Smile-Gang 519

水樹奈々スマイルギャング 第519回

We start the week off with something that would probably only happen in Nana’s dreams…

Misato: QUESTION! How many weekdays is related to the name ‘Mizuki Nana’?
Nana: Eh? What’s with this suddenly?
Misato: You don’t need to care. Just answer.
Nana: Huh…uh… 3?
Misato: Correct! When writing your name in Kanji, you will find Wednesday (水), Thursday (木), and Saturday (土).
Nana: Yatta!
Misato: You get one scratch card!
Nana: Yatta — but while I’m happy and thankful, why did this suddenly happen?
Misato: We’re into the second week of March. Our quiz corner will end in the last week of this month. We don’t have much time left, so we’re going to throw in pop quizzes wherever we can. Anyway, start scratching!
Nana: Ok, I understand.
Nana: *sighs* There’s only one. It’s expected that I won’t win — *gasps* —AHHHH!
Misato: What? Whatwhatwhatwhat!?!!?!
Nana: T-this is…!? I–I WON 50000yen!!!!!!
Misato: *squeals*
Nana: Look! Look! Misato! There’s no way we can mistake this!
Misato: This is awesome!
Nana: …If only that was real and we were not merely reading off the script…
Misato: *laughs*
Nana: I feel like I wasted my energy.

^If you were actually listening to the “scene”, you can probably immediately tell that they were “acting.” ^^;; Their enthusiasm was too exaggerated. XD;;

Moving directly to the Head Nanau corner. She speaks about the creation of the end roll section for Live Castle x Journey DVD/BD. The recording took up 13 hours. Due to how end roll scenes tend to be, there are a lot of zooming in/out, lighting differences, camera sizes, etc.. It’s really getting the details that eat up the most time.
Nana believes that normal endings where there’s just a song with credits rolling is boring. That’s why she always tries to do something in the endings. This time, she tries to incorporate videos with CG. For the Castle ending, it’s linked with the opening. Same thing with Journey. Opening and ending videos are linked in some way. Journey’s ending is full CG, so Nana had to do a lot of imagining when making the video. She was told to “Look as though you found a shooting star! And then you will find the Journey train, so try to ‘watch’ it.” XD

Misato then says that since the end roll is done, the DVD should be almost complete. However, Nana says she hasn’t done the most difficult thing yet. And that is the AUDIO COMMENTARY! The section where she speaks for 8 hours nonstop with Mishima (who would gradually stop talking and fall asleep during the recording). XDD Mishi-P blames the small recording space that makes him sleepy when doing the audio commentary. XDD Nana doesn’t think that’s the problem though. Lol.

Now to the Quiz Corner. As we know, Nana is still 6500yen away from her target. Misato gives her two choices. Either Nana starts running 6.5km 1000 times to “make up for it” or she takes the “very good deal” of receiving 650 points (yes, 650 instead of 6500. That’s why it’s a good deal. XD). Nana then recalls her “tragic” 40 points and says she’ll never want to experience that again, never mind 650 points. XDD

Now onto the questions. We get some funny ones this week. XD

Question 1: For most young girls, there’s always someone famous that would have them go “He’s so cool!” This is someone they’d have posters of or little card pictures that they’d stick in their wallet. Who was the “famous person” you so looked up to, Mizuki?
Nana: Eh… Someone famous…? Uh… I only ever paid attention to Slam Dunk… *laughs*
Misato: Who?
Nana: …I liked Michi… *starts laughing again*
Misato: Did you get to meet him?
Nana: Actually, yeah. Of course. I work with him.
Misato: Torikoteru wa ne (You’ve got him captive — this is a pun on Toriko). XD
Nana: Yes, Torikoteru. But wait, it’s not that I have an interest in the guy behind him (his seiyuu), I like Michi (the character).
Misato: I suppose… If it were me, I’d choose Michi too.
Nana: Right??? He was bad, but turned good. That made him really cool.

^LOL. Well, nothing to be too surprised about. Her childhood was made up of anime and enka only. XD By the way, Michi = Hanamichi, the main character of Slam Dunk. XDDD

Question 2: When you were young, I know you were busy with singing lessons, enka competitions, and eating ants. Compared to other kids, you didn’t get much time to play. Because of that, there’s no way you’re popular in your class, right? So when you were in elementary, how many guys confessed that they liked you?
Nana: Zero times.

^Kind of expected. ^^;;

Question 3: You, who had continued your singing lessons even when you were in high school. Obviously, you didn’t have time to go on dates with anyone. If you were to give your younger self an advice as a woman, what advice would that be?
Nana: Trim your eyebrows.

^HAHAHAHA! Though I understand where Nana is coming from.

