,000 yen and use that money to do something that will act as a present to listeners. At the time, 10,000 yen from scratch cards didn’t seem all that difficult as they’ve got an entire year for Nana to accumulate potential winning cards.

Apparently, Nana has proven those assumptions very wrong. At the moment, she only has 3600 yen.

As this is the final Quiz Corner, the questions will consist only of those that have been asked in the past. In other words, this is really a memory test for our Nana. Can she remember the answers to the questions she answered correctly AND incorrectly? Furthermore, can she get the winning card that will allow her to reach 10,000 yen? We shall find out soon…

[this is where Kasumi becomes lazy and skip over the questions XD]

In the end, she gets 11 cards this time. To save time, Misato helps her in the scratching. Hilariously, Misato gets 200 yen from the first card she scratched. Except that seems to be the only winning one. Nana, on the other hand… did not get a single winning one.

……Well, what can I say? At least they got 200 yen from those 11 cards? ^^;;

Let’s look at the overall data.

Total amount of money won: 3800 yen
Number of cards scratched: 166
Number of winning cards: 19
Highest amount of money won at one time: 500 yen
Total paid (to buy scratch cards): 27800 yen

O_o 27800 yen!?!?!?
Er… Anyone else think that’s a lot of wasted money there? ^^;;

Supposedly, it was said that if Nana doesn’t gain 10,000 yen, she’d have to run to make up that difference. That means, in this situation, she needs to run 6200km to make up for the 6200 yen. As soon as Nana heard that, she started singing until Misato pulled her back to reality. XDDD Misato tells Nana to prepare herself and come prepared to run next week. Lol.


That pretty much brings us to an end. Next week marks the beginning of the 11th year for Smile-Gang! Remember to tune in as a way to celebrate with them! =D


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