Music Fair 2400th Memorial Special – 2nd Night

The second night of Music Fair 2400th Memorial Special has aired!

Below is a run through of what happened in this second night. Nana was quite involved this time around. She even got some time to talk during one of the talk sessions!

As with the first night, the music you hear on there are top quality. We start off with an a capella version of Misora Hibara’s Koi no Kisetsu. Our Nana took part in this, and I think this song was the one she mentioned having difficulty/being very nervous with on Smile-Gang. She did look like she was somewhat struggling to adapt to the other singers. It is kind of obvious that singers like Hirahara Ayaka went a bit free-style/added her own twist (with the high and lows) to the song, so it is understandable that Nana (who hasn’t had much experience in these situations) to struggle a bit.

Then we got a talk session (more of Gou-san taking the spotlight because he keeps a diary) followed by a performance by JUJU. It was a lovely performance so I urge everyone to watch/listen to it instead of skipping to Nana sections only.

Anyway, following that was another talk session. This time, Nana gets to talk! I guess we could treat this as a mini interview. The hosts ask her if she’s the type of continue doing something for long periods of time or give up quickly. Obviously, she’s the former. When asked if she could give an example… She throws out “muscle training.” (Honestly, she’s been talking about this a lot lately, hasn’t she? XDD) She’s been at it for 7 to 8 years, apparently. One of the reason is because she wants to wear clothes that show her navel, which means that in order to keep the area nice and balanced, she must do all sorts of different sit-ups.
Turn the question on Gou-san (is it just me or is he talking in ALL of the talk sessions so far? XD) and he says he does sit ups for 30 minutes nonstop. The host jokes that he should create his own boot camp. Lol.
As for the two members of Tegomass, they swim and play soccer respectively in their desire to keep fit/stay healthy.

Then performances of Endroll and True Colors back to back.
I was slightly caught off guard with how amazing True Colors came off sounding. All their voices were strong and carried the song very well. Nana wasn’t part of this, but again, I urge all of you with access to the video to listen to this. Words can’t describe how amazing this

Another quick talk session follows with them talking about looking into each other’s eyes when singing (especially the timing). I wonder what’d happen if Gou-san was there? He’s the guy the director told Nana to be careful of, after all. XDD

To end off the second night, they sing Hey wa. As with last week, all singers participate in the last song.

It doesn’t look like we’ll get Shin Ai or Jupiter next week, but I think it’ll still be worth tuning in. =D


12 comments on “Music Fair 2400th Memorial Special – 2nd Night

  1. WA wa WA!!!! capella ❤ ❤ .<! yet also again i can enjoy the whole show like last wk ^.^

    ehhh…X.X….so she wan line marking fix navel *but still counted as showing off her sexy abs XD…..*

    True Colors English song is very good T.T…they really sang like those america singers ^^

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