Question 4: I want to hear a song about Nana’s love life in high school. I hope you’ll create one someday. Anyway, if you were to make a love song based on your high school experience, what would the song be called?
Nana: “Waiting for you on the rooftop.”
Misato: That’s definitely high school life. What’s in the chorus?
Nana: Um, lines like “Just by holding your hand, my heart beats erratically” or “We rode home together on our bicycle, didn’t we?”
Misato: That’s amazing. You experienced love through high school, didn’t you? Ah, youth~
Nana: Wha? But Misato, you– OHH! You were in an all-girls school back then.

Question 5: I want to hear this. I’m sure you’ve played a role of a female character in a love simulation game. If you were suddenly cast in the main role in the game “Niihama Love Plus” as a university student… And the player has reached the scene where the main character, Nana, is about to confess… Where in Niihama would she confess and in what Niihama dialect would she say it in?
Misato: First tell us where.
Nana: Planetarium.
Misato: Dialect.
Nana: Zutto suki dattan yon.
Misato: Our staff outside was blown away by that.
Nana: Iya ja! (No!)
Misato: That’s good! That’s good!! (referring to the ‘ja’ part)
Nana: Yeah, we say “ja”.

After announcing that Nana gets 5 scratch cards, Misato says that she can’t get Nana’s “Iya ja” out of her head. Then she proceeds to abuse “ja” until Nana cuts in and says she’s using it the wrong way. XDD
Anyway, we’ll find out how much she will win from those scratch cards near the end.

Before this week’s song, there’s a little bit of extra time. They take up the time with a bit of letter reading. It’s about a couple who got together thanks to Nana. They got married on January 21st (Nana’s birthday) for the reason that they met due to both of them being fans of Mizuki Nana. The girlfriend/wife was at first very shy, but as the guy began taking her to Nana’s lives, she started coming out of her shell. The guy thanks Nana for being the catalyst that got them together kept them together at the beginning.
Apparently, the girlfriend/wife also sent in a letter that detail the exact same thing, except she’s the one thanking Nana instead. Aww~ That’s very sweet. =3
Nana suggests that if they play her songs at the wedding reception, they should choose “Futari no Memory.”

Jumping straight to the conclusion at this point… Nana wins… 100 yen from 5 scratch cards!!! =D
She has… 2 weeks left to gain 6400 yen now. ^^;;


8 comments on “Smile-Gang 519

  1. So much great content for the BD/DVD .. cant wait till it is released,

    Hopefully Nana will write a love song in the future. Refreshing instead of the recent upbeat songs (not that I complain about, cuz the character CD of her role in symphogear is AWESOME)

    I did grin like midget when I heard Nana said ”Zutto suki dattan yon.”… My heart went ”DOUSHIO”

    About the couple is soo sweet. Brought together by Nana.

    @Kasumi; I just found the seven pieces on youtube.
    I am not sure what the interview is about. Most of video are flashbacks of Live Journey. Do you know more about it? Some parts are really touching.

    • I believe that is episode 3 of Seven Pieces. I can’t remember if I watched it or not (it’s been a long time — I think this first aired back in July or something?), but I’ll certainly go through it again this weekend and let you know what the interview is about when I get to it. =)

      • See, if he was already a fan then we might end up talking about Nana and only Nana as our common topic. He may also end up giving Nana more attention over me, which IMO could end up pretty awkward… ^^;

        I would prefer if he learns about/starts appreciating Nana because of me and that would be a different story cos Nana does not become the only topic, but one of the topics that we would have.

        I know I sound like some kind of stupid woman lol forgive me orz
        But yeap, that’s how my reasoning goes. =D

        • I definitely agree about it being awkward if he ends up giving Nana more attention than his own girlfriend. Actually, rather than awkward, I think it’s more of “Something’s not quite right…” ^^;;

          Although, I wouldn’t mind if we met because of Mizuki Nana. It’s always easier to talk to someone with similar interests. Assuming, of course, that he isn’t someone who is crazy super obsessive with Nana and refuses to talk about anything else… ^^;;

  2. I like Hanamichi too..but I fangirl for Sendo <3333

    Such a cute Nana couple..though if ever, I would prefer not to get jealous of Nana for taking up my bf's attention ^^;;

    Hmm, so Nana still have a love life during high school despite the strict policy of Horikoshi? and lol at Misato's 'ja'

    • In terms of looks, Sendo wins hands down. =D

      Lol. As a Nana fan, I would want my boyfriend to be a fan of Nana as well. As long as he doesn’t fanboy over her constantly. That becomes a problem if he does… ^^;;

      Nana has never outright denied that she has had a boyfriend (neither has she admitted that she ever had one either). Whether she was in a relationship during high school (or if it was something that happened after she graduated), I doubt we’ll ever know… But strict policy or no, we know Nana has evaded the watchful eyes of her teachers during her school days (according to Shin Ai). XD

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