MUSIC FAIR 2400th Anniversary – 4th Night

I’m not up for writing much today as I can’t think too well at the moment. But it’s worth reminding everyone that the Shin Ai collaboration between Mizuki Nana and Gou Hiromi can be seen on MUSIC FAIR this week.

Clickie here
^PWD = Nana’s birth year

To be honest, I didn’t think Gou Hiromi’s style fit the song all that well. Or… How should I put this… He seemed to have a different impression of the song?
And the “staring contest” didn’t seem too bad. It looked to me that Gou was avoiding eye contact at some points.

Anyway, the other highlight of this week is Nana displaying her voice acting skills. The first is a high-pitched energetic wake up call — in which case everyone is all “That’s amazing! :O” And then Sada asked Nana to do a gentle wake up call…

Nana: *gentle tone* Sada-san, wake up.
Sada: …That’ll make me fall back asleep.


And I’m going to end it here for today. I was going to cover Girl’s Factory too (the talk session), but I think I’m at my limit…