Music Fair 2400th Anniversary – 3rd Night

Another week. Another half an hour of amazing collaborations/music.

Nana was asked a question in the first talk session of the night. It’s a pretty standard question that was followed by Nana’s standard answer.
“What are the common points between voice acting and singing?”
Nana has answered this question at least 20 times in several different places over the past years. XD Hence why I considered it “Nana’s standard answer.” Voice acting and singing both use the voice to display the character’s thoughts and feelings. Yes, even in songs, there are characters and scenarios that are represented. She also confirms the idea that her voice acting career influences her singing career as much as her singing influences her voice acting.

Moving away from Nana for a bit, the talk session between JUJU and Moriyama Ryouko was hilarious. The question was “What would you two talk about if you went drinking together?” JUJU’s answer was “If Moriyama Ryouko would be willing to go, I’d be willing to listen/talk about anything.” Quite true. XD The host jumps in and says maybe Moriyama can give JUJU advice on love (talk about her love life) and whatnot. Lol. Moriyama answers that hearing it from her won’t help in anyway, but JUJU says she’s actually interested. XDD The question lost its purpose at this point, because they’ve found an interesting topic without needing alcohol. XD

Nana didn’t get to sing at all on this 3rd night (except in the final song). Still, as always, there’s great music. I really liked miwa’s voice in otoshimono. It’s soft yet strong — and the fact that it’s a duet somehow emphasized on that.

Anyway I’m going to jump to the last song because… I laughed. I can’t tell if Sada was serious or not (it’d be pretty bad if he was). Then again, taking first half of the lyrics into consideration, it probably was meant to be a joke. XD;; Now I have “Ganbare” section of the song stuck in my head… ^^;;


